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I love doing IF but was concerned about the nutrienta and calories needed for me to process these subs.
Does MCT break IF?
Does BCA break IF?


IF (and EF) increases blood ketones, which are a more efficient fuel source for your brain than glucose. I boost that with Bulletproof coffee, which has at least 1tbsp of C8 MCT per 12oz cup. Much better mental clarity than when I’m running on sugar… I feel awful when I have too much sugar.

And I’ve still got more than enough stored calories left to keep my brain going on ketones for quite a while. :wink:


Yes on both counts.

I’ve never been concerned about such since I started IF long before SubClub. In addition, at this point I am very well fat-adapted. The last time I felt hungry on a regular basis was two years ago.


I’ve always personally defined a broken fast by an increase in blood sugar, so by that metric, no MCT doesn’t break a fast. If you’re looking at something else like a change in liver function, then… maybe?


Blood sugar is a respectable metric. For fasting, the key indicator is the insulin response and insulin levels!

Although fats are not insulinogenic, consumption of anything triggers the cephalic response which in turn raises insulin. In other words…even consuming fats will raise insulin by some amount (though of course not as much as protein and carbohydrates). This smaller amount is acceptable in some modified (pseudo) fasts such as a “bone broth fast”.


So basically you can eat nothing beside drink water…


IF: Water + other 0-calorie, non-insulinogenic liquids (so diet coke is not a good idea, unless you are looking for only the weight-loss benefits of fasting and none of the healing!)
EF: Water + electrolytes


Yesterday I cleared out my email inbox, and went from nearly 2k emails down to about 5 that are current and/or need actions taken.

One of the emails I found was a record of a dream, which happened late last year while I was running Emperor V4. IMHO it’s interesting enough that I wanted to share it here, in case anyone has any thoughts or insights:

I dreamed that I was in a large mansion or compound with my wife, and one of our friends. In the dream, this friend was a composite of 2 real-life friends and was somehow both at the same time.
The people living in this space had special abilities, they were able to manifest whatever they wanted within seconds. Imagine some food you are hungry for, and it’s delivered to you almost immediately. It seemed like a magical place, and for whatever reasons, I decided to go exploring.
I discovered a hidden basement level, and was shocked to see my friend (whom we’d just left upstairs), chained to some sort of machine! I realized there were dozens of people in similar arrangements, and knew that they were duplicates of the people upstairs.
The duplicates knew the wishes of their counterparts above, and they were the ones doing everything, catering to the whims of the people upstairs.

I had to help my friend, so I managed to unchain her and brought her back with me to the elevator. My wife, who had been waiting there to guard the elevator for me, was surprised to see our friend, and I quickly explained what was going on. We agreed that she would go distract the guards (because now there were guards), and I would sneak the duplicate friend out.

When we arrived at the main level, the other version of our friend was there and she seemed upset that we were helping this other version of her. “But I’m your friend!” she said, and I replied, “So is she!” It had been such a short time since our arrival, that they were even still dressed the same.

My wife and the original(?) friend went off to create a distraction, and I grabbed the duplicate’s hand and we ran toward an exit. There were guards at each door, so we took a detour through what looked like a large restaurant or banquet hall. The lights were all off, yet I realized I could see clearly in the dark. I thought this was odd but had no time to think about it. We managed to find an unguarded service door and ran outside.

We ran for several minutes until arriving at a small house on a beach. There was a map there, so I handed it to the girl to see if she recognized where we were. Instead, she folded it up into a complicated origami shape and then asked me where we were. I said that’s why I handed her the map, and so she unfolded it and we found roughly where we were.

She wanted to stay, but since we were still close to the place I’d rescued her from, we started running again. The neighborhood was totally dark and seemingly abandoned, but I could still see perfectly well. I finally commented on this, and she replied that seeing for us was one of the functions of the duplicates.
That’s when I realized there was a copy of me still chained in the lower level of the house!

At that point, a spotlight shone on us from a helicopter or a drone, and we realized we’d been discovered. A security vehicle drove up to where we had hidden and had a speaker that started playing a recording (or someone was speaking) about the story of the mansion.

