Building Stark 2.0 - BLACKICE'S Q Custom Journal


Is Sex Mastery X2 in all the subs that say Sex Mastery X?


To go even deeper on this question. What I’m actually wondering is the following – so imagine a Custom with 3 cores, what if you could split those 3 cores into three different Customs and add Mosaic to each, will they then blend together similarly to how they would with when merged together into one Custom? And if so, then how would this effect a Custom not having Mosaic, because I’m pretty sure it is already in the main script and internally in every title.

Is Mosaic really going to make so much of a difference? Because if this is the case I can easily split a Custom idea containing 3 cores into three different Customs and then use them goal-oriented and appropriately where by execution of scripts become easier. Then overtime when I have had a lot of exposure to them I can possibly merge them together into one Custom in Terminus, at least if I deem that even necessary.


Ok, this is weird. I’ve read through the Q store multiple times, but that module name didn’t sound familiar. I even looked for it after you mentioned it, and didn’t see it. Yesterday, while doing a loop of Beyond Limitless Ultima, I read through every module, and…

there it was.

I recognized the image for the module, but for some reason I must have skipped right over the name and description when I looked previously. I can’t imagine why, but evidently I did.

I noticed the same thing happened with Information Releaser. When I was paying attention yesterday, I caught myself moving my eyes right over it and saying “…nope…” like I was intentionally avoiding it.

I know there’s something buried in my mind, I caught a glimpse of it at the meditation program last year. One of the sessions was using qi gong deep breathing and a visualization exercise to go back in our minds to a time when we experienced an event that is still affecting us. (I forget the exact wording the facilitator used, it was more eloquent than that).

I had the briefest flicker of being very young, 2-3 maybe, and someone was taking something out of my hand. Pulling, tearing, stealing away from me… I didn’t want to let go. That brought up such a crazy powerful feeling of sadness and anguish that I started sobbing, in the middle of the room. (That was pretty typical for that week, it was designed to root out every negative thought and trauma we’ve ever had and reconcile with them/release the emotion. But to give you an idea of how intense that specific part was, even as I’m sitting here at my desk remembering it, I started feeling the same way.)

But here’s the thing.

I have no idea what the memory was. I tried to dredge it up to get it out, but I just heard a voice, my own as a child presumably, screaming “no!!!” and it dove back under the surface of my consciousness. It was the most agonizing despair I’ve ever felt. More even than when I’ve lost pets and grandparents, more than the worst romantic breakup. And I still don’t know what it was about. I have no conscious memory of anything like that happening to me.

I did a qEEG theta meditation session after that and looked for the memory, but all I could find was the little kid version of me, crying uncontrollably. I knelt down and just hugged him until he stopped, then he walked away and disappeared. When I was back to full consciousness, the tech opened the pod and helped me out, and then removed the scalp electrodes.

That was nearly a year ago, I still don’t know what it was about, and just thinking about the memory is enough to get my eyes watering again.

It’s weird, I didn’t even share that with my wife, and yet here I am posting it on the internet… but where else would people understand such an odd event? :upside_down_face:


I’ll post a question separately to hopefully get his attention, I’m probably not the only person with that question. :slight_smile:


I’ve asked similar questions in the past and read over this forum many times in search of answers here is what I have found

  1. Results enhancers in custom 1 will effect modules and cores in custom 2 or store versions of subs

  2. Mosaic in a custom is designed to create less diffuse results with module and cores within the custom as well as secondary customs and/or store version subliminals-it is a module designed when you have a complicated or multi-goal/directional ‘stack’.

  3. Adding 2 of the same module in 1 custom is not allowed nor will it improve that models results, having the same module in two separate customs will not improve it’s function or results but will increase exposure, increased exposure to any module may improve results due to more listening.

In this manner having mosiac in 2 customs would not be necessary unless you wanted increased exposure to that one module for the chance it may improve its effect. Considering Mosiac is likey part of the core programming of customs and store subliminals, since a value of SubClub is stacking ability I believe this to be the case, it would not really be necessary to have Mosaic in each custom.

I may be inaccurate about all this, but from what I’ve read and pieced together this is what I’ve gathered.


That is a good question. I think regardless of the enhancement module, there could be some bleed over to another custom that was stacked. Maybe the enhancement modules would deal more with the custom they are in first, then lend some of their enhancements to the second custom and vice versa. If that is the case, then that could free up spots for a second custom. I have no clue, so take this all with a grain of salt. :slightly_smiling_face: Fire or Saint Sovereign would have a better answer though. I’m interested in this as well. :thinking:


Glad you were able to find them, and thank you for sharing your experience.


I asked a question about this elsewhere on the forum, and got a definitive answer from @Fire himself:


Looks like you are correct! Fire confirmed, which is as authoritative an answer as I’m able to get. :wink:


Not much to report today, except that I’ve been reading a lot of journals and have made some updates to my plan. Based on the helpful feedback I’ve received so far, as well as some clarification from Fire re: module duplication across customs, here is my next revision:


  1. Stark - Of course
  2. Limitless - Enhanced Intelligence
  3. Ascended Mogul - Boost to productivity and business mindset

Other Modules:

  1. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy - Obvious :slight_smile:
  2. Financial Success Reality Shifter - Obvious :slight_smile:
  3. I.Q. and Cognitive Booster - Smarter is good!
  4. Overdrive - This feels like a good match as well
  5. Productivity Unleashed - Obvious :slight_smile:
  6. RAIKOV - I want to model greatness
  7. Carpe Diem Ascended - Essential
  8. DEUS - Essential
  9. Informaticon - Essential
  10. Lion IV - Essential
  11. Naturalizer - Essential
  12. Omnidimensional - Essential
  13. Pragya - Essential
  14. Deep Sleep - Essential
  15. Gratitude Embodiment - Essential
  16. Jupiter
  17. Mosaic


