Bruce Wayne: Business with Pleasure


You are spoiling everything @Azriel :wink:


The most profound Quantum Limitless subliminal

  1. Quantum Limitless St1
  2. Quantum Limitless St2
  3. Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  4. I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
  5. Pragya
  6. Merger of Worlds
  7. Deus
  8. Omnidimensional
  9. The Architect
  10. Deep Sleep
  11. Mosaic

I have been listening to this beast for two weeks and the results are already beyond profound. I will stack TeslaQ with the upcoming Bruce Wayne Terminus I just ordered.


curiosity is such a spoiler :man_shrugging::relaxed:

Looks awesome, I’m assuming you’ll rework with QL st 3 and 4 at some point?
Will you stack this with anything?
Excited to hear how it goes -of course if all that info is coming
I’ll just wait and see :slight_smile:



Today, Bruce Wayne Terminus arrived. AND I will make not the same mistake as last time to NOT JOURNAL my progress. These name-embedded customs are so smooth that if you do not note down the results you are having and reconcilation hits you, you quickly believe “this sub isn’t working” because your whole conscious experience changes SO FAST.

Day 1: One loop

  • 20 mins in I went to the bathroom. When I saw myself in the mirror, I suddenly felt so much love and admiration for myself, for having become who I am today.

  • After my first loop, a wave of feeling awesome and confidence overcame me. I played some music and started dancing like Tony Stark in Iron Man 3.

  • Today I needed to schedule meetings for Friday but unfortunately the timings of the two contradicted each other. If I want to arrive on time for the last, I would need to schedule them much further apart, so that there would be a one/two-hour gap between these which would be a massive waste of time. I called the business and asked what would happen if I come a bit later. He informed me that normally it would be okay but because of some COVID regulations, I must come early. I thanked him politely. I knew that he needed to say that and that there will be no real consequences for coming a bit later. So I ended up scheduling the meetings very close to each other as I wanted in the first place, with the calculated risk of me coming later. This is very untypical for me because I normally have a big urge to NOT GET INTO TROUBLE, to be a good kid like in high school so that the teachers like me, but today I thought: Fuck it. Let’s do it on my turns.

  • I decided to go to the gym earlier because of some appointments later so that I would use my time as efficiently as possible. My calculations were on point, literally to the minute. Generally, BWayneT seems to help me make great decisions. Normally, I comply with the pleases of other people but today I first looked for what it is that I TRULY WANT and how I can get it. I then checked if there are some risks involved in pursuing that, and then decided if those are okay or not. But there was literally no fear involved and a strong mindset of I will be okay no matter what; I believe the combo of Ares, GM, Khan and Sanguine is working here strongly.

  • When going to the gym, I became super euphoric. The music was blasting, and I felt like a super fucking powerful male. I think I was even shouting on the bike to some Spartan music ahaha. Like the Primal Me was coming out.

  • My aura today seemed much more dominating and commanding. I could see in the reactions of a waitress and the woman working at the gym lobby.

  • Coming back home, I decided to go for a quick walk. I started to look at the women around me with my “sexy eyes” haha. I did not necessarily crave them like before on Khan but I more just enjoyed seeing them, having them around me. I am not this horny guy anymore who wants to put his dick in every woman he sees with no standards whatsoever. NO, I want to date the hottest women that fulfill my standards and not sacrifice quality for being horny or being intimidated by my personal 10s.

  • I felt a bit exhausted at this point, so I lay down in my bed and wanted to take a power nap. I ended up being on YT but decided to only watch one quick video. Watching it, I got a very strong urge to watch the newest Star Wars movie. Always when I start a new sub, I end up watching a movie on the first day. But then, I noticed that this urge was the first wave of reconcilation creeping in. If I now follow my urge, I will do exactly the opposite of the included modules like Stronger or Productivity Unleashed. So I said NO and put my laptop away and took a nap. Basically, we all need to do what the guy in this video is preaching: Watch it, it is awesome and is only 3 mins.
    WE ALL MUST PROCRASTINATE ON OUR RECONCILATION. I don’t want to do X, I do X! This is the secret to fight reconciliation and to fucking conquer life. Stronger and Productivity Unleashed seem to work here greatly.

  • My dreams are very different in the last days than normal, and it feels like I am hearing my subconscious talk about certain topics and discussing with me certain things. I can barely recall these and it is just plain weird, and this power nap was no exception to that.

  • After awakening, my first instinct was to open Youtube and watch some videos like I normally do. But instead, I got up, did my Wim Hof breathing which made me feel energetic instantly, and decided to clean out my wardrobe and room where I leave all my stuff that I do not need regularly. I have not done this since moving in. I played some music, started to clean it, and made a plan for an organization system so this mess will never happen again. Pretty awesome!

