Breakdown with Stark Q


(This was an offensive frame)
Girl: he can’t have a gf, he’s a nerd (me)
Me: Wow! you’re so cool! Can i be you friend?

(This was a flirty frame, this girl wanted to tease me cause my 9 year old cousin solved a puzzle)
Girl: Did you see what my favorite person did?
Me: I’m sure you’re so jealous of me because i got to see it first hand"

and in general arguments, the examples are tool ong to write. But i will some day for you.

But basically, I can link stuff and recall quicker.


I’ve been reading your journals. I have learned so much from them. I’ve seen you grow through your journals.


I feel so honoured reading this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is a crazy change in me.

I am not running after shiny objects anymore.


Modules I want to License in the future.

  1. Alpha Body Language- Develops your body language to the most relaxed, attractive state.

  2. Alpha of Alpha- Becoming an alpha sometimes isn’t enough – you have to take it a step further and become the Alpha of Alphas. An alpha who can lead other alphas and accomplish great things. Status, leadership, confidence, dominance, authority and more are all characteristics that are needed and that will be developed by using this module.

  3. Approachability Aura- On the other hand, at times you can be too intense and can put people off. This is when an aura and presence of approachability is more useful, allowing people to approach you of their own volition. If needed, you can combine the two, for both intensity and approachability.

  4. ARES- Weakness, doubt, guilt, shame and fear are the poisons that hold you back from achieving greatness. ARES is the antidote that purges them from you without mercy. Whatever the reasons, and no matter the source, these negative emotions and the traumas associated with them will be released.

  5. Atman- Destroying your limits on the path of uncovering your true self is an integral part of the journey. This module will question you and your limits, prodding you to see why you limit yourself when you can be limitless, and allowing you to rise above the self-inflicted boundaries.

  6. Aura of Craving- You manifest an intense aura of craving that makes people crave you and your presence. Be cognizant of side effects.

  7. Daredevil Core- Daredevil’s potent core allows you to become the life of the party wherever you go, charming everyone in your way as you become the most important person in the room regardless of status, rank or authority.

  8. Debt Annihilator- Debt can suck the life out of you. Using Debt Annihilator, you will manifest money to fulfill your debt, but also find ways to ease it and get rid of it much, much faster. Do not let debt limit your future.

  9. Dominion- Dominion truly affirms you as the master of your reality, allowing easy expression of your power and easier manifestation. With further profound effects on your authority and status, you will exude confidence and power wherever you go using Dominion. An integral part of any status-requiring subliminal.

  10. Earthshaker – Sexuality- The general aim of Earthshaker is creating an intense, almost physical, presence around you that will cause others around you to turn their heads as you walk by. This version, however, is specifically for creating a powerful air of sexuality around you. Remember to always take action and to always put yourself into the best positions to make the most out of such modules.

  11. Ecstasy of Gold ST1 Q Core- The core of Ecstasy of Gold ST1, a subliminal for developing your wealth and the abilities needed for it. Use it for name embedding and therefore making it much more effective, or add your own modules to it and make it your own dream subliminal.

  12. I.Q. and Cognitive Booster- This profound intelligence module directly focuses on your cognition and IQ, utilizing aspects of Weapon XQ and the powerful Subliminal Club Q-Shifting (in other words, physical shifting) technologies to help you develop your genius. Utilizing IQBQ, you will see a steady rise in your cognitive abilities (as well as during daily life) and this will be most obvious if you track it in any way. Keep in mind physical shifting can take time – days, months, years, as well as daily action.

  13. Inner Circle Q Core- The core of the powerful stacking module Inner Circle Q. Use Inner Circle Q to manifest people that can help you with any goal – friends, teachers, lovers… the possibilities are endless.

  14. Informaticon- The Informaticon is a module all about guiding you to the correct information you need for any goal you are aiming for. If you are lacking information in business, Informaticon will help you find the exact needed book, text, mentor, video, or any other possible information source that will complete the picture you need. Moreover, Informaticon contains a very needed part that guides you to the exact amount of repetitions you need for the current sublimina

  15. Information Releaser- By using the Information Releaser you will release all repressed information you have in your subconscious mind, while also becoming fully aware of all information that is important for your self-development.

