Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)


Started my modified stack today, to run for this week only.

3x Stark T
3x Regeneration
3x Khan TB

By the end of the second loop of StarkT I was getting little waves of pleasure coming up from my belly. I had to stop at that point to take my cat to the vet so ran the third loop about 2 hours later, followed by regeneration. By the end of the second loop of regeneration I was again getting the little waves of pleasure, and started to feel slightly spacey. And by end of the first loop of Khan I started getting a faint headache, but nothing too bad.

Emotionally I found myself getting angry easily at minor things. I had this “fuck the world” feeling, and had the thought that I needed to change it for the better.

I had a full day planned but in the end I didn’t feel like doing anything, so didn’t. Felt vaguely annoyed and lazy as fuck. Also, after 2 months of home cooking I decided to order in instead, my first pizza in 2 months. It was my favorite pizza from my favorite local pizzaria, but it was unsatisfying. I thought I’d love it after so long but I didn’t. Just like with coffee, I seem to be losing my taste for any kind of junk.

Decided I’m gonna waste my evening as well watching some crappy movie. I’m feeling really bloated from that pizza, and I can feel some reflux coming on too.

What a thoroughly shitty and pointless day.


One loop. Test one loop. Y’all killing me :joy:


I know, I did read the advice. But I’m deliberately trying to stir things up this week. I’m switching my stack completely next week so this is just a “fuck it, let’s see what happens” experiment for this week only. I’m ok if I get nothing out of it other than understanding my limits a little more.


Second day on this stack.

By the end of the second loop of StarkT I was again feeling pretty angry. Not an explosive anger, more of a seething anger. I had to go out to pick up some hardware supplies for some house repairs, and I was feeling angry the entire time. I was angry at the state of the world (nothing to do with COVID), and felt a deep desire to change it.

When I got back home I ran the third loop of StarkT, and oddly by the end most of the anger drained away. I still had a short fuse, but I felt mostly normal. I spent the day working around the house and my property, and planting some vegetables, so it was a fairly productive day.

The rest of my stack didn’t seem to have any noticeable effect, so StarkT is probably overwhelming it.

Tomorrow is a rest day.


I can also attest to the anger buildup running SQ-T. And also reconciliation subsiding while actually listening. This was about 2 weeks ago when I was overlistening (5-6 loops per day) and reconciliation caught up with me big time on my first rest day.


Started the day feeling introspective, later changing to a vague annoyance. But I got a lot of stuff done today, including some things I wasn’t looking forward to.

Two more days on this stack, then from Monday I’m starting Phase 2 of my roadmap:

Alchemist ST1
Ascended Mogul
Mind’s Eye

I’m really looking forward to this. I’ll be running it for 2-3 months.


Well, ok. Ran my stack, and no reconciliation at all today. No unusual emotions, just a very productive day. I spent the day from 9.30am to 7pm doing external house repairs, mostly lots of woodwork. I even forgot to eat lunch. Feeling good right now, but tired and a bit achy. So not really much to report other than - it was a good day.


That does sound like a good day.

Cool that the subliminals are going smoothly.


An update to yesterday. I totally lost my shit later in the evening when I dropped my loaded dinner plate on the floor. Highly explosive anger. Short lived luckily.

Today is the last day on my stack - I was really reluctant to start playing it. Maybe due to getting angry yesterday, or maybe due to some reconciliation. Either way, I just started the stack. There’s undoubtedly value in continuing with either this or my healing stack for longer, but it’s time I switched to a stack more actively targeting my goals. I’ll do another healing stack at a later date, probably with a custom Q healing sub.


Another busy day working on the house. Managed to fuck up big time on something, but no explosive anger today, instead I just went back and analyzed the problem and found a way forward.

Finished with this stack now. Taking a break from subs over the weekend, as usual, and Monday I’ll start the new stack.