  • Switched QL ST4 core to Limitless core
  • Switched Yggdrasil to Jupiter
  • Removed Joie de vivre, as this one is also in my Healing stack, and I needed an extra slot
  • Added Mosaic, to help the customs play better together

Healing Custom


  1. Regeneration - Healing
  2. Survival Instinct - Feeling safe

Other Modules:

  1. Carpe Diem Ascended - Essential
  2. DEUS - Essential
  3. Lion IV - Essential
  4. Naturalizer - Essential
  5. Omnidimensional - Essential
  6. Pragya - Essential
  7. Deep Sleep - Essential
  8. Joie de Vivre - Essential
  9. Gratitude Embodiment - Essential
  10. Yggdrasil - I removed it from my wealth stack so will keep it here
  11. Negativity Displacer - Transform negative emotion into positive emotion? Hell yes.
  12. Iron Frame - Standing my ground in stressful situations. Yes.
  13. I AM - This one really resonates with me. No pun intended, really.
  14. Blue Skies - I think I need this one.
  15. Attachment Destroyer - Go away, fear of loss! :wink:
  16. Natural Winner - Seeing any failures as an opportunity to learn, definitely good.
  17. Inner Voice
  18. Stress Displacement


  • Removed QL ST1 core
  • Removed Informaticon, as I didn’t feel it was as useful in this particular sub
  • Added Inner Voice
  • Added Stress Displacement

My goal is to cultivate an utterly unshakable mindset that is driven and productive toward building solid and meaningful financial success for me and my family, free of doubts or limiting beliefs and any past memories or trauma that weigh me down. From that foundation, an empire shall rise… but it can’t if I’m sleep deprived and moody. lol.

I want deep restorative sleep, with a relaxed but focused love for life in the present moment, and boundless energy each and every morning, whether I’m going into the office or just taking care of my daughter (ETA about 7 weeks!)

I have future plans for a health & fitness-focused custom, similar to what @Malkuth has, as well as both a deeper wealth sub with EoG as the core, and of course a heavy Quantum Limitless one. And a business interaction custom, with several aura modules, PCC, some alpha modules, and…? We’ll see! This one isn’t a priority right now. In any case, by that time there will be so many more modules and cores available (no doubt) that I’ll have many more decisions to make. :sunglasses:

In the meantime, I’m getting ready for this by running StarkQ Terminus with Beyond Limitless Ultima, as well as RegenerationQ, which I just picked up this week) and Sanguine Ultima. I’ll run this stack for a while longer until I feel I’m well adapted to the Terminus power level, then I think it’ll be time to pull the trigger.

Thoughts on the latest version?

Q Modules Requests

There was one other thing I wanted to mention today… I actually wrote 2 full journal entries about it here but deleted them both.
I was feeling some reconciliation about something unrelated to subs, and after deleting my 2nd attempt at journaling it, I had a realization that made the reconciliation feelings drop by 80% or so.

I thought to myself… ok, what’s the real point of sharing this? Other than saying “look at me, I’m angry at an injustice, I’m so enlightened!”, is there a point?

I realized the answer was more no than yes, and then felt the thought of “I know who I am, I don’t need to prove anything to anybody.”

I felt much better after that.

Stark influence?


Yep. Looks like it.


Impressive stack. What power level will you run these at? Do you think it could be too much to do both at once? Also, why switch QL out with Limitless?


Cool deal. I appreciate it.


I’m planning to get Terminus, and will start out at 1-2x per week, alternating with the healing stack. I think it should be fine running both as they won’t be on the same day, and I’ve got Sanguine Ultima to help deal with anything that does come up. I’ve been running subs for nearly a year now too, and I feel I’ve got a pretty solid handle on how they affect me. I also love the feeling from StarkQ Terminus and I want that for everything.

I switched out QL for Limitless to make the custom a bit less dense, and because I plan to do a full QL-based custom in the near-ish future. I’ve already done QL ST1&2 before.

It’s not ordered until it’s ordered however, so I’m still open to suggestions about the choice of Limitless vs QL ST4.

Likewise! :+1:t2:


How is your Stark Q Terminus ride going?


Unbelievably well! I’ll do a full journal tomorrow but the short version is I’ve been running StarkQ Terminus and BLU alongside Sanguine Ultima, but one specific instance from this past week stands out that’s worth reporting.

I ran one loop of StarkQ and BLU with a very specific question/task in mind and within 24 hours it had not only generated a very workable solution that seemed to flow into my brain like an already formed plan, the next day (yesterday) a financial deal that had seemed like a bit of a long shot came together miraculously quickly and there will be a substantial deposit to my company’s bank account in about a week. More than enough capital to pay for the idea that my brain “downloaded”.

I didn’t post earlier because our best friends are moving away tomorrow and we had a bbq going away party for most of today.

I’m astounded at the depth and speed of manifestation.

More details to follow. I’ve been busy with work and personal stuff lately and have also been quietly waiting for the new Q modules to drop… glad I waited, as I really want to sneak at least 1 new module into my wealth custom. Which really needs a proper name; Stark 2.0 isn’t really viable with there already being a major program & Q core with that name. :thinking:


Stark Extremis or Extremis?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s the nanotech virus tony gets that becomes a nanotech based nervous system interface with his tech, and is able to operate on a whole new level


Lol I’ve actually considered that name for a future fitness & healing custom, though I’m also partial to Logan for that one, for obvious reasons. :nerd_face:

I like Extremis the best, I’ll go with that for my planned healing custom. Thanks!


Thanks. What’s your routine for Stark Q Terminus? 1 loop per day for five days and two days off?