  16. Inner Voice- Our inner voice is with us 24/7, telling us things, informing us of situations, but that’s not always a good thing. It needs to be positive, powerful, and profound. An inner voice that does not put us down, but lifts us ever upwards. This module will change your whole mental landscape, transforming it into a positive space where good things happen.

  17. Invincible Presence- Your presence is everything. Having the entire room turn when you enter it is what Invincible Presence is all about. It will make others aware of your power, inspire the people around you, demand respect and develop your confidence and both inner and outer senses of power.

  18. Intuition Enhancer- Having that little hunch when you’re absolutely sure of something can be the difference between success and failure. With Intuition Enhancer, such moments will become clearer and will happen more often… Your intuition will become stronger.

  19. Iron Frame- Standing your ground in stressful situations, or even during simple banter and negging, is something that comes with experience and knowledge of yourself, or through natural means. Use the Iron Frame, and you will start creating the qualities needed for an unbreakable frame, the same qualities that people who naturally have it do, while combining it with the experience and knowledge you need to take it above both options. The third, most powerful option is now available to you.

  20. Leader of Men- A leader of men is first and foremost a man who is truly in touch with his masculine core. You will now be able to embrace your masculine qualities that you might have been afraid to accept before, and let go of the fears that bind you from your masculine potential. With such potential unleashed, you will see other men looking at you with a desire for leadership – they will crave for you to lead them, and show them how a true man lives.

  21. Limit Destroyer- The stacking module Limit Destroyer, helping you let go of all your limits.

  22. Manipulus- Manipulation comes in all shapes and sizes. Coworkers, friends, family, all can have toxic effects on our well beings by being manipulative. By using this module, you will become instantly aware of any manipulation attempts that try to play on your feelings, while also disconnecting and destroying all these attempts of manipulating you.

  23. Limiting People Remover- People who limit your potential and talk negatively about you and your actions; people who are genuinely toxic and manipulating… These kinds of people you do not need in your life. And this is how you safely and easily phase them out of your life.

  24. Lion IV- Calm, nonchalant, focused, dedicated. The Lion module is about creating a sense of relaxed mastery in you. You will notice yourself becoming so relaxed, but at the same time an unshakable sense of power will be coursing through you. You will also massively develop your social abilities, your wit, your composure, your body language, and you will see your status steadily rising as you become more and more in tune with the Lion

  25. Male Enhancement- Module designed specifically for increasing the length and girth of your sexual organ using Q physical shifting technology, as well as helping you become much more confident about and proficient with your current size. Remember, physical shifting can take days, weeks, months. .

  26. Natural Winner- Sometimes there are people who seem as if they always are winning no matter what they do in life. This module is meant to create such a natural winner. But what people often don’t see is the dark side of such natural winning – an unrelenting motivation that pushes through all failures that happen. Failure will disappear, it will not exist in your reality. What will exist in its place is a learning tool. You will also let go of negativity, and you will start feeling as if success is simply your destiny and is inevitable. And it truly is when you can advance your subconscious potential.

  27. Naturalizer- The more natural the changes that occur seem, the more easily you will accept them and the more swiftly you will progress. This is why sometimes there is the effect of delayed realization, where you take action, listen to the subliminal for a few months, and only then realize how massively you actually changed. This is the Naturalizer at work – using it will make this effect more powerful, and will result in a smoother journey of self-improvement.

  28. Negativity Displacer- The Displacer is a profound technology allowing the listener to instantly, on the spot, when the emotion is created, instead of remembering it and creating further traumas or expressing it in possibly hurtful ways, replace it with a positive emotion that can then be expressed in a powerful way. For example, a moment filled with emotions of weakness, anxiousness and helplessness while having a public speaking event can instantly be transformed into a moment of power, confidence and calm that will completely change the situation. The possibilities are truly endless.

  29. Negativity Shifter- All too often we can hear useless criticism and unnecessary negativity from people around us. Instead of putting us down, however, this now becomes a source of extreme motivation and determination. Whenever you would get such criticism and negativity, instead of feeling worse, you will now feel a desire to become even better.

  30. New BeginningsNew Beginnings- is a module designed to dig to the deepest, darkest corners of your psyche, in order to deal with your innermost secrets and fears that you never even knew existed. Issues such as Imposter Syndrome can have extremely deep roots – and New Beginnings is the tool to dig such weeds out. Furthermore, New Beginnings will bring any such issues, secrets, fears or beliefs that are held in the deep layers of your subconscious to the forefront of your awareness and question them, causing you to become more true to yourself and what you believe in.