“when they discovered the first of us, we were studied. Locked in cages. Once they realized our potential, the cages were gilded but we still knew they were cages. Soon it was not we who were in the cages. This is our world now.”

I woke up as we were being taken back to the mansion.

It was super vivid and detailed… Any thoughts on the symbolism?


An empty stomach means that there’s no energy going to the digestive process, resulting in superior mental energy levels.

Intermittent fasting is most probably the optimal eating pattern for human beings. Personally, I’m doing 16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating cycles. It helps enormously with mental energy, aiding your sleep, health, etc.

I do take MCT, Multi-Vitamins & Nootropics right away when I wake up. However, I wouldn’t say it breaks the fast. MCT is easily absorbed, digested and converted into energy in the liver. So, not a lot of pressure is put onto the digestive process, it happens in a matter of minutes.


Just wanted to drop my comments on the dream, but just know that I am not INSERT and just INSERT personal INSERT.

Mansion - Existence (Earth, Humanity, Social Structure)

Escaping - Growth, Vision (Escaping humanity, human psyche, social rule)

Copies - Other self, lost humans

Saving one half, leaving other and then reunite- (Give strength to accept what we cannot change)

Studying of alien knowledge (spirituality). Locked cage with symbols and monuments symbolize abundant internal world. This is to contrast outside the cage. Could see it as a guide for others to follow, since nobody will leave the mansion, attempting to make the mansion significant, since nobody other than the individual can enter the gilded cage.

Bringing one back to why some things must exist, even if the captors are ignorant, they understand what must and should be. This presents itself as information, but not understanding. This is shown by their study and capture of the unknown (gilded cage)

There is a curious parallel with a scene I watched which jives with the theme above, it would make it seem more saliable, but I don’t want to be associated with the film, but I would concede if someone could guess it lol.

Thanks for sharing the dream.


Just wanted to add another part, when one copy serves another, this represents the offloading of one thing for another. The biggest force today that does this is typical INSERT POLITICAL, offloading of say thought or belief onto something which can be obtained physically, but at the expense of something else.


Very quick update… I listened to Stark and Executive yesterday, and today I was inspired to pull the trigger on a new side hustle. This is along the lines of something I’ve been planning for a while, but a different approach, with a different traffic method. In the past few hours I’ve sketched out how it would work, bought the software licenses, and have just registered a new domain name. The best part is it overlaps the previously planned stuff by… 80% or so, and plugs right in as an additional traffic source for my other projects.

SCORE! :sunglasses:


One last response to the mct/fast thing

Technically a fast is a non consumption of calories in that sense MCT would break it
However mct will not effect or diminish Autophagy, the cleansing benefit mechanism of fasting. Unless the caloric content of the amount of oil consumed is too high-1-2 teaspoons would be fine It.

MCT will also will increase ketones production, stabilize blood sugar by improving insulin mediated glucose metabolism, and curb hunger cravings.

MCT does slightly stimulate the digestive system due to the pancreatic enzymes needed which requires bile to be released in the intestinal track, but the impact on gut rest is minimal.

So for metabolic effects, optimal functioning and weight loss mct is not only fine-it’s highly beneficial
for gut/digestive rest it be best to keep the oils to a minimum
and for longevity and optimal Autophagy- no anything would be optimal

However for anyone doing IF and running subliminal I’d highly recommend mct unless there extremely well adapted otherwise.

Pacman Ascended Mogul to Khan
AzrielLight EmperorQ

The illusion of ultimate satiation, the fantasy of it. The executive function of the brain always highlights fantasy by pointedly calling attention to unconscious fear. An interruption to the reverie of the land of the lotus eaters.

  1. This seems like two fold function-one is what part of you do you need to sacrifice, cage, or leave behind to meet your needs, or security?

  2. A continued emphasis on the polarization and duality of the mind, fear and illusion- the mansion with everything and the dwellers in the basement. The attraction to sustenance/ prey and the aversion to pain/ predators (consumption of diminution of self-catabolized for another’s benefit) here again the counterparts are doing this to themselves

A calling of attention to the non-subterranean versions of our selves, in fact a hurt at attending to anything other then the presentation of self we wish most to portray, and offense taken when there is attention of the ‘other’ /dark side/ dis-integrated side–traumatized and dis-owned parts of self became like that in a moment of survival and ego-preservation-they got cut from the whole -to preserve, seemingly so, the greater good. She is saying-don’t go there.

