Breaking Down the Walls


I am so open minded that if a sub called Wolverine X was made, I expect to listen to it and eventually develop Adamantium claws…


That makes total sense.
Did not think of that.


Lol thanks man. Funny you mention Neo and the Matrix. That is my favorite movie of all time.

But it’s been a long time coming that’s for sure. I don’t know if it’s my growth that took a while or if I was just on a timescale in the universe. And my time is now rather than when I was younger.

Lots of why’s I’m pondering that’s for sure. Something’s definitely shifted in the world as well. I don’t think it’s just my awareness, but there are greater forces at play.


What do you mean?


There’s been a gradual awakening in people. More resources to overcome hardship and trauma. More openness in general. Questioning old ways that no longer have relevance. Ive been following a Neville Goddard subreddit, that stuff never existed when I was growing up. Just in general people seem to be tuning into this stuff more.


Interesting. I thought Neville’s teachings were from the 1940s.


Lol no I mean the community surrounding it and teachings like that today. I know years ago the new thought movement was really big. Neville was surprisingly mainstream. I think there was a decline in that after a certain point and we’re now coming back to it. Neville was an anomaly though. He wasn’t an average guy. I’ve yet to see someone like that in modern society.


In what way was he an anomaly?


He had Abdullah, but aside from that he wrote about a lot. Things that weren’t conventional wisdom at the time. I think Abdullah woke him up to his mission in life, but he didn’t “learn” so much as remember truths he was meant to bring to the world. I’m not saying that Neville’s level of reality is an impossible feat for most people. But he was very much a prophet in my opinion.

I guess by anomaly I meant how he was very concise and understanding in the nature of reality. To such a degree there was something more there than just attained knowledge.

Having said that this is my opinion. Feel free to voice your own thoughts.


I see. I agree. To me this is very evident in Chapter 1 of The Feeling Is The Secret. I always smile wihle reading it.


An evolved soul that had a mission to share wisdom with humanity, is what I would call it.


@elementary_vision Have you ever wondered if Neville Goddard is a manifestation of your own imagination? Actually, not only Neville Goddard, but myself @king, everyone in this forum, Subliminal Club , your cat, your family , your coworkers, everything you see around you. We are all expressions of your imagination, just as you @elementary_vision are an expression of my imagination.

Everything around us is our imagination pushed out.

If I don’t sound like I am making sense, you can ignore this But I think it’s worth pondering.

Your own mind is more powerful than you think it is.


Not everything has to :–)


I have pondered this. But haven’t seen enough in my own life to form that conclusion. Or rather I like the idea of everyone as a collective. All connected in a way, but still maintaining autonomy. You can influence others and others can influence you sort of thing. But the whole imagination pushed out thing I took to mean Neville saying what you hold as an idea about yourself people mirror that towards you. Not that we each live in separate bubbles and only exist like solipsism philosophy.


So I didn’t mention this but I’ve been having dreams lately with girls trying to seduce me. In one my brothers gf made a guest appearance so that was awkward when I woke up.

Overall I’ve always sucked at the whole seduction thing. Kind of just want to not bother and just have them pursue me. It’s a combination of laziness/not caring, I have no real desire to “try” anymore. I mean that in the sort of try hard ways where I put too much importance in either keeping them interested or caring too much what they think of me. I don’t want to be an aloof dick about it though. Idk maybe when I start going out again it’ll kick in and I’ll be fine. I just have a horrible track record with girls in general, definitely not an area of my life I excelled in. My friends weren’t exactly lady magnets, but they’ve done better than me. Feels like everyone in my life has tbh. And it’s like they fell into the relationships without trying, I never got that. I could ponder on any number of reasons, but it’s pointless because all that matters is what I’m focusing now to change that past narrative.


Here’s a theory. And this is somewhat untested.

In some ways, you’re kind of a completionist. You approach projects, ideas, and yourself with a kind of intuitive drive to grasp ‘the whole thing’. Whether this is possible or not can be debated another day, but it’s a legitimate type of orientation. It says: ‘Let’s get to the bottom of this’.

When you evaluate yourself however (which will usually be in comparison to others or imagined others), you tend to use partialist standards. (‘Why am I taking so long?’, ‘Other people have done this already. What’s my deal?’. ‘I’m really dragging my feet. I must have more problems than they do.’ and so on.)

But partialism proceeds from a very different orientation to completionism. It says: ‘This is provisional. Let’s just get done as much as we need to get done in order to move the process along. We’ll deal with problems later, if and when they arise.’

Of these two poles I’m proposing—Completionism and Partialism—neither is superior nor necessarily fundamentally ‘better’. They simply have different strengths and weakness, benefits and shortcomings.

In all likelihood, it’s probably necessary and adviseable to develop the ability to switch between them as necessary.

My proposition: It may not be fair or accurate to judge yourself by partialist standards when you’re approaching things as a completionist. Or to put it alternately, ‘When evaluating oneself, it’s important to choose standards that correspond to the strategies or approaches one is using.’.

I don’t think these orientations are chosen consciously, most of the time. I think they are more temperamentally-driven. And they’re also relative. Compared to one person, I may be more completionist, while compared to someone much more in-depth than me, I may appear more partialist.

Here’s another point (and a question): Some people are much better than others at ignoring, accepting, suppressing, or otherwise ‘getting past’ awareness of their faults and internal contradictions. Would you consider that to be a virtue? How about an advantage?


Okay, just so I am not hallucinating, this journal was previously called “Break the Walls Down”, right?


@Malkuth I 100% agree. I’ve mentioned it before but I have a long standing issue with perfectionism. Part of my growth has been learning how to be ok with not being complete and taking on that more partialist mindset when necessary. I believe somewhere in my head lies a belief if I don’t whip myself or put unnecessary pressure on myself I’ll never grow. It’s old habits. I’m gradually shifting to one of compassion and patience. But there’s still an internal anxiety like I might be slacking when I don’t have that self flagellation going on.

I have to look into these concepts more as I only have a small surface level awareness of them. But yes being able to shift out of them would be to my benefit. I get “stuck” however, I don’t know how to describe it but it’s sort of like an OCD like ritual where I end up ruminating on things. I feel like I need to do it or experience anxiety if I don’t scratch the itch so to speak. It’s weird.

As for your question. Yes I’d very much consider that a virtue or advantage. Unfortunately the world keeps on spinning and doesn’t stop just because I’m in emotional pain or struggling. There have been situations where I’ve caused myself more suffering because I couldn’t put things aside and take a more balanced perspective.

@Sirchiropractixalot Always been breaking down the walls. Maybe you jumped to a different timeline? I seem to be doing better in this one lol


These were actually not rhetorical questions.

I’m not sure that this tendency is a virtue. I think that sometimes it gives an advantage in the short-term, but in the longer term ends up being a problem.

Sometimes it seems like a virtue. At other time, it seems like a necessary evil.


Yeah life isn’t very straightforward. I don’t think long term suppression or ignoring is a virtue. But I was thinking more in terms of short term. But idk that could be my mentality creeping in again where I judge myself for the difficulties I’ve faced in life and couldn’t just “get over it” like a lot of people would say.

I’ve really come to realize just how much I have to develop my own roadmap for my consciousness. Being a very feeling oriented person, not just emotion. But it has to resonate with me or I can’t get behind it. It’s landed me in trouble when I’m attached to something that doesn’t serve me. But the flipside of that is once something is cemented in it’s pretty hard to break down or alter, so if I get the right beliefs in place it’ll probably be an advantage. Could be because I’m a Taurus as well.