Breaking Down the Walls


I wonder which subs would help someone feel like an adult. I was thinking Godlike Masculinity.


I’d think anything with personal responsibility in it. I mean thinking about it now I guess “adult” is subjective. Being responsible, taking care of yourself, not neglecting your needs. I think I just have a lot of shame around this idea of being a fully functioning adult when really the problem is a lack of self care for myself. I equate being an adult to holding down a full time job and being able to get things done in general.


One thing you’re NOT lacking is insight. In fact, ironically sometimes it’s that very insight that makes a person harder on herself/himself. You can see more ways that you didn’t ‘get it right’ or that things could have gone better.

On the positive side of that same characteristic, you also have a strong ability to clearly articulate a vision. It’s probably only limited by wherever you’ve currently reached at any given moment as far as processing and integrating underlying emotions and subconscious perceptions.


On point as usual. Yeah I still haven’t figured out how to filter out that overwhelming feeling. It’s like I see everything all at once and it blindsides me. Like you said there’s a positive to it and it’s most definitely clashing with underlying belief structures. It’s definitely a learning process more than anything. I think the Merger of Worlds module kicked this into overdrive.


So when I was cleaning up my place today I stumbled upon a pendant I bought a while back. Specifically it’s called a torsion ring. Not sure if anyone here has heard of them.

Anyway it has a harmonizing/centering effect on my energy. I can’t remember why I stopped wearing it. Maybe because I didn’t want to rely on a tool to increase my energy. Which is dumb now that I reflect on it, but I’ve definitely had spiritual growth these past few months. And I think I was drawn back to this pendant to further my transformational journey.

I’m becoming more open to things that aren’t accepted by mainstream. Opening the doors of perception. Given my track record for not really venturing into the unknown, it makes sense why I was so quick to discredit a lot of more metaphysical stuff. I didn’t understand it or experience it, so it was easier for me to assume it wasn’t “real”.

But it’s interesting that I’ve been poked or nudged along towards it through my life. When I was really young in elementary school I did a book report on ESP. It connected with me in a way that wasn’t just fascination, but rather a knowing that it was real.

There’s a part of me that’s awakening to how I’ve been a bit corrupt or damaged by life experiences and never healed from it. Instead I took it as a fundamental truth of how the world works. I let it get to me. I can’t blame outside circumstances because in the end I held onto this poison.

I’m going to be better. I know there are lower states of consciousness I slip up into. But I want to stop justifying those and become a less reactive person. My goals with starkQ and ultimate artist are definitely still there, but I feel as if they are going to manifest in their own way and I have to release attachment to how so my ego doesn’t get in the way. Quite simply I think a part of me knows what to do, but I still haven’t built up a level of trust with that intuitive part of myself to guide me to the most ideal circumstances. Mostly because we are socialized in society to believe logic, planning, and a more linear focus is superior. When sometimes it’s just equating things being harder as better. Glorified even, to the point others are sent down the same road or shunned when their life has been “easy”.


Everything I need is already within me. It’s about time I actually flex those muscles and explore reality for myself vs relying on someone else’s interpretation of it. As valuable as books have been, there’s no substitute for experience.

Having said that things absolutely went off the rails at work today, but I made sure to center myself. And I had this fine tuned awareness of how it wasn’t the events themselves causing the discomfort and stress, but my meaning I attributed to it. “You suck at this job, you’re not smart enough, everyone here thinks you’re incompetent, etc”. I didn’t see these as thoughts and beliefs I needed to challenge, they actually manifested within my body and I focused on dissipating the energy of them. Working with energy is still a little foreign to me. What I mean by that is it feels real but at the same time just my imagination. But as I let go and open myself up to greater possibilities, I start to experience more within my body. Of course I feel a bit like a nut job, but fear of being perceived that way will only hinder my own spiritual growth.


One reassuring “empirical” point to hold onto is that modern cognitive neuroscience actually confirms what you’re saying as an accurate, appropriate metaphor.

It’s actually the idea of neural activity NOT as physical energy that ends up looking like superstition nowadays.


That does help and it’s very interesting. Especially considering the trope of how everything is “in your head” if you talk to an individual who has never faced the same difficulties. I’m developing a more intimate understanding of my body and mind and it far surpasses anything I could ever read about or learn. The difference between theory and application.


Funny how in my gut I feel sick about the inevitability of some stuff. Some stuff that hasn’t even come to be. I just expect it to happen. I expect to hate getting up for work, commuting, being stuck in an office for 8 hours surrounded by politics. Why? Because someone told me that’s the way the world is? A voice in my head is saying “stop doing that!”. I keep having these depressed moments where I get upset at a future that hasn’t even happened yet. And in a self damning way I create that.

