Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)


LOL what is the matter with Donald Trump?
Last summar, I dreamt - for my first and only time till now - that I was getting raped… guess by whom?
Donald J Trump


I’m trying to understand the context, especially since with DR my dreams are almost all related to healing in some way.

My best guess, I think mine relates to shame about something. The fact that he was turned away, hiding his face, while jerking off indicates some kind of shame to me. Without getting too political, I found recent events incredibly shameful, which might also explain that symbolism. Also, while I don’t consider jerking off shameful these days, I did when I was young. The elephant demon was the representation of that shame, paralyzing and draining me. I can’t say what the shame was about though, I don’t want to be too literal and say it was about masturbation, although it might have been.


I suggest you read the book easypeasy …you can find it here easypeasymethod.org


@Sigma11 I don’t watch porn.


All dream characters represent a part of yourself


It’s no just about porn but also masturbation, you said you don’t feel shame anymore. Which means you wanked it so much it became normal to you. That book can help you stop masturbation.


:roll_eyes: Idiotic comment. Don’t project your own issues onto others.


Ok there amigo, whatever helps you sleep at night.


Kindly keep your nonsense out of my journal.



I should also mention I’ve added Paragon to my stack. 1-2 loops just before bed. So my stack is

Dragon Reborn ST1 - 3-4 loops
Mind’s Eye (Q) - 1 loop
Paragon - 1-2 loops

My health is pretty good, but I do have some minor medical issues, including mild neuropathy in my left arm. Nothing serious but it will be interesting to see what effect Paragon has. On day 2 running it, I felt pain run slowly down my left arm, which was interesting.

I’ve also felt pretty awful since I started Paragon, similar to a cleansing reaction during fasting, although that’s almost gone now.

I also have a lot of old injuries that never completely healed - torn tendons and ligaments etc. They don’t really affect me much, not enough to bother with surgery, but occasionally they cause some pain if I push them too much. Let’s see if it can help with that.


I missed it, so your taking a pause on the customs to run Mind’s Eye as a foundational subliminal and
DR and Paragon for health/healing it looks like. Really curious to see how Paragon goes for you.
I test ran Paragon last night for the first time and noticed there is a distinct increase of activity in affect chronic areas-like an initial spike of the issue or awareness of the issue.


Yeah, sorry I should have specified that. I’ve been going through a lot of emotional upheaval recently, so taking a break and working with healing subs seemed to make sense. I strongly believe the subconscious and the physical are linked, so I feel DR and Paragon are two sides of the same coin, working on issues from both sides.

As for ME - I feel visualization is the basis of virtually all self-development work we do, so improving that improves everything else. But I’m taking a light-handed approach and only adding 1 loop per day so I can focus on the healing, but it seems to be potentiating DR very well.


Every time I run Paragon I felt strong physical sensations and transient pains in my body.

I was thinking that I should select a few issues and track any changes. So I’ll use these:

  1. Neuropathy in left arm - unknown cause, fairly mild.
  2. Sinus issues - caused by taking a brick to the face as a teenager, which damaged my sinuses. I regularly get a mildly blocked nose or runny nose or post nasal drip, hoping it might help with those. Not serious but annoying. I don’t expect it to fix the damaged sinuses.
  3. Torn tendon (or ligament, I forgot which) in my right wrist - from a training incident in my early 20s, no issues normally but the wrist is definitely weaker than my left when handling heavy items, so I don’t think it ever healed right. Don’t know if it can help with this.

I selected these because they’re easy to track and are annoying enough to care about fixing. Other stuff is either harder to track or I don’t care about them, but if I notice anything else I’ll mention it.


Paragon really does knock you about. I accidentally ran a partial loop a bit earlier, I was listening to music on my phone and didn’t realize Paragon was also running on a second music player on my phone at the same time. It’s 10.30am but now I feel groggy and sleepy, and I could use a nap.


What the hell does it mean when you dream about burning live penguins in a fireplace?

Seriously, DR + ME gives me the weirdest dreams.


I tend to have very vivid weird dreams occasionally since listening to SC programs. Weird as in they are very different than what I usually dream about. I figure that weird dreams means I’m processing something important and perhaps something I’ve procrastinated processing.


Had a really bad headache last night. I tried a couple of different OTC analgesics that usually work well for me, but they didn’t help at all. It didn’t occur to me to run Paragon for a couple of hours, but when I did the headache reduced about 90% within the first 5 minutes. It didn’t go away completely, but it became mild enough to completely ignore.


Dream from last night:

I was a resistance fighter, hiding in the shadows. There was a large military force, with at least hundreds of soldiers, marching past where I was hiding only a few feet away. I had a bow and a very large arrow, almost broomstick sized. I took aim at the soldiers, but changed my mind when I realized in would be pointless, there were too many of them. I realized I was too exposed and moved deeper into the shadows where I couldn’t be seen, and followed the soldiers to gather more information.

The soldiers represent inner conflict, the arrow represents a goal (a major one, given its size), firing the arrow from a bow represents taking action toward that goal. In this case I decided against taking action toward the goal due to the degree of inner conflict about it.

There were no hints in the dreams about what the goal or conflict was about … but, there is only one thing currently generating a lot of conscious conflict in my life - my career. I’ve mentioned before my desire for a career change, but being unsure what to move to. I don’t really care much about money, I’m not interested in the things people normally use wealth for, but part of me feels driven towards greater success and thinks not achieving immense wealth would be a sign of failure. Maybe that’s just a sign of capitalist indoctrination, but it’s there nonetheless. Thing is, I’m already successful by most standards, including career and income, but that part of me wants much, much more. The other part of me just wants to retire to some quiet place and get away from all the bullshit, and just live out the rest of my life free of it all.

I feel a great deal of disgust for society these days, and those two sides of me actually represent two different ways of dealing with that - immense success would provide ways of influencing society, and retiring would let me escape it.


I’ve felt so much sadness and grief while running ST1, more than I can remember ever feeling before. Mostly it just came out of nowhere, but sometimes it was triggered by something, e.g. a song. I’m just not the teary type, but there were several times early on ST1 where I just sat and wept. It was weird as fuck.

I’m not setting a specific timeline for each stage, I’ll listen until the more obvious effects start to reduce then switch to the next stage. I’m at that point now with ST1, so I will switch to ST2 next week. I figure since ST4 has all the stages I’m not really missing out on anything if I don’t do a fixed X weeks or months per stage. I’ll run ST4 over the longer term as a support sub.


That’s what I generally do with multistage programs.