  • In general, I feel more emotionally unstable today even though there I felt awesome earlier. Especially with people who waste my time or do not do how I say. Fortunately, there were no conflicts today.


YES! Journal and track,

Can you post the contents of Bruce Wayne Terminus?
Or is it the same as that 21 model Q in Terminus version?


It is this one:

My stack gonna be

Day 1: WayneT (+ maybe Rebirth/LD Ultima in future)
Day 2: TeslaQ + The Executive Ultima
Day 3- TeslaQ + The Executive Ultima
Day 4: WayneT



Dreamt today, that I was running. I picked up this habit since 4 weeks ago and I do my long run every Wednesday in the evening, which is later today… Anyway, I dreamt that it was night and that I was running with my buddy on the street next to parking cars. Suddenly out of nowhere, the back doors of a white van opened and we got attacked by two masked men. My buddy was down instantly, and I now had to face not only one but the two attackers. With little hope, I woke up…


Normally, after such dream, I would feel FEAR. This time, I did NOT. Ares seems to work here again. I just continued to sleep.

Another dream was that I happened to be in Dubai in the water park. All the people were jumping from the biggest slide and I was thinking if I shall do it today. (Already did so once when I was there in real). Suddenly, a woman noticed that the boy who just jumped hit the ceiling slightly. She made a big alarm and all the medical students had to come. There were no real emergency guys. We ended up operating his open heart as best as we could but he did not make it. Again, this felt very “neutral” for me.

Ares seems to hit pretty hard already. I love it!

There were many more dreams but I feel like I cannot access them, access forbidden lol.


Day 2: The Executive (2 loops) + TeslaQ (3 loops)

  • Woke up completely rested from my first run of WayneT yesterday and did my newly developed morning routine. The cold shower was amazing and I finished everything very quickly without losing time.

  • Studied my personal astrology and ended up finding the best house system, the astrology of my higher self, and something called Declinations. A complete breakthrough today!

  • After that, I was exhausted and took a power nap followed by Wim Hof and a rejuvenating ice bath.

  • Started cleaning the whole mess I made yesterday and completed it. Now my new organization system and is set and ready and my room is super tidy. In the next days, I will do the same for my living room.

  • While doing so, I had another “fight” with my mum for her trying to be so controlling and dominating. On WayneT there is literally no way on earth that I let her do that with me. I tried to keep cool and be friendly told her that it is bugging me, but she continued to do so. She literally came 30x into my room, to drop some stuff, bring old stuff into it while I was fucking cleaning it and wanted to get all the stuff out. After the 30x I told her that is was unacceptable how she treated me where she told me that I was a pain in the ass today. I told her fine and asked her to leave and then she started to put on a show and a lot of drama…
    Anyway, asserting myself and keeping my frequency up is what I need to learn now. I must become an unmovable object. No matter the storm, I must remain present, in my body and in high frequency

  • Playing with the thought of just running away from home, and going for a full spiritual journey for as long as I feel.


Day 3: Libertine v2 (One loop)

Crazy day! Left the house at 11 am and came back at 2 am. One loop of WayneT is affecting me for two days noticeably and in conjunction with Libertine, the results are fucking astounding. While I did NOT notice more head turns from women on the street, girls were laughing so hard when I made a joke. I was literally telling the same joke once only in front of my best buddy and once next to this girl, and she was laughing so loud that it was even a little bit uncomfortable.

WayneT definitely had my social skills in check and I could banter with everyone. Especially I seem to be much better at telling stories where I am playing it out, doing voices, etc. Loved that! Oh and completely did not care what other strangers think of me as we (/I) were dancing in the middle of the main train station to music. I reconnected with two of my past fuck buddies today and they seemed to love me. First I thought they would be interested in my best friend because they talked much more to him but as soon as I left they did too! I feel they could even be a bit intimidated by my presence, I mean I know it too if there would be a complete bomb, 10 out of 10, sitting next to my best friend I would keep talking and facing my friend to not “fuck up and look cool”. WayneT will help me get rid of this for sure soon, but definitely reasonable reaction from the girls. AND I am also noticing that these two no longer meet my qualifications. Khan literally said to me: How could you even see them regularly for so long?

Day 4: WayneT (One loop)

The following introspection before listening to the loop, still a result of the first loop 3 days ago.

The day is still not finished but I want to add here that I discovered so much about my inner workings today. While I consider myself to be mostly healed, there is one big huge trauma that still fucks me up and which manifested in many various forms. I might add up sharing the whole story here but what I did today was to share it with somebody in private. Felt great to really just express your innermost feeling with somebody you trust, but it also made it clear that there is still much work to do. And this is a big priority! Finally to get rid of it.

