Building Stark 2.0 - BLACKICE'S Q Custom Journal


I believe
new beginnings
I am
Blue Skies would all be great modules to support with this


Here’s what I’m thinking… seriously I’m like a kid in a candy store here, and with the knowledge that more modules are dropping in the next week or so, I’d better pick ones now lest I’ll be forever deciding. lol.

I’ve maxed out each at 3 cores, total of 20 modules.

Wealth/Productivity Custom - The Stark stack


  1. Stark - Of course
  2. Quantum Limitless ST4 - Enhanced Intelligence
  3. Ascended Mogul - Boost to productivity and business mindset

Other Modules:

  1. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy - Obvious :slight_smile:
  2. Financial Success Reality Shifter - Obvious :slight_smile:
  3. I.Q. and Cognitive Booster - Smarter is good!
  4. Overdrive - This feels like a good match as well
  5. Productivity Unleashed - Obvious :slight_smile:
  6. RAIKOV - I want to model greatness
  7. Carpe Diem Ascended - Essential
  8. DEUS - Essential
  9. Informaticon - Essential
  10. Lion IV - Essential
  11. Naturalizer - Essential
  12. Omnidimensional - Essential
  13. Pragya - Essential
  14. Deep Sleep - Essential
  15. Joie de Vivre - Essential
  16. Gratitude Embodiment - Essential
  17. Yggdrasil - Looks good to me!

Healing Custom


  1. Regeneration - Healing
  2. Survival Instinct - Feeling safe
  3. Quantum Limitless ST1 - Removing blocks and emotional trauma, plus prep for a future QL custom

Other Modules:

  1. Carpe Diem Ascended - Essential
  2. DEUS - Essential
  3. Informaticon - Essential
  4. Lion IV - Essential
  5. Naturalizer - Essential
  6. Omnidimensional - Essential
  7. Pragya - Essential
  8. Deep Sleep - Essential
  9. Joie de Vivre - Essential
  10. Gratitude Embodiment - Essential
  11. Yggdrasil - Looks good to me!
  12. Negativity Displacer - Transform negative emotion into positive emotion? Hell yes.
  13. Iron Frame - Standing my ground in stressful situations. Yes.
  14. I AM - This one really resonates with me. No pun intended, really.
  15. Blue Skies - I think I need this one.
  16. Attachment Destroyer - Go away, fear of loss! :wink:
  17. Natural Winner - Seeing any failures as an opportunity to learn, definitely good.

With each of these I would also run Sanguine Ultima, and I’ll likely get Rebirth and Beyond Limitless Ultimas too. Sanguine could work with both, whereas I’d run BLU with the Stark stack, and Rebirth with the Healing stack. Although, is Rebirth Ultima still needed if Regeneration Q is already used?

There’s a lot of crossover between these 2 customs, my hope is that it will help them 'play nice" with each other and support the unique goals. That will be the same with all of the customs that I do, as I feel certain modules are crucial regardless of the sub focus/goal.

I really appreciate all the feedback so far, any thoughts on this latest iteration?

Q Custom planning - Mosaic & duplicate modules?

I think you should be looking more into the stages of Ecstasy of Gold, instead of AscMogul or Regeneration.

Seriously. :+1:t2:


The Stark stack is super dense. QL Stage 4 is basically QL stages 1-3 + additional scripting to optimize them all, Ascended Mogul is of course Ascension + Mogul, and Stark itself is a “big” subliminal to run.
So technically speaking you got 6 cores in one custom. Nothing wrong with that at all, as long as you can process it all without major reconciliation that makes you want to change subs.


For which custom?

I picked AscMogul for the reported fast acting wealth & productivity boost in my Stark custom and and Regeneration for the healing custom. I did look at EoG ST1 for both as well but felt it didn’t fit in either one well enough to bump one of the other cores.

I intend to do a much deeper wealth sub in the future; with EoG, Sultan, Tyrant, etc.



I thought about that as well, and originally planned to do Limitless instead of QL ST4, which I am still open to. I’ve done QL ST1-2 already so I think I can do it, but I’m ok with changing it if advised to do so.
As for AscMogul, from what I know of it, it would give a short term boost while Stark et al do their longer term changes in the background.

6 cores equivalency does sound heavy, though I’ve been running Stark Q Terminus alongside Sanguine Ultima for a little while now without any issues, and would only be running these subs each once a week or so to start.