Ive conditioned myself to believe that life sucks for me and I have to just deal with the structure that was put in place and just suck it up.

I’m an expert at getting exactly what I don’t want out of life. Like a homing missile. Right on target. It’s not that I fail to achieve anything, I’ve achieved plenty of stuff but it wasn’t desirable in the least bit.

For me internal thoughts and beliefs work like this. It’s not the thoughts and beliefs themselves that cause it, but an internal resonance/magnetism. Thoughts and beliefs are the carrier or meaning in the conscious mind. But the real heavy lifting is the internal energy associated with that. This is why for me I never had much luck with deconstructing beliefs. I just ran around in circles on the surface while a deeper part of me still resonated the energy of the limiting beliefs. For me the roots of these beliefs lie in my body. I cant say that’s how it is for everyone, but I know for me this is the correct path towards freeing myself.

So in the end I need to stop expecting things to suck and start expecting things to be enjoyable. Because it’s that expectation that causes the ripples in reality that influences how I experience it.


Bruh, it is amazing and inspiring to see you basically learning dharma in real-time. You’re like Neo in the Matrix learning to see the code. Sometimes it’s only suffering that can really inspire us to investigate through things like this.

I’m trying to explore and investigate these things too.

I can clearly envision you doing very, very well. (And that must mean something since I’m currently using Mind’s Eye Terminus2 :sunglasses:)


The books of Bessel Van Der Kolk will be of interest to you: The Body Keeps The Score. This is where the next frontier of healthcare will come from.


That book is great!


What kind of ‘Torsion Ring’ are you referring to, do you actually have a picture of these?


@Michel I’ll def check that out. Thanks for the suggestion.

@Hermit My bad, screwed up the terms. It’s actually a tensor ring. I’ll send a pic later, but if you Google that you’ll find all the info you need. Might be bs, don’t know. At the very least it seems to guard against EMF for me. Not as tired sitting in front of my computer all day at work.


Ha! I thought so.

I happen to create these myself. It’s actually a ring which creates a light field that’ll vitalize, harmonize and energize anything which is living. Tensor rings are very profound spiritual technology and are much like crystals, yet different. Keep it on you at all costs and optimally wear a ring over your heart.

@DarkPhilosopher uses these rings as well.

Which size and frequency did you get?


can you say here, or PM me if not allowed to promote outside products (not sure on the rules about this), if you have any particular recommended rings to purchase.or places to purchase them.


Haha, nice to know I’m among fellow individuals that understand. Yes I actually wear it as necklace that hangs right over my heart. I’ve been experimenting with taking it off and on throughout the day and it’s quite noticeable how much more balanced I feel.

About the size and frequency. That I’m not 100% sure on. I know it’s based on the Teotihuacan unit. I was very much a noob when I came across it so I bought from a specific seller that also claimed it was attached to an etheric ring containing all properties and frequencies. Was a little out there for me, but I figured at the very least the physical ring would give benefit. It’s supposedly a harmony and balance frequency.

@Azriel I’m not sure either one would be appropriate as it would lead to free advertising for the seller. I was already hesitant to discuss this technology because it can very easily devolve into something that pushes people away from this forum. I’m trying to maintain a balance as best as possible. Perhaps @Hermit can provide some rough guidelines for finding a good seller or what to look out for.


lol, go for a run with one of these, it feels like your whole body is extremely light and all of the sudden you don’t even get tired. It’s not like taking a dense body with you, instead you’re running on clouds.

Jup, I figured as much when I read that it was from the Teotihuacan Pyramid. Keep this on you at all costs, optimally around the heart and your life will change and shift in ways which are unimaginable.

If his interested, I can tell him we’re to get these, and as always we’ll keep this thread on-topic and move our conversation privately.


I got a private recommendation and this situation was handled with total integrity.

For devil’s advocacy I’ll say: I don’t believe it would push anyone away from here, I don’t think one could pull the regulars from here/sub club if one tried.

If I was given the choice of a million dollars but could never use subliminals again, I wouldn’t take it lol

And thank you for ensuring a balance.


Oh I’m not worried about the regulars. I’m worried about potential customers. They see an ad, feel a little skeptical, decide to cruise the forums a bit to get a better idea, see a post about some nutjob saying twisted copper gives off free energy, decides it’s “that” kind of place and writes off subs all together.

There’s already a TON of stigma surrounding subliminals, although oddly enough YouTube has expanded people’s acceptance of them. I want everyone to run these things and improve their lives. It’s weird how selective some people can be. Generating an aura to be more attractive? Sure why not? Using a device to cultivate more energy? New age woo/delusional. Funny what people are willing to accept in their immediate reality.

Anyway I’d agree with you the regulars are chill and very open minded which fosters a lot of growth for everyone on here.