What I noticed, how the trauma is manifesting itself in my life:

  • Self-esteem and self-image is directly linked to how many girls I see. My whole need to seduce is actually so that I feel accepted and validated

  • Fear of sexual intercourse without booze

  • Fear of not being good enough, especially being vulnerable with a lover. What if she doesn’t like my true self? What if she finds out who I truly am? What if she only likes the facade? Why does she like me at all?

  • Premature Ejaculation and maybe ED when going through slight anxiety attacks and drinking heavily

  • Fearing when girls actively seduce me and I am losing control

I believe this is the work of New Beginnings. The things will not hold me back for long now with my new custom. WayneT is actually perfect to tackle all of it!


LOL I was planning a future intelligence/creativity sub called TESLA, but mine was going to be built around QL ST4 and Minds Eye for the cores, possibly with Ultimate Artist for the 3rd core to emphasize the creative aspect.


You could call yours the Marilyn vos Savant Q or the William James Sidis Q lol
Depending on the estimation both had higher IQ than Tesla

the later could read the New York times before he was 2 years graduated Harvard at 11, and controversially first proposed the dark matter- or more accurately areas of the universe with absences of light-so really predicting black holes, simply by speculating on the origins of life in relation to thermodynamics.


I was specifically thinking of his visualization ability, but those are good examples too. :slight_smile:


I would keep the custom as focused as possible, possibly only going for one core. Keep in mind, QL St4 is extremely dense on its own. My new 13 module custom gives me much less reconciliation and more results than my 21 module custom did (even after 2 months running). Less is more!


Update to Day 4

Went to a bar yesterday with my buddy when we meet his dad there. Maybe I am crazy, but I felt like he was trying to seduce me, coming closer, looking straight into my eyes, etc. I don’t believe those were some conscious reactions and thoughts he acted out but more subconscious responses to my presence. Crazy


Dreams today

Went on vacation with my parents. As in real life, I did drink heavily two days ago and recovered from my hangover yesterday. When we arrived, I had to do a blood test. I feared that they maybe find out that I was smoking weed a week or go but instead my lawyer, who conducted the test, presented that I would still have a BAC of 0.60 per cent. I told them this would be impossible as I would be dead by now but they just continued to be super serious about it. I then wanted to check the blood test and saw that they controlled all parameters, including vitamins and other nutritions. It looked pretty good but I had not the right balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6. Also, I missed certain Vitamins but I forgot the specifics.

I then happened to be at a dock, next to me waves crashing onto it. They became more rigid by the second and I took out my phone to record it.

Then I somehow ended with a woman together in a room, me packing my coffer. I was an older man with a wife and kids and she offered me to have sex for some exchange. I declined but she continued to offer it. I woke up with the feeling, I should have done it.
She represents a girl I have a trauma with, and the only way to get rid of it is to confront your biggest fears. The bigger the fear, the bigger the potential to grow. And with this one, I am switching between “anxiety attacks”, which are not so severe as real ones, and feeling awesome and confident. So these dreams are quite symbolic

I believe this is the biggest root of all my pain. It is also something which is indicated by my natal chart (astrology) and which I will need to overcome soon.


Going to an event tonight gives me waves of anxiety

But I am NOT going to RUN AWAY from my fears


Day 5:

New Beginnings sent me into an existential crisis today. I am feeling so down, unable to do anything, and just want to lay in bed. I have severe anxiety attacks that are coming in ways and even manifest physically with very light pain in the gut and chest area. Out of nowhere, I start crying like a baby…

I never have experienced something quite like it. Actually I am impressed that a subliminal can even have such an effect.

@SaintSovereign do you have any advice on how to deal with it?


Cut back on the number of loops, take rest days. No need to brute force it — whatever your subconscious is working on needs time.


Well I only have done 2 loops till now with 2 days of rest in between.



Happened to watch two movies with my best buddy and a friend. One of them was James Bond: No Time To Die, which was probably the worst Bond movie ever. The edit was horrible and there was no real following story but only clips glued together. I cannot remember the other one, but we watched them simultaneously (20 min Bond, 20 min the other one, repeat).

Then I was in a room with people who I know but did not befriend in high school but they are pretty good friends with my best buddy. So we came there, and he got “invited” to the middle or the other end of the table, and I happened to be at the last end. I still had some fun there but it was not the same, and I felt alien. We continued so and there happened to be also my biggest crush in high school. Normally, I would fear anxious just sitting there with her, but not in this dream. I was neutral about it, relaxed and cool.
We later played cards and I got really really bad ones. At that moment, the parents of the boy who threw the party came and made fun of us. We did not know how to react and it was a strange situation altogether. Some people of the group did leave to help to carry something, so we were sitting there to fourth. Then another buddy from me appeared out of nowhere and started talking about his dick. He told me he is some sort of mutant and has a flower-sized penis which is also huge. Yeah… I don’t know. I made a joke that I prefer my dick and then the dream was over.


Bruh i was like how the movie got leaked. You gave me a mini attack.