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for a little deeper meaning
It also could represent the parts that make up your world that are unseen-like the ocean to the land
or earthquakes-metaphorically in the sense of upheaval in life and rearrangement-as Poseidon was believed to be the source of earthquakes

it is also very similar to Shiva’s weapon in Hinduism which you uses to fight of negativity and ‘evil’


Neptune represents Spirituality.
Specifically its about Unconditional Acceptance of Life and the Unknown.

Terms associated with Neptune:
Releasing, Compassion, Faith, Acceptance, Dreams, Visions, Stillness, Vastness, Inspiration, Music, Imagination, Oneness, Redemption, Saviour, Surrender.

:astonished: Mom says you need to “put it at the top of the pile”. That’s the key. :wink: :ok_hand:t2:

On the shadow side, Neptune is also associated with:
Uncertainty, Addiction, Fantasy, Illusion, Deception, Escape, Suffering, Victim, Vagueness, Undermining.

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Shiva is also all about Spirituality. More of the Left Hand Path variety (Aghora). :skull: :pray:t2:

Yogis consider the trident to be symbolic of the three major energy channels (Nadis).


‘Felt like a school trip’

‘Our rooms in a hotel’

‘With a friend on the trip’

‘I picked room 99’

‘room key was a greeting card’

Helpful and symbolic/mystical ‘note written from my mom’

At the top of the pile

(Rulership or priority granted by right of access to special wisdom)

Those seem like some of the key elements (pun intended in this case)



I’m not going to pretend that I know what your dream was about.

I’ll just discuss what some of the imagery and symbols remind me of or bring to mind.

The 9th house or Sagittarius is about travel and the quest for knowledge. You choose double 9.

9 is also the number of months in the gestation of a human baby.

9 is also considered the number of completion. It’s the largest single digit numeral. After 9, a new numeric cycle begins, same with 99, 999, and so on.

89 being next to 99 is an evocative image. It’s fun to think of what your mind might have been expressing with that one.

99 - the number you choose feels like you may be indicating that you are ready to cross a transition point and evolve to a higher level. Graduating from the current level and becoming like a baby again on a new and more advanced level.

Fitting that your mother, symbol of nurturing care and guidance presented you with a special key. A key that not only opens doors but also opens relationships (greeting card) and ensures auspicious opportunities.

Marked with the seal of the trident. And note that the :trident: Trident on the card is itself opening a sphere. That sphere can be a world, a planet, an egg, a point of view, a mind, or a perspective. The trident on the key card is itself a key. And a powerful one. A symbol of rulership, dominion and power.

Neptune rules the seas, the waters. These are the heart, the emotions, and the passions. In mastering the rhythms of the heart, the ways to wisdom are opened.

This may be the next level to which you are traveling.

The card marks you as a ‘chosen one’. (i.e., one who has embraced his hero’s journey). Though you are beginning a vulnerable stage at the start of developing new capacities, you are smiled upon and blessed by the forces of nurture and care. Destined for great things.

In acknowledging your connection to your past, you are opened to receiving blessings from the past, and these protect you on this next phase of your journey.

The trident protects you. It also awaits you. At the beginning of this next phase, it is a mysterious symbol placed protectively above you by ‘ancestors’. But at the fruition of that next stage, the trident of heart-wisdom awaits you as your own, to be wielded and applied with mastery.

You are ready for this next phase of journeying. Embracing the way of Sagittarius, you are optimistic, open, and motivated to learn and to apply what you will learn.

Wish you happy traveling and inspired learning and growth!


First night running the new side hustle… it’s generated 500+ leads in the first couple of hours, and I’m still just playing around… I haven’t even begun to optimize or scale yet. :astonished:


500 leads!?


How do you generate 500leads in hours? Youtube?


That is indeed the question. :wink:


Quick dream update:

Last night I had a very action movie-esqe dream where I was with a group of people and we were being hunted, to hide or capture some information we had. One of the group was captured, and I went to a pre-arranged safehouse to get something to help rescue her. There was a coded note left for me “in case of an ambush”, and it was very specific that the answer was “behind the calendar”. I found a literal wall calendar, and taped to the back of it was a piece of paper.

On that paper was a series of notes, and as I read it I realized it was the 12 executive functions of the brain, but also notes on certain things to do with/for each one… certain actions, certain thoughts…

I folded the paper carefully into quarters (this seemed important too) and put it in my pocket. I wasn’t worried about losing it, as once I had it “in my pocket”, it was somehow integrated with me and couldn’t be taken away.

Then I woke up.


One more thing which I would be remiss if I did not mention, in the Kabbalah — a compendium and source code of western mystical traditions — Neptune is associated with Kether ’the crown’ at the top of the tree of life diagram.

Fittingly, the diagram itself comprises three columns, or pillars- a left, a right, and a middle. So, the tree of life diagram itself is a trident.


So here’s an update…

A business deal that I’ve been working on for about a year now has just fallen through, and will ultimately cost me at least a half-million dollars plus the many tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills I’ve racked up trying to make it work.

Surprisingly, my reaction is a bit of annoyance but mostly a calm resolve with thoughts of “ok, how do we deal with this and what’s next?”. A year ago, this sort of setback would have CRUSHED me.

The calming stability of Halcyon is still astounding me, and this is with just 1 listen per week! Now that I have the Terminus version and can listen every day if I choose to, I imagine it would only get better.


I’ve tried to keep some presence on the forum lately, dropping into a few journals & threads to reply here and there, but I’ve sorely neglected my own journal.

Just a few updates for now, to report something… :wink:

Finding an hour to listen to Halcyon without interruption is proving a bit difficult. Last weekend I got 3/4 through one loop of Halcyon T2 and then had to go change the baby. VLC didn’t save the position properly, so when I restarted it later on, it ended up being nearly at the beginning, and so I got about 2 full listens in a single day.

Don’t do that.

I felt awful… my head was heavy and I felt like crap. I did some yoga and then 20 pushups and then went for a brisk walk for 30 mins, and that just made me feel good enough that I could sit still without being restless and irritated.

This pas weekend, the same thing happened where I only got 45 minutes or so done, but I left it there rather than risking over-exposure.

I’m back to being about 80% keto, but it’s gotten cold enough here that I’m still not out walking every day like I want to. My daughter is almost sleeping through the night now (6 hours), which is quite impressive for a 2 month old, so sleep is much improved. According to my Oura ring, my sleep quality is almost back up to pre-baby levels.

I still feel tired though, so my doctor is running tests on various biomarkers… I’m working on getting a mitochondrial function test as well as a methylation test. I’m very fortunate to have a doctor that understands the importance of actually looking at what’s going on through diagnostic tests, rather than making assumptions and prescribing pills to “see how it goes”.

I’ll close with the topic of dreams.

Many of my dreams have the theme of travel, either being on a trip or having traveled somewhere and now am staying in a hotel or am trying to find my way to a hotel, etc. Those themes have been recurring since I was a child, I’m still not sure why.
I also had a dream that I was walking around somewhere and had no shoes, but also that my socks were full of holes.
Finally, a couple of nights ago my wife and I watched the latest episode of The Mandalorian. No spoilers for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, but suffice to say they could not have personified a childhood nightmare of mine any better. lol. Didn’t bother me in the slightest though…

That’s it for now!


A small observation, perhaps seeing the effects of Joie de Vivre pop up in small moments of everyday life…

When my daughter was born, we switched from our regular laundry detergent to a baby-friendly hypoallergenic one for all our laundry, to make things simpler. I just pulled a sweater on and spent at least 30 seconds just breathing, smelling the faint “baby fresh clean clothes” scent, and thinking about my little girl. Had a goofy blissful grin on my face the whole time.


I’ve got Executive playing alongside a 1 hour loop of The Mandalorian main theme, and a dozen emails to write in the next hour.

Let’s do this!!