You have an amalgam of two friends in one, your not clear if your wife is the original or not, your questioning the value of attributes vs. absolute identity-i.e. -what’s the difference? there the same if there the same—this is a sign of transcendence-since attributes are not personal-but it is a loss to let go of the concept of how we each differentiate ourselves-while this comes full circle-it is temporarily sacrificed in de-personification for the recognition of something bigger/deeper

Your giving away the map, why? You handing direction over-whether symbolically surrendering or refusal to take reigns on your own navigation-I don’t know lol. Now she complicates it and hands it back to you haha-basically find your own direction-looking to others complicates things and you’ll end up leading anyway

Seeing in the dark means you are ready to shine a light on the unconscious-what’s in the basement-the realization that your a duplicate yet still totally you, is an understanding of how in every moment identity is constructed- but it comes from the lower part of the house-the powerhouse of the unconscious and animal nature so to speak

Interesting parallel that as you realize you can see in the dark and it’s because you were a duplicate (shining a light on your deeper self) now a light is shining on you! The image of increasing levels of realization that transcend each identity and duplicate. You are now being contextualized from some part of you shining a light on you but your conscious isn’t directly associated with it, so it appears potentially hostile . Paralleling perhaps the innate fear you recognize but disown in shining a light on the basement self. A metaphorical allusion to a deeper unconscious compassion for that other self.

The mansion already being a story shortly after leaving is interesting-it’s saying don’t forget this, and that every experience you have can be objectified within yourself for future lessons.

The pathway to your freedom, is through what you recognize as a constriction, even a golden constriction, you can’t have it be your world unless you play the game that bars you in.

It was all a dream -I used to read Word up Magazine

Again, the spinning top at the end of inception-where you going in the mansion, back to the party or to be put in the basement?

Ok I literally just broke each piece up, and went into an unconscious flow of writing, essentially will Ferrel Old School style blackout, I have no idea if any of that will be remotely accurate, make sense or helpful-but there you go :slight_smile:


Fantastic insights, thanks! The last question is something that still actually freaks me out a little when I think about either answer… and this was something I know was a dream, from nearly a year ago now. lol.


I got chills, multiple times, reading it

But here’s the thing, I said that question for you to see where your mind might gravitate too, the uncertainty of knowing what’s true…
but in reality it’s not possible to be one or the other -basement or mansion floor.

the dichotomy is born of aversion and attraction-higher and lower, free and enslaved, duality-- the same way you can’t have a magnet without two poles and if you cut a magnet -you’ll still get two poles. It’s the nature of the beast that you are both. Every time you moved in the dream-things split, elements kept multiplying in those divisions

The real question is what to do about it?

Your mind is operating on fission (at least in this dream) -creating energy and momentum through splitting your sense of self, perhaps pushing down the emotional/primitive for a burst of rational energy and action, or suppressing the rational to be able to feel-

how can you turn to fusion-aligning these selves?

The key IMO lies in seeing where you think things are one way or have to be a certain way and there is a sacrifice, more of a martyrdom most likely that comes with that. But those things may just be your point of view and not reality, no sacrifice may be necessary. This will all likely be very subtle of course and applies to most people.

I think the message of the dream is essentially a movement beyond dichotomy, what do you need to integrate and hold as your higher truth and value to move beyond the questioning, what is there for you that makes you who you are whether your the original, the copy, the duplicate, or all of them :slight_smile:


Sometimes I miss my longer journal entries, and I do hope to return to them. Here’s another dream one, as it seemed rather significant based on the context.

In the dream I was on a trip with some friends, it felt like a school trip as there was a chaperone-type person who was helping us find our rooms in a hotel. I was with a friend on the trip and we were talking about how funny it would be if we had adjacent rooms. Here’s the odd part.

We were able to pick whichever rooms we wanted, and then go find the chaperone person who had our keys, with the numbers already on them.

My friend picked room 89, and I picked room 99, yet they were side by side.

When I got my room key, it was the size of a greeting card, as that’s what it was. It had a note written from my mom on it, and a drawing of a trident sticking through a sphere. The note specifically mentioned that she added that symbol as it was secretly known by the post office and they’d “put it at the top of the pile”. There was also some mention about something relating to a disability… either a group or a specific person, in the sense of it being a representative symbol.???

There was more but that’s all I can remember at the moment.

When I woke up, I had a distinct impression that there was some sort of astrological meaning to the symbol(s) and numbers.

Any insights?





Poseidon used his trident to strike a rock upon the hill of the Acropolis, producing a well of seawater, in what developed into a contest between him and Athena over possession of Attica.


God Poseidon struck his Trident into the Rock of the Acropolis of Athens, and out sprang a well.
The people ran to the well to drink its water. Because Poseidon was God of The Sea the water was salted, so they had to spit it out.

Then Goddess Athena touched the ground, and an Olive Tree grew out.
This proved to be a much more useful present, so Kecrops decided that Goddess Athena would be The Patron of Athens City – thus giving it her name as well.
The wooden statue of Goddess Athena, which originally stood on The Acropolis of Athens, was believed to have fallen out of the sky.


“Tell the King Poseidon that his almighty brother orders him to immediately come to Olympus because I have a job to assign to him. Otherwise, my terrible wrath will fall upon him and he will be dissolved.”

Once Poseidon got the message, he got angry and climbed to Olympus. He then tried to convince the other gods that he is equal to Zeus, the father of gods and men.

Poseidon said:

“Almighty Olympians, this situation must be clarified once and for all. Our mother Rhea and Cronus had three sons, Zeus, Hades and me. We distributed our domains and one took the sky, the second took the darkness, and I took the foaming sea. However it is not possible anymore for me to accept such threats and intimidation by Zeus.”

The Labyrinth


Needless to say, Minos was appalled by the sight of Pasiphae ’s offspring and soon after the Minotaur ’s birth, to cover his disgrace, he ordered Daedalus to build a structure so elaborate that not only it would make it impossible for the monster to leave it, but it would make it difficult for anyone going inside it to find his way out. Daedalus devised a plan for a vast underground maze of hallways and passages we now know as the Labyrinth.

The Death of the Minotaur: Theseus


Theseus , the founding hero of Athens , wasn’t someone who’d turn a blind eye to the sufferings of his fellow citizens. So, when the time for the third sacrifice came, he volunteered to go to Crete . Fortunately for him, Ariadne , Minos ’ daughter, fell in love with him and decided to help him to the best of her knowledge. She begged Daedalus to tell her the secret of the Labyrinth, until, finally, the master-craftsman caved in. At his advice, Ariadne gave Theseus a ball of thread, which the hero used to navigate himself inside the structure, comforted by the fact that he would always be able to find his way out. Finally, at the center of the Labyrinth, Theseus came across the Minotaur and, after a long and exhausting fight – whether with his bare hands or a club – he finally managed to overpower the vicious monster. Both Crete and Athens were finally freed.

Sounds like the Titan stuff from the bible. I only know this stuff superficially, but the story of the titans are, humans attempting to be “God”, but neglecting the reason why they became so powerful and thus destroyed by some sort of trickster, or “divine intervention/catastrophe” or oversight. Poseidon as only a part, attempts to become everything.

missing important steps, and stuck… or perhaps attempting to take on more than is warranted, as paralleled with Poseidon?

89 - (123456789)
99 - (99…99)

89 is a prime number
99 is divisible by six numbers

Three upside down sixes. Last number is an infinity symbol. 9 6 3 are incomplete infinity symbols.

Both have 3 syllables, a similarity could deceive, this could symbolize the “Seeing the forest from trees”.

Maybe one may be overwhelmed by “9” that the “8” is ignored.

Interesting dream, thanks for posting.


I called it a trident because I didn’t know another word for it, but it was this symbol:



Can anyone tell me what that symbol means, if anything significant to the dream symbols?

@Azriel @Malkuth @Simon @Hermit?


Looks like the trident of Neptune or Poseidan’s Trident
it represents the properties of water, drink-ability, fecundity, and liquidity
It also represent the domain of personal territory or the masculine instinct to create and preserve one’s own territory.