New stack from Monday will be

3x Alchemist ST1
2x Ascended Mogul
1x Mind’s Eye Terminus^2


First day on my new stack and I … didn’t notice anything too out of the ordinary. I’m used to my healing stack triggering reconciliation almost every day so this was a bit surprising to me, although it probably shouldn’t be given it was my first day on it. I did get a lot done on the house today, with no hesitation tackling difficult tasks, even when tired. I’m not sure if AM contains productivity scripting or if it’s a carry-over from StarkT last week

I do notice that when I visualize the images seem clearer, with richer colors and more detail.


Something kind of interesting happened overnight.

I had a dream, a very mundane and boring dream. Nothing much happened in the dream, I was with my late grandparents at the house they had when I was a child, my grandmother and I were in the pantry and I was looking at the items on the shelves, then I went outside and erected a wooden fence for them. Like I said, very mundane and boring.

But in this dream everything was very sharp and detailed, the colors were rich, and I was easily reading the labels on the food items. Also, normally I have a lot of difficulty remembering my dreams, they usually fade away minutes after I wake up, but I remember the details of this dream completely, down to the pattern of the wood grain on the fence I built, and when I bring it to mind the images are clear and sharp.

Is this Mind’s Eye at work? Is it enhancing my dreaming and dream recollection ability as well?

This was after just 1 loop total of Mind’s Eye T² which I played yesterday morning.


Yes. It’s enhancing ALL your visualization abilities, conscious, subconscious, awake or sleep. I actually had something weird happen on Mind’s Eye myself – usually, words in my dreams are generally nonsensical. Now, they’re actual paragraphs… although the subject matter didn’t make any sense, lol.


Given this post:

So I’m going to drop AM for now and just listen to Alchemist and Mind’s Eye. After a month I’ll consider whether to put AM back on.


Been thinking about this most of the day, and this decision feels right, irrespective of Saint’s post.

AL and ME seem a perfect combination.


Not really sure on how to take action with AL Pathfinder other than reading and experimenting, since at this point I don’t know my path, although I have areas of interest I’ll be looking into. I’ve noticed my emotions are somewhat easier to access though so possibly it’s removing some blockages, but other than that I haven’t noticed much yet. Still early though, and I’m assuming a lot of what AL does is pretty subtle. Might pop it up to 4 loops to see if there’s any difference. If not I’ll drop it down to 2 loops and test that.

ME-T² is another story. It’s definitely improved my visualization with images and sounds, less so with taste and touch and smell (so far). It’s also having a dramatic effect on my dreams. I’m someone who usually struggles to remember any dreams, but I’ve been having epic dreams, with complex feature-length stories, and usually very coherent. Dream recall is mixed so far, sometimes very good other times hazy.


It belatedly occurred to me it could be Alchemist causing my epic dreams, I just assumed it was Mind’s Eye based on Saint’s comment above. More likely Alchemist is changing my dreams and Mind’s Eye is enhancing the clarity and recall. I guess it doesn’t matter since I’ll be running this combination for a while, either way I really like the change.

My sleep has been a bit weird. Normally I need about 7 hours sleep, bit since I’ve been on this stack my sleep has ranged from 5 hours to 9 hours.

My interest in researching spiritual practices has been growing and I’ve been reading a fair bit around my areas of interest. I’m feeling somewhat drawn to certain things, but I don’t want to decide just yet, I’ll continue to expand my knowledge for a while first. Hopefully at some point my path will become clearer. I’m planning to run AL ST1 for a while so I’m not going to rush it.


Weird. I’ve been getting a lot of random boners during the night and morning for a few days now. I’m guessing Alchemist is not specifically targeting my libido, so I suppose it’s due to cleaning out my energetic channels. Definitely wasn’t expecting this.


I haven’t posted much here since I started my new stack. That’s because overall the effects from Alchemist have been somewhat subtle. But what I’ve noticed after 2 weeks is that negative thoughts are slowly fading and being replaced with positive, and things which annoy me are less likely to make me angry. But it’s a gradual thing, only noticeable over time. But I usually find that subtle changes tend to be the most profound, as they come from deeper inside, and are more permanent.