Building Stark 2.0 - BLACKICE'S Q Custom Journal


I do 5 days per week of 1 loop each (StarkQT + BLU) per day, but it’s not always 5 days consecutively just due to timing. I often take weekends off, but this past week was busier than usual so I ended up doing a couple of loops last night. And, as a result, I even dreamed about browsing the Q store last night like it was a literal store. It looked like an Apple store, and each of the modules was a record/LP on a display stand… :rofl:


The custom formerly known as Stark 2.0 is now… Aurum Ex Machina (literally, gold from the machine).

Coming soon.


Because I clearly had too much time on my hands today… :wink:


How did you do that with the images? It looks great!


Machine of Gold
or Gold Machine
very cool!

Also to get super nerdy- Gold Machine could technically replaces War Machine-a powerful Iron Man suit

Aurum relacing Deus-Ex Machina-in which a deity resolves an unsolvable situation

Gold from the machine or Wealth from the machine/on high solving situations miraculously


As I mentioned, my current stack has been StarkQ Terminus and Beyond Limitless Ultima, along with Sanguine Ultima. This is partly to get me comfortable with the Terminus power level, but also I was just waiting for new modules to come out. 2 birds, etc. :wink:

Listening pattern has been 5 days on, 2 days off, although I don’t always get 5 days in a row so I’ll shuffle things around to make it work. Typically I’ll listen to Sanguine in the evenings, when out for a walk after dinner. I’ve started taking these walks by myself as the pace at which my wife and I used to walk at is now too much for her, at 8 months pregnant.


A few nights ago, I was struggling with a business problem. Both a financial one and a logistical one. I had already listened to BLU and as I was heading out for the walk I put on StarkQ, and declared a very clear intention to my SubC. “We need a solution to this problem, FIND ONE!” and went out the door.

While I was walking, I found it incredibly hard to concentrate. My mind was imagining all sorts of trivial things, such as what it would be like to be a character in the Avengers movies, how I would fight Thanos, etc. Not productive or helpful. When I was nearly back home, I thought again to myself “FIND A SOLUTION NOW!” and then continued on my way.

I went to bed, and still nothing. However, the next morning, a thought popped into my head.

And another.

I realized I was seeing an ideal technical solution to the problem, as if it was being laid our/explained to me by an excellent teacher that showed me just enough that my brain jumped to each successive step with excitement. This solution involved PHP code that I’d never looked at before, but I understood it well enough to get a basic prototype working. I have a good friend that does some app development work, and I asked him for a bit of help with the next iteration of it, which is now underway. We still hadn’t got the cash to execute on this, as things have been tighter than usual due to COVID etc. But. it’s good to have it figured out for when we are able to do it.

Next thing…

Out of the blue, I was contacted by the CEO of one of my favorite supplement companies. He was personally inviting me to work with him on an upcoming event, as he’s apparently a fan of my work and has been following my progress ever since we met years ago at a health conference. I had no idea he even remembered me. Not only will we be doing a promotion together, he’s sent me a “care package” full of supplements from his company, as well as another company that he’s involved with. Easily hundreds of dollars of products, as these are not cheap supplements. Very cool.

If anyone recalls, late last year I had to fire my entire marketing department (which was actually an agency, which made things tidier at least) and with all the oddness of 2020, I haven’t got around to hiring a new one yet. A company approached us about working together, and while I haven’t confirmed the deal yet (it actually needs to be signed off by our CEO), it does sound very compelling for us.

And finally, the big one…

There was a financial opportunity that arose a couple of weeks ago that was a long shot, but we figured the worst that could happen is the other party would say no. So, we went for it… we were told to expect a response in a couple of months, but everyone knew it was… again, a long shot.

Friday afternoon, I was up at my business parter’s home office for board meeting. My EA and I were there in person, along with a handful of other local people, with another 30+ attending via Zoom.

Just as we walked in the door, we got the news that somehow our deal had been both fast-tracked and approved, and we were getting a 6-figure payment, within about a week.

Like I said last night, I am astounded at the manifestation abilities of this technology… when I approach it with a very specific goal/task in mind, the results are insane and FAST.

And this is with the standard store StarkQ module, I can only guess what it will be like with a name-embedded version plus results enhancers.

Needless to say, I am ridiculously stoked.


Thanks! It’s Photoshop. :slight_smile:


You nailed it! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::grin::grin::grin:


I’m getting good at that :slight_smile:


Super excited to hear the journaling about this


Maybe you should try making a box art and a product description too! :wink:


Setting intentions and getting alpha reflections is becoming so obvious it’s almost funny.

A few days ago I was reading a journal here and it got me thinking about the nature of reality, and manifesting. I haven’t really put much focus on that, but recalled seeing a series of books by a Russian author about the nature of reality. That’s all I remembered. I searched the forum a couple of times, and couldn’t find anything like it. I knew it was in my browser history from months ago so I made a note to search Chrome history for “reality+book”, but hadn’t got around to it yet.

Instead, I set an intention that the forum would bring the information back to me. Then, I waited.

Today I was reading a newsletter from Agora and it was talking about a new kind of stock market indicator that could be used to predict market actions. The takeaway for me was, hmm… this could be useful. The real kicker was the very first stock example they used to demonstrate what the signals looked like was the stock symbol AEM… not a clue what company that is, but that’s the acronym for my imminent wealth Q custom.

As I was coming back to the forum to mention that here, I noticed a post about a list of alchemy books, and a few posts down… bam, there is the book series I was thinking of. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before, but there it is now. Reality Transurfing, by Vadim Zeland, fwiw.

I’ve made a couple more tweaks to my custom after meditating on the topic:

According to my Oura ring (and how I feel in general), I’m sleeping ok (for now). I removed Deep Sleep from the stack and replaced it with Ultimate Writer, as it can help me with sales/marketing/copywriting. Deep Sleep will remain in my next stack, which is is for emotional healing and overall mindset.

I’m also thinking that I can replace Limitless Core with EoG ST1, if Stark already has Limitless/QL Lite scripting in it. @SaintSovereign can you share your thoughts?

Otherwise I think this finally feels right!



That is utterly awesome.

Loving your results and journey!


@BLACKICE The 5 volume series is what you are referring to. That is what I am buying tomorrow. I could give you the title but it wouldn’t be any fun.


Just a quick update as I’ve been in research/lurk-mode for a while and have yet to pull the trigger on my first custom sub.

My current stack remains StarkQ Terminus, along with Sanguine and Beyond Limitless Ultimas.

I’ve been thinking a lot about manifestation lately, and have also been doing a deep dive into a new project for my wife, something to help her heal better after the baby arrives! More on that later, let’s get to the manifestation.

I’ve been commenting on a few different journals re: taking action as a requirement, and I fully believe in that. Then, something interesting happened today that made me wonder if it’s manifestation or just a coincidence. I’m making good progress on my health, so most of my manifesting intentions have been towards money.

This morning I heard from one of our vendors, saying they hadn’t paid us for an order we shipped in May, so were mailing a check tomorrow. It had totally slipped our minds… not a huge amount, but well into the thousands. Then later I was looking at an email about the $10k production bill for new bottles for our product. Within a minute or so, my EA says (out of the blue) “Hey, did you know there’s more than $10k just sitting in PayPal?” I checked and sure enough, I’ve got $10k more than I thought I did. It was there yesterday, but I only found out about it today so from my perspective, it just sort of appeared.

I also found a quarter in my pocket, but that didn’t elicit the same sort of feeling. :rofl:



What’s stopping you?


I’ve been telling myself I’m still doing research, or that I’ve got too many other big decisions to make in my life so this one can wait, but I can’t back either of those things up. Honestly, I think I’m coming up against a limiting belief of some sort. I have more than enough money to get whichever custom I want, I’ve got enough experience with SC products to know it will work for me, and I’m confident that I’ve crafted the best possible stack for my specific needs.

Maybe it’s the fact that I keep finding more modules that I “need”, and am up to 4 planned customs now, which is a hefty price tag no matter how you look at it. :wink:


What goals are most important right now? Start with 1 custom and work from there. I’ve also been planning a custom for the future, but it’ll likely not go into action until next year.


Tied for first place for 2 of them. :wink:

My original plan was to create a single custom that had both healing and wealth in it, then I had a fear-based response to an event that made me realize I need more healing than that, so I planned a healing/mindset-specific one. I moved some critical things to the 2nd custom (like Deep Sleep and Joie de Vivre) which is intended to be ran alongside (alternating days) the wealth custom.

The second custom is designed to create an unshakable core of tranquility, a sense of zen calmness/equanimity, backed up with unwavering strength, and surrounded for a joy for life. I’ll do custom album art for this one at some point, but in the meantime I can say it’s called Halcyon.


I say trust your process. “If it ain’t broke…” and so on.

It’s pretty clear that you are in a flow of beneficial manifestation and synchronicity. It’s very likely that that same flow is guiding your subliminal process. (It’s likely that flow that led you to Sub Club in the first place.) Trust it to manifest the right experience (and intention) at the right time.

You’re having a very fruitful experience with Stark Q Terminus. That is an excellent program, and your mind appears to be ready for it—able to derive prompt and powerful benefit from it. Maybe treat that as your custom for the time being.

Your pace seems auspicious. You’re actually ready for the programs you’re running. Rather than chasing after progress. So thrive now. And be prepared that when you do order and begin your custom you’ll launch into even greater thriving.

A beautiful thing.