Maybe look into these:

Inner Voice
Stress Displacement


Thanks for the suggestions! :smiley:

Re: Jupiter - I’ve got tons of results enhancement modules, including Yggdrasil, so I think I’ve got the manifestation stuff covered, or am I missing something here that makes this one a better option? Same question goes for Februus and the limiting beliefs.

I’ve got Tyrant saved for a future custom where I go really deep on wealth (and probably alpha as well), as I think it would fit best there.

I like inner voice and ARES, they are definite maybes for my healing custom! I’m already maxed out for modules so I’d need to remove one for any new one I added. I have a lot of crossover, any suggestions for something I might not need in my healing sub, as it’s already in my Stark sub?

I don’t see anything called Stress Displacement, though I’ve already got Negativity Displacer… is that the one you were thinking of?


Just bought Beyond Limitless Ultima, excited to try this one!


I’ll be doing a custom with negativity displacer, I’m really excited about this one.

From what I guess-The way it works is like in that moment when your boss said ‘let’s talk’-and you had whatever reaction you had and then it leads you to an ongoing emotional state or concern-with negativity displacer than initial moment of concern/fear/doubt disappears and your filled with a positive emotion in dealing with the current situation. then when you look back on the situation you start fortifying and building up a deeper new view of yourself and how you handle things


Exactly! My first thought was “oh crap, it’s bad news!”, which is forgivable given the odd situation. With Negativity Displacer, I’d much rather my mental response be “Cool, maybe he’s got some really exciting news to share that my EA isn’t cleared for yet!”

Ironically enough, he did share some news that I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about, relating to another person in the organization…

I just would like that reaction to have actually been the one I had, instead of abject panic and imagining worst case scenarios all the way there. :laughing:


Its a good fit then! Really curious to hear your feedback on this one. I won’t be getting my custom with that one for a few weeks.

Sounds like you’re just present to a lot at stake for you and your family-so while your reaction and mind going to worse case scenarios, was not ideal, I personally, wouldn’t make too much off a judgement on yourself or your emotional maturity based on that -that said your taking the steps to become and show up more as the person you want to be-partially by buying a custom with negativity displacer :slight_smile:


Considering that there are no refund for customs, I’d start “small” and work my way upwards ie Limitless in place of QL Stage 4.

But, you know best. If you are certain that 6 cores (technically) will work, then go for it.


Not really sure if I’d agree with this premise here. Do note that EmperorQ (OG) had at least 4 cores in it. If you check the sales page:

And Yes, EMPEROR ALSO Contains the ENTIRE Scripts of Ascension, Mogul and Sex Mastery X, and “Quantum Limitless Lite.”

And then people were stacking this with other subs like PCCQ, Inner Circle, and other major titles.

Although, maybe add Mosaic to better fit everything?


For Jupiter -

For Februus -

For Stress Displacement - I believe it is on page 16. “Stress has negative effects on our spiritual, mental and physical health. It is no wonder that we unconsciously attempt to relieve stress in so many different ways. Now there is an efficient way of doing so, by easily removing all feelings of stress and replacing it with positive feelings.” This may not be needed if Sanguine is helping already or if Negativity Displacer does as Azriel mentioned.

I think Ares will deal with the cause of any particular fear that may come up for any given situation allowing Inner Voice to help you power through with your own positive reinforcement.


I think it will be ok, but I don’t know for sure, which is why I asked. :slight_smile: I’m totally fine going with Limitless vs QL ST4. Whether I do QL now or later, I’m good with either. I don’t want to try for too much too quick, so maybe I will go with Limitless to start, instead of QL ST4. I would be stacking that with Beyond Limitless Ultima.


How does Stark compare, in terms of scripts it also contains?

For Mosaic, would I need that just once, or would it be better in every custom I do?


Great insights, thanks!!

Question about module redundancy - If I am running 2 Q customs, would a results enhancement module (say Jupiter or Februus, in this case) in the first sub also help the other sub, or would it need to be in both to have the same effects on both?

Put as an example; if I have a ton of veggies at lunch, then I’ll have easily met my vitamin C (or vegetable, or fiber, etc) requirements for the day, so I can decide to have just a big steak for dinner, and still be ok for overall nutrition.


I doubt I would be ok to drink a half-gallon of water all at once in the morning and then not touch another drop for the rest of the day, despite technically having met my daily fluid intake needs.

Does that make sense?


I really don’t know know. Although from my experience, StarkQ feels much better and smoother for me. But then, this is a case to case kind of thing.

From the marketing page, Mosaic is advisable if you want to stack with other subs. Not really sure if you need it for both customs. Better ask @SaintSovereign.