Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)



My original plan was to create four tightly focused customs. For whatever reason I took some shortcuts earlier on (e.g a combined health and wealth sub), which I ultimately regretted, but they did give me some insight into the effects of these customs. Now I finally have the four customs I envisioned at the start. It’s a heavy stack, but like you I’m focused on the long term.

Istari - Spiritual and energetic development, manifestation

Alchemist ST4 Core, Mind’s Eye Core, Ultimate Artist Core, Astral Projection X Core, Remote Viewing X Core, Blue Skies, DEUS, Divine Will, Dream Traveler, Emperor’s Voice, Information Releaser, Inner Voice, Intuition Enhancer, Jupiter, Omnidimensional, Spiritual Freedom, The Architect, The Flow, The Merger of Worlds, Yggdrasil

I believe AP core and RV core to be light weight, so I’m treating them as regular modules, not full cores. Ultimate Artist and Emperor’s Voice may seem out of place here, but anyone with experience in the occult will likely understand why I put them here. I would have preferred a Visual Artist module over UA, since I believe UA has a lot of extraneous stuff I don’t need, but it was the only option available. It bugs me a bit though.

Interestingly, this has probably been the subtlest of all four customs, probably since I’m already well developed in this area so the effects are less noticeable overall. However, Blue Skies and Dream Traveler are immediately effective, and it provides a nice mood boost. I don’t expect much reconciliation from this one, but it might be a slow burner.

Leonidas - Health, strength, powerful presence

Ascension Core, Spartan Core, Survival Instinct Core, Asclepius, BERSERKER, DEUS, Epigenetics & DNA Modulator, Equilibrium, Extreme Exercise Motivation, Inexhaustible, Invincible Presence, Iron Frame, Male Enhancement, Master’s Coordination, Omnidimensional, Power Awareness, Productivity Unleashed, Serum X, Steadfast, Submodel Alpha

This is focused on physical development and health, but I also wanted to get back to my martial arts training so I added a few modules focused on that. I suspect Survival Instinct may be partly the reason for that.

The main effects from this so far are increased motiviation to exercise, a focus on safety and protection in and around my home, noticeably stronger discipline and mental frame. Much of what this sub provides is already there in me, but it readily brings those qualities to the surface and allows them to express themselves more forcefully. I don’t expect a lot of reconciliation from this one, as I’m already partially aligned with much of it, although I’m also using this to help me move towards much more extensive workouts so I’ll probably have some around that. I’m really interested to see where this one takes me in 12 months.

Titan - Wealth, innovation, genius, financial and political power

Stark Core, Quantum Limitless ST4 Core, House of Medici Core, Carpe Diem Ascended, DEUS, Financial Success Reality Shifter, I.Q. and Cognitive Booster, Informaticon, Jupiter, Lion IV, Mastermind, Omnidimensional, Potentiator, Secrets of Akasha – Wealth, Sultan, Trailblazer, Tyrant, Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy, Wealth Limit Destroyer, Yggdrasil

Running this I feel extremely focused, probably from QL4. It has also greatly expanded my vision of what I want and deserve. However, I’m using this sub to help drive a complete reinvention of my career, and I expect a fair degree of reconciliation. I also believe this sub is going to take the longest of my four to express itself fully. I expect this one will be a freight train over the long term though.

Renew - Emotional healing and growth

ARES, Attachment Destroyer, Blue Skies, Dream Traveler, EGO ADSUM, FEBRUUS, Gratitude Embodiment, Growth Through Pain, I AM, Information Releaser, Inner Voice, Joie de Vivre, New Beginnings, Omnidimensional, Regeneration Core, Sanguine, Spiritual Freedom, Stress Displacement, The Flow, The Merger of Worlds

My long-term roadmap always included a healing custom, so this was the final one needed to complete the set. This one is entirely dedicated to emotional healing and growth.
This was originally intended to be run solo during a “healing phase”. The modules can be broken down into the following groups:

Emotional healing:
ARES, Attachment Destroyer, FEBRUUS, Growth Through Pain, I AM, New Beginnings, Regeneration

Bring unconscious issues to the surface:
Dream Traveler, Information Releaser, Merger of Worlds

Mood improvement:
Blue Skies, EGO ADSUM, Gratitude Embodiment, Inner Voice, Joie de Vivre, Sanguine, Spiritual Freedom, Stress Displacement, The Flow

This was built in T² to go deep, but I really wasn’t sure how this one would turn out, or if any of the healing modules would conflict with each other and cause excessive reconciliation. Turns out it’s basically a happy pill. And it works fast, the effect is immediate. I’ve noticed absolutely no reconciliation on this at all, and so far I’ve tried up to 3 loops a day. It’s been so effective at improving my mood that it actually helps reduce reconciliation, so going forward I’ll be running one loop per day before running the rest of my stack, to reduce reconciliation and to provide ongoing mood and emotional healing benefits. Immediately and profoundly effective.