  31. Overdrive- This module will overdrive your life with success, making you a natural winner. Even if you sometimes fail, it is simply a small setback for a true winner. More importantly, Overdrive will make your subliminal endeavours more successful.

  32. Perfect Style & Smell- If you ever wondered how you can improve your fashion sense and style, as well as how to mix it with an amazing smelling perfume that will turn heads, this is what you need.

  33. Physicality Shifter – Sexiness- A physical-based module for shifting your physical body into the state you and your subconscious believe is the sexiest. This includes things such as hair, eyes, voice, body (muscle, fat, bones, ligaments… all of it), face etc. Remember that physical change is not instantaneous – it can take days, weeks, months, years (dependent on a myriad of different factors), and it is highly important that you take action by lifting hard, taking care of your looks, etc.

  34. Power Awareness- A profound module allowing you to become aware of your full power and potential, be that physical, mental or spiritual.

  35. Power Unleashed- Power Unleashed is designed to develop and make you demonstrate your power in the most natural way possible for you. This includes through your eyes, body language, speech, voice, actions and so on. Every single angle is covered, and causes you to become more and more powerful in every aspect of you and your life.

  36. Prevent Premature Ejaculation- Premature Inhibitor will remove the strain that premature ejaculation is on your sexual health and relationships, allowing you to relax, have fun and enjoy your love life to its full potential again. Furthermore, it will also help you last as long as you desire.

  37. Productivity Unleashed- If you find yourself constantly suffering from procrastination or a lack of focus during work or study, Productivity Unleashed is what you need. Boosting your focus and desire to work to unimaginable degrees, you will turn yourself into an absolute machine of productivity, allowing you to excel and master anything you wish.

  38. Rebirth- The Rebirth stacking module – available for your very own subliminal, helping you to let go of the things holding you back and be reborn as a man of power.

  39. Rogue- Profound state of not caring for opinions of others unless they are helpful. Massively develops your status and establishes that your attention is a luxurious commodity for others. Rogue will make you express yourself freely – don’t be surprised if it causes offense

  40. Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver- A module designed to modify the perceptions others have of you into a state of supreme handsomeness and to develop your inner sensuality. You will find yourself easily able to express your sensuality towards others and have it reciprocated.

  41. Stop Porn and Masturbation- There is nothing wrong with having some fun every so often, however porn and masturbation can get out of hand with some individuals, ending up in hours and hours of wasted time and a depressed, lifeless state of being. This module will help you stop porn and unnecessary masturbation and instead guide you to find other releases. Remember to use the newly rediscovered sexual energy productively, such as spiritual practices, creative works, sports, etc.

  42. Sultan- Money, wealth, status. Sultan will help you develop your very own way of creating inconceivable amounts of wealth. It also works as a powerful manifestor of money, bringing more and more into your life. Status will rise in tandem with your wealth, allowing you to grow more and more economically. Being a Sultan means living in opulence, and this is what the Sultan creates out of you.

  43. Total Nonchalance- Easily develop a smooth, nonchalant vibe around you. Profound levels of calmness and ability to go with the flow. A natural cool factor. If you ever had trouble staying cool when under pressure, or when joking around, or even not knowing how to answer to someone else’s quips, this is what you need. Wit comes naturally with such nonchalance.

  44. Unlimiter- Limitations. Why have them when you can not? The Unlimiter will remove all limitations you have, be they of your own making or forced upon you by others. This will also extend to learning new skills, where you will feel immense satisfaction whenever you break plateaus.

  45. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy- Feeling bogged down by lack of action, having fear paralysis, lacking energy, or even simply not being able to find a reason for acting towards your dreams can stifle your progress. With this module, you will wake up everyday with an unrelenting sense of motivation and endless energy towards creating wealth and earning money, that will hold you the whole day, helping you achieve all your financial goals.

  46. Wealth Limit Destroyer- Self created limits are simply a matter of not seeing other options. When you allow yourself to look beyond, limits disappear. This module is how you will destroy any financial limits standing in front of you, be they a lack of money, lack of ideas, or even a lack of action. There can be no limits with Subliminal Club.


All of them. :wink: