Building Stark 2.0 - BLACKICE'S Q Custom Journal


The experience of utter calm in any situation. The ability to never lose faith in any desired outcome.

How would you like to have an utterly unshakeable core? To never doubt yourself even for a moment?

How many times have doubts, fears, or past experiences caused you to worry or hesitate?

Never again.

With Halcyon, none of them have any power over you anymore.

Combining 20 of the most powerful Q Modules into one focused program, Halcyon will redefine who you are.

Each of the modules in Halcyon works flawlessly together to build an inner core of the toughest strength imaginable, able to weather anything it encounters, a rock-solid inner confidence in your own self-worth, value, and abilities. Absolute freedom from fears, doubts, or a self-destructive inner crtitic.


Surrounding that core is an air of joyful tranquility. You will be a beacon of peace and serenity to all you encounter.

Are you ready to experience the feeling of being utterly at peace, knowing that nothing can perturb your mind? Are you ready to address any situation, knowing that you will be ready and prepared to do everything possible to protect yourself and others, so why worry?

Are you ready for… Halcyon?

Order now.

Or not, as this is just a journal entry about another custom I’ve planned and not a sales page. :wink:

Module Summary


Survival Instinct

Other Modules:

Carpe Diem Ascended
Lion IV
Gratitude Embodiment
Blue Skies
Attachment Destroyer
Inner Voice
Iron Frame
Negativity Displacer
Ego Adsum
Joie de Vivre
Stress Displacement
The Flow

Become a better Husband/father
Main Disc. Thread - Beyond Limitless Ultima

Nice “copy” :wink:


I had some good inspiration. :wink:

Reading it over again, it feels like it has some negativity (away-from motivations) in a few parts, which wasn’t really my conscious intention, but I suppose that reveals a bit about my underlying motivations.


@BLACKICE - i could even feel the peace just by reading that module list. Love the idea.

The first time I heard the word Halcyon was when it was in the title of a sound track in the first Mortal Kombat movie (excellent movie and sound track by the way. Still have the original Audio CD from that movie). “Halcyon On On” is a very soothing track and here it is for your perusal



This is one of the silver linings of having such an ambitions stack plan that I ended up splitting it into 2 different customs (3 if you include ███ [redacted] ███) plus a physical fitness & healing one which @Azriel suggested the name for… that one is called Extremis. And yes I’ve got the cover art designed for that one already too. :nerd_face:

That song is one of my favorite tracks EVER. It’s also the first place I heard the name too. Fun fact, I’ve named many of my computers that as well… my current workstation is HALCYON-V. Thanks for sharing the song. :grin:


@BLACKICE - Woah! I had a hunch you would know the song.

That’s a neat idea about naming your computer with that title. I will too (had just formatted a laptop recently). Maybe that’s how we will bump into each other lol.


I love Orbital, old school melodic trance is always welcome in my playlist. :sunglasses: I actually took some inspiration from another favorite album in the same genre for the Halcyon cover art… any guesses?

Haha nice. I name all my computers, usually with a mythology theme.

That’d be one hell of a manifestation, meeting someone offline just based on computer names. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: That’d be awesome though.


@BLACKICE - haha😁

But do tell me what the other album is. Feel like it is one I don’t know.


Not the same eyes though, of course. Those, along with the other elements in the image each have special significance to the intent of the design.


@BLACKICE - never heard of this. Will check it out.





@BLACKICE - you know, man? The Dreamland album is so cool. Listened to Children and now on Fable. The interesting thing is that the sounds are so familiar and I must have listened to it either on the radio or as filler/theme music on TV (MTV possibly) during my childhood. The music sounds like an old friend greeting me. Am glad you recommended this.


I’m glad you enjoyed it! It evoked the same feeling for me, even when I first heard it.

Fable was the theme song for a movie in the late 90s if I recall correctly, and the song Children was everywhere. Fascinating story behind it too, Robert Miles had heard about young people being killed in vehicle accidents after leaving clubs all pumped up etc, so he created a song to be almost like a lullaby to calm everyone down. Such an awesome concept.


@BLACKICE - that’s fascinating. Such sort of creativity is just angelic. I used to think that such ideas come from having injested drugs or something to do with the era. It could be that but most likely it is due to repeated practice and less distractions like we have now (a reference to the contents of the book Deep Work which am reading now). I need to reach that source and tap into it for writing.


Cal Newport is awesome, Deep Work and Digital Minimalism are among my favorites of the genre. :+1:


Just a quick update while I have a quiet moment… I decided to go with Halcyon as my first custom sub, and huge thanks to @SaintSovereign and @Fire and the mysterious Q engineer for getting it done so quickly, even though I didn’t order the fast service.

I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet though because I’m still at the hospital in the maternity ward; my custom sub wasn’t the only thing to be delivered yesterday… :smile:

My wife and I are now the proud parents of a happy, healthy and beautiful little baby girl. :heart:

Further updates… sometime! :sweat_smile:




Welcome to Earth, little one! Surrounded by love, light, peace, and wellbeing. May you and your family thrive and prosper! May your journey be one of happiness and benefit!

Congratulations, @BLACKICE!!!




Best to all of you