I’m finally satisfied with my customs, and aside from Ultimate Artist the cores are basically fixed now.

Ok, back to my cave now.



That is beautiful

Wish you joyful, productive traveling!!!

Deep well-being and satisfying fruition!


I like your idea of running 4 specific customs each dedicated to a somewhat specific goal.
Healing/Growth, Wealth/Innovation, Dominance/Strength/Health, and then the last is spiritual. I am thinking of using your idea with some tweaks so i can get more use out of the customs i use and actually stick to them long term and reap crazy benefits.


I had a rather startling dream last night, and wanted to document it here. It was incredibly vivid, so I’m thinking Dream Traveler may have been an influence.

I was transported to an alternate Earth, where the industrial revolution took a very different turn. Technology was like a combination of steam punk and electronics. People were dressed like in Victorian England, but I don’t know what year it was. There was electricity in the buildings and electric lights, and LCD panels with various information.

The air was thick with smog and pollution, you couldn’t see more than a few feet, and people wore face masks while outside. The outside of buildings were grimy with black residue. There were no trees, virtually everything natural was dead, destroyed by industry. I went into a building. Inside the air was clear, as they had air filters. I asked a dapper mustachioed gentleman what happened to the pollution removed from the air and he said “Why, it goes right back outside, of course, where it belongs” and he laughed.

Most people had some form of deformity, massive pustules or missing limbs or large scale mutations, due to the pollution. The rich generally had far fewer mutations living in their air-filtered homes and buildings, whereas the poor were constantly exposed and suffered horrendous mutations. Nobody cared in the least about the pollution and the devastated planet, they acted as if it was normal and laughed at the idea that it was something bad, it was just “progress”.

I went to a restroom, and saw a man with a withered arm and leg struggling to do up his trousers, so I waited patiently until he finished and left the room before I entered. The toilet and sink were placed 10 feet up the wall, and there were poles alongside them for climbing up. It seems people climbed up the wall to use the toilet and sink, holding onto the poles the entire time. It occurred to me that the people here had extraordinary physical strength, perhaps as compensation for their poisoned and corrupted bodies. I really needed to pee, but there was no way I could climb up and pee in the toilet while holding onto the pole, I didn’t have the strength these people had, but the man with the withered arm and leg was standing just outside the door and I didn’t want him to know I couldn’t do it as that would expose me as not being from here. I looked for a closed stall and found one, but it was extremely narrow, like a gym locker, seemingly designed for those with certain extreme mutations.

Unfortunately one of my cats woke me at this point. The whole thing had the feel of a twisted Jules Verne novel, and it felt almost like a window to our own future unless we can stop poisoning and destroying our own planet out of greed and stupidity.


Wow, that is detailed. Funny how some things (like toilets) become so prominent in our dreams.

Assuming there’s some kind of message to it, I wonder what it was, placing the toilet out of reach. Would be funny if it was just your subconscious telling you you really needed to go but it didn’t want to wake you up.

Reminds me of a TV series where they’ve destroyed the Earth with pollution, the rich live in climate-controlled domes and they find a way to travel back to the time of dinosaurs and start a new colony then/there.


I think I understand the toilet part.

Toilets being unavailable when you need to go usually symbolize frustration, or insurmountable obstacles. Considering the overarching theme of the dream about pollution and devastation of the planet, I think it relates to that. The state of the planet, not just from climate change but from the total cumulative effects of many decades of intense industry and lax regulations world-wide, is my most important concern. But without concerted global political action (which has failed utterly), nothing I can do as an individual will make the slightest bit of difference.

So I think the link is pretty clear here. I didn’t actual feel any need to go when my cat woke me up.

Now I just need Mastermind and Dream Traveler to show me a way forward.


Which is what the collective of individuals think that drives them to do nothing.

COVID can also indicate the devastation of the planet (and thus factor into your dream), as some say that it is our influence that made nature too weak to catch it before it jumped to human beings.

Either way, it is definitely a legitimate concern. For my part, at very least I’m doing a lot towards sustainable living and supporting green initiatives. Influencing the world through willpower takes slightly longer.

Interesting that association between toilets and frustration. I don’t recall ever having gone at all during dreams. No time for personal hygiene. :slight_smile:

Well, good luck! And thanks for the detailed description.