Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)


I’m sitting here at home tonight, and for the first time in a long time I’m feeling content and at peace, and grateful for all I have.


As I lay down to go to sleep last night, still awake, a number of vivid images spun through my mind on their own:

A screaming man twisting into a tree
A large campfire with logs around it (looked like a primitive carved wood image)
A deep abyss, utterly black
A man with fire for hair rising from the abyss
A flaming phoenix

The images flowed from one to the next, like they were a progression.

I’ll think on these images today.


I’ve been noticing a distinct improvement in both open-eye and tactile visualizations recently, I’m very happy with the progress. I haven’t tried manifesting anything yet, there isn’t really anything I want right now.

From next week I’m going to try adding a second loop of ME-T² to see the effect, but to compensate I’ll listen to it 3 days a week instead of 4, with a day rest between each. So that’ll be a total of 6 loops a week instead of 4.

I’m not noticing any real reconciliation from Alchemist so from tomorrow I’ll increase that from 3 loops to 4 loops.


Since I’m currently running Alchemist ST1 and Mind’s Eye T², I ordered a custom Q sub combining the two, plus a bunch of supporting modules around energetics and manifestation. I think it’s still reasonably coherent and focused, no status/wealth/seduction/fitness/etc. The hardest decision was whether to go Q or T or T² - but I’ve had really good results from Minds Eye’s T² so I took a risk and went T². Gonna start rreeaaallll slow with this one. Mostly I just wanted the name embedding, but T² will allow me to drastically reduce my listening time as well.

Obviously that also means I’ll need to order a new build for each of the other Alchemist stages when I’m ready to switch, but that’s ok.

I didn’t bother expediting the order so I’ll probably receive it later in the week, until then back to normal programming tomorrow.


I’m treating this first custom Q sub as an experiment, to see how well it works for me. If successful I’ll rewrite my 12 month roadmap as a set of customs subs, and take a more structured approach to how I design these things.

I like the idea of a separate results enhancer for stacking, which I can temporarily drop out of my stack if the reconciliation gets too bad, while keeping my main sub running. That will also let me focus the main sub on its actual purpose and keep it tightly focused.

Since it sounds like not all the modules are available yet, I’ll hold off until they’re online before designing the results enhancer sub.


Just received my custom sub, well ahead of schedule. Nice.

I’ll take tomorrow off subs and start on Thursday. Given it’s T² I’ll need to experiment with the listening schedule, but I’ll start with 1 loop every Thursday and Sunday and go from there. I won’t be stacking it with anything else at this stage


Moved to Journals - Quintessence, but keeping this journal since my roadmap remains roughly the same, I’m just restructuring it to use custom subs instead.


As mentioned, my custom is based on Alchemist ST1 and Mind’s Eye, which I was previously running, and which I believe complement each other perfectly. I’m not entirely sure how I’ll handle the rest of the stages yet, but Alchemist ST1 (Pathfinder) is an important one for me, as I’ve struggled to find my spiritual purpose. I went with T² build despite the unknowns, because I want this one to go deep. Getting fast results isn’t important to me.

Aside from the two cores, I focused on modules which I feel complement those two, as well as a few result enhancers. It’s mostly focused around energetic development, subconscious communication and manifestation.


Alchemist ST1 Core
Mind’s Eye Q Core
Blue Skies
Divine Will
Energetic Development XI
Gratitude Embodiment
Information Releaser
Intuition Enhancer
Negative Energy Transmutation
Spiritual Freedom
Spiritual Reality Alignment
Spiritual Abundance
The Architect
The Merger of Worlds


I will be following your progress. I will create a journal for my custom sub as well. I’m so excited. This is going to be so much fun.


I’m keen to start with the custom, but will push it back to Saturday to have an extra couple of days break.

This last week I’ve only been sleeping about 5 hours a night, I’m wondering if this is becoming my new normal. I can only guess this is due to AL’s energetic development since nothing else has changed for me.


The effect of Mind’s Eye T² has been quite profound, my mental imagery has an effortless clarity, detail and vibrancy of color. It’s quite incredible.

And I estimate I’ve only done 14 loops of ME in total. I can’t wait to see what it does in 6 months time.


I ran my first loop of my custom sub last night around 9pm. It was … quite something.

Not much to say about the first half hour, I was simply listening, although I felt unusually good. But at some point in the second half things got a little more dramatic.

First there was a bit of a headache, which last maybe 5 minutes then faded. Then my upper, back teeth started to ache. Then my sinuses started to ache. Then my lips became numb. Then I felt a wave of warmth slowly descend down my face from the top of my head.

A few minutes after this, I had a spontaneous vision. First I saw a shower of golden light raining down on me. Then I saw and felt my body start to expand and grow, larger and larger until my head broke through the clouds. I stood there for a while, head above the clouds, watching a stunning sunset. I was vast, and the power I felt was just immense.

At this point I was still awake, but shortly after this I fell asleep, and woke shortly after the sub finished playing. I went to bed expecting to fall asleep again quickly, but I felt wired, like I’d just had several cups of coffee, and I just lay there in bed for the next hour or so. But the way I felt just lying there was … powerful … for lack of a better word. I felt as though reality itself would conform to my will, and it felt right and good.

The only time I had a similar experience with subs was back when I was experimenting with multiple concurrent instances of Khan ST4, but that also had severe reconciliation and other negatives. But this … from a single loop, and no negative effects. Just, wow.

During the night I had a vivid dream about venomous snakes, where I was first catching them, then releasing them, then learning to live in respectful harmony with them. Given the deep esoteric symbolism of snakes, I believe this was a meaningful dream related to the sub.

I feel mostly normal again this morning, but calm and happy.


Nice. I see you have lots of spiritual components in the custom sub.


Yeah, that’s my main focus over the next year or so, which is why AL and ME are the core of my custom.

Although I’ll probably add a second custom before long, I really want a change in my career (or change OF career) as I feel I’ve gotten about as much out of it as I can. So I’ll be putting together something for that, but it’ll be supplementary to the spiritual work I’m undertaking. Ideally, I’d be able to combine both.


I didn’t notice any reconciliation from that first loop, so will run my second loop later today instead of tomorrow.

I have loose plans for 4 additional customs to run over the long term as supplemental to my AL/MQ customs. Nothing set as yet, mostly still considering how I’d design these and, more importantly, how to run these without spreading myself too thin to get reasonable results.

  1. Results Enhancer - just a general results enhancing sub, at standard Q strength for flexibility, can be easily reduced or removed during bad reconciliation, or generally listened to during the day if desired. It will also allow me to more carefully focus each sub, including subsequent levels of my AL/ME custom, to more accurately reflect what I want, while reducing the slots taken up by results enhancers to ones specific for that type of sub.

  2. Career/Wealth - My career, and current job, have been very rewarding and fulfilling for me, but I’ve been steadily losing interest over the last few years and think it’s time for a major change. I’m open to either a major shift in my current career or a whole career change, but I know I’m tired of surrendering my choices to an employer. I want to go my own way. So this will mainly be focused on wealth. Probably at Terminus strength.

  3. Health/Fitness - Focused on physical and mental health, but not emotional heath. Includes both fitness and intellectual enhancers. The point of this is to facilitate the other subs by ensuring I’m at my best physically and mentally. Will probably be at Terminus strength for the extra push.

  4. Emotional Health - As mentioned near the start of this journal, I plan to occasionally run a 1-2 month healing phase where I purely focus on emotional healing. But the next one is a while away so I won’t be creating this one anytime soon. This would probably be at T² strength in order to go as deep as possible.

I understand not all the modules are available yet in the store so I won’t be rushing to create these subs until I know what those new modules are.


I ran my sub a little earlier. Once again I dozed off part way through and slept through about 40 minutes of it. This is really unusual for me, especially given it was so early. For the time being I’ll stick to listening to it in the evening where dozing off won’t be an issue, at least until I adjust to its potency. There were no dreams while I slept, it’s just a black hole.

The remaining 20 minutes for which I was actually awake had a couple of interesting things. At two separate points I heard a strange ethereal sounding music, distinct but tinny and scratchy, like it was coming from a gramophone, which only lasted a few moments each time. I live on a large rural property and am too far from any neighbors to hear anything quieter than a chainsaw, so it definitely didn’t come from any external source. There were also a number of images that sprang up, including twice there were images of people falling from a height and being injured.

I woke up again a few minutes before the sub finished, which was about an hour ago. But since then everything has an odd sense to it. Everything looks the same, but feels different and vaguely unfamiliar. Even my cats and my home, which was a bit confusing. And my mind has been unusually quiet, like it’s too busy to indulge the chattering monkey brain.

This sub is exceedingly strange, but very potent. My next loop will be Wednesday night.


Feeling more normal now, but my mind is still quiet and I feel calm and content. Will have a quiet evening and just feel grateful for this period of peace.


Dreams. Lots of dreams.

There were two separate dreams where I was looking to take a train or bus, and was trying to figure out where it went, in one I just wanted to know the destination, and in the other I was mapping out its route and seeing where it stopped. There was more to it, but there’s a clear link here to the idea of finding my path.

In another I was experiencing strange symptoms and consulted an expert, who said my energy was shifting and moving, and that’s what was causing the symptoms. Another link to AL.

In another I just bought a secluded house, which I discovered had a secret Alchemist’s lab, which had been taken over by an evil demon worshiping cult. There was a powerful Alchemist who was trying to recover the lab, and a group of schoolgirls who accidentally overheard a spell the cultists were chanting and repeated it, and suffered a horrible wasting affliction. I’m thinking this one was mainly just mind fiction, it was fun anyway.

There were a couple more dreams, but they’re too hazy now.

Still feeling good, no negative emotions or reconciliation so far. I don’t think that weird feeling yesterday was due to reconciliation, more likely a side