Building Stark 2.0 - BLACKICE'S Q Custom Journal


looks really good,
the only thing I would comment on in Apollon and Physicality Shifter-Sexiness.
If you go through the new Q pack module thread, you can read Fire’s comments on them, as they seem to have different end goals that may contradict each other slightly, I couldn’t get an answer on it. But perhaps something to consider.

What about IQ booster for the 20th spot?-it would go well epigenetics & DNA Modulator and is technically a physical change module. Plus you’ll get really smart about your planning and structuring your workouts lol.

For this custom between Jupiter and Yggdrasil I would go Jupiter, its conscious intentionality and visual specificity may help with manifesting the physical changes your custom aims at.


Hmm… I’ll take a look again. My goal is just to get an ideal body for my own sake, not trying to impress anyone (ok maybe I want to impress my wife… she says if I get 6-pack abs, she’ll get a Princess Leia gold bikini costume…) or win any awards. If that was your goal, which module would you go for?

I’ve actually got that one in both my wealth custom and a planned intelligence boosting one, based on QL. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback, as always! :smiley:


For sure!

Honestly, I just like the connoisseurship of subs distinctions, but I am being self indulgent in nit-picking and would probably go for both :slight_smile:

awesome, can’t wait to see the cover art for that.

Of course :slight_smile: !


but if I had to pick one for your goal, it would be Apollon


Revision #1:

  • EF ST4
  • Spartan Core
  • Deep Sleep
  • Pragya
  • DEUS
  • Carpe Diem Ascended
  • Apollon
  • Asclepius
  • Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
  • Equilibrium
  • Extreme Exercise Motivation
  • Inexhaustible
  • Master’s Coordination
  • Serum X
  • The Architect
  • Alpha Body Language
  • Limit Destroyer
  • Lion IV
  • Jupiter


  • Informaticon - new health-related info would be useful


Excellent list of modules, @BLACKICE. I was strict keto for around 8 months and it did help me lose 33kgs.

But do take a look into the Carnivore diet (it’s a form of keto diet). I feel like recommending this to you for some reason (possibly because you are focused on health and cause you are a new dad).

Am doing this since 2 months and it’s working great for me. Jordan Peterson was recommended this diet by his daughter and it helped heal both their depression among many other things especially for her.

I would recommend the MeatRx YouTube channel if you want to listen to loads of testimonials on this diet. And here am linking Jordan Peterson’s daughter, Mikhaila’s own story regarding the same diet:


I’ve been hearing about the carnivore diet a lot actually, most surprisingly, from my doctor. She’s all for it… I’m not so certain.

Last year when I was in China, I realized that they don’t do raw vegetables there. I couldn’t find a salad to save my life. After flying back home, I think I lived on salads for a week. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good steak, and had bbq ribs for dinner tonight… but I really miss veggies if I don’t get enough of them. I think I’d have a very difficult time on the carnivore diet.

I’ll check the video out though, as I recall feeling the same level of skepticism years ago when I was first introduced to the paleo diet. :nerd_face:


@BLACKICE - the skepticism is understandable since even I thought it crazy. The science behind it is very sound though and the hundreds of testimonials back it up. People are giving up their medicines and healing their neurological diseases (and many others) based on just eating meat.

The short science of it is that plants are not actually good for your body since they have anti-nutrients in them.

But don’t listen only to me of course. Do listen to Mikhaila and the videos in the MeatRx YouTube channel. And prepare to be mind-blown.

But whatever diet you follow, wishing you well on your new custom, dude👍


Oh I’ve seen enough to understand that it’s effective, I meant I’m skeptical I could do it. :wink:

Give me a 16oz steak and nothing else and I’ll eat it but I’ll feel crappy afterward… physically, I mean. But give me a 10oz steak and a big pile of roasted veggies dripping with butter or a nice salad, and I’m great.

Thanks! :smiley:


@BLACKICE Two Words: Intermittent Fasting.
Or if you’re really up for it: Extended Fasting.

I am a master of both (if I do say so myself)!


I do 18/6 IF every day, I love it. :slight_smile:


Have you done an EF? It is a different paradigm from IF.


That I’ve not done… I’ve been doing my research though: I have Valter Longo’s book on KIndle, and I’ve also got a copy of Jason Fung’s book on hold at the library, and will be picking it up when I’m there early next week. I’ve watched quite a few YT videos on 3 & 5 day fasts as well.

The newest thing I’ve learned about, earlier this year, was a dry fast. Still wrapping my head around doing that one, I get thirsty easily.


Extended fasts are typically quite longer than this!

Eh, stay away from dry fasts. Those don’t go well and it’s hard to enjoy things. I’ve done intermittent dry fasting before and I’m not a fan of that.


Yeah, it’s short compared to a true EF… but 3-5 days is at the limit of what I can envision myself doing at this point. lol.


Believe you are Beyond Limitless!

In all seriousness, EFs are not to be trifled with and certainly not abused. I’m reserving one EF for near the end of quarantine (before we finally return to office) to cancel out any quarantine weight.


Ahh yes, the “Covid 19”… :wink: I’ve actually lost quite a bit during the past few months, though the last 3 weeks I’ve likely put some of it back on… I’ve been skipping the scale for a while now as I’ve got more important stuff to think about. But, getting back to it…


Does IT not interupt the way you guys process subs?
Less calories less brain power?


Haven’t been that concerned about it since I know part of it is due to me working on my strength goal during covid-19; in terms of my key lifts, I am at the strongest I have been my entire life. Obviously to get to that I had to gain some muscle and some fat came along with that too.


Assuming you mean IF.

Not at all! My brain is actually more active the longer I go without food (up until a certain point). On a two day fast it’s hard for me to fall asleep because my brain is insanely alert.

In fact I wondered a few years ago what the interplay between autophagy and subs (especially physical subs) might be.