Breakdown with Stark Q


I think I’ve been experiencing some form of breakdown and healing already 3 weeks in. For me it seems to be focused on what do I think makes me valuable? And challenging me if I didn’t have those things, what would make me valuable then?

For healing, it’s helping me realize things about me that I already have that I was blind to, like some kind of constant denial that it isn’t good enough.

IDK what modules these would be comparable to but I’m defiantly digging StarkQ. So far, the breakdown isn’t uncomfortable or frustrating, but thought-provoking, and the healing is incredibly revealing and powerful.


Total Breakdown is good stuff all around


Hi Guys! Been So long!

I am back home after a rough tide! My life has taken a 180 degree turn in the last 2 weeks.

I have never felt so vulnerable

My goals have changed completely.

Stark has all the things I am looking for. Starting from Today I am Putting Back every other Arsenal back into the treasure chest.

Only stark is real for now.


Stark Q: Day 1

2 loops (masked) back to back. Feel slight head rush and vertigo after listening.

Today is Day 1 for my documented Journal.

I have been listening to atleast a loop of khan everyday for the Last 18 days.

One thing i have noticed is that since switching out khan, my dominant nature has subsided. I find it difficult maintaining eye contact


Update 1.1*

On the third back to back loop, I am feeling a deep sense of regret over few things that have happened (done by me) in the last few days. This time the regret is deeper than the regret i felt yesterday while listening to stark.

Everytime I listen to Stark Q, I feel like that particular emotion is digged up and presentied it to me. However, the emotion has had the greatest strength today.

@SaintSovereign Will this emotion that is coming up everytime, slowly be healed by sark Q itself? or would it be wise to add a loop of Regeneration Q?


It won’t be “healed”, you’ll be challenged to react differently.


Thanks for the clarification! How dses North feel like (not the journal aspect but the meta feeling wise)? @Michel


Day 3: Stark Q.


North feels like home, it’s a perfect fit.

Like feeling lost in the deep forest of others bullshit for so long and finally getting called to find the soul. It feels peaceful and calm despite the losses of time and effort trying to make the soul fit somewhere it never would.

Does that resonate being at home?


Michel! it does! It seems like the whole world is your home now!
amazing amazing stuff!


Day 11: Stark Q

i can finally feel a change happening inside me.

I have revisited my old self stuff.

The information seems so much natural for me this time around.

I don’t know if that is because my confidence has increased


Day 27. Stark Q

Last few days i switched to Stark Q T for just one loop a day.

Last Night I switched back to Stark Q and added Emperor Q to the stack on set it and forget it.
I don’t feel bad,
I know that the regular sypmtops of reconciliation are signs of over overexposure under the Q platform.
I have not felt anything bad after the set it and forget it.

  • I have been told by a mentor that i look more mature.
  • I shaved my head and i feel confident with my baldness.
  • I feel like my family members are more gravitated towards me.
  • I can feel a storm brewing up inside me
  • Because of Covid Lockdown and Exams coming up, i have not been able to take any action.
  • But i have a feeling this is the Terminus for me!
  • As soon as i start taking action the result rocket is gonna take off
  • Going back through my old journals i always signalled that i wasn’t ready
  • Now I feel like I am ready for anyhting!
  • I can deflect manipulation by certain peopple and have brought them to my way of thinking.


I am the most amazing guy you’ll meet. I’ll help you all you need. I’ll go out of my way to help you as long as it doesn’t affect my quality of life. I’ll help you even if I feel you’re taking advantage of me, as long as I am not diminishing my quality of life. But you try to push my boundaries… I will legit fuck you up


Taking action can be a lot of different activities. So how exactly did you not take action?


hey man! Long time!
hope you are staying well and safe.

haven’t really been doing anything productive in the direction of my goals


Day 28 Stark Q Plus Emperor Q.

I put them on a loop play lsit and fell asleep.

I am having to do this useless worthless assignments related to english words, which is completely useless and non value adding to my life. Just have to do it for that marks.
I haven’t felt so much frustration in a while.

Maybe it’s emperor acting up against a useless task in the race to my life purpose


mecharc, Is that you?
I remember the times you were excited to play a new subliminal every other day
You changed a lot man :smiley:
I’m going through your topics, looking for your experiences with Khan


Hello brother! Long time!!!
It feels soo good to read your post!

Please don’t kill me if it boggs you down with all the subhopping and useless rants.


Day 28 Part 2

I got into an arguement and owned it!

This is the first time in my life where after an arguement, I have not reheasred the situation in my mind over and over again with what I could have done better.


No no, everything is fine bro. I myself got many flaws, everyone does. We are here to evolve and you obviously did and do. Love to read on your journey. Do you mind linking some posts of yours about encounters with women? I’m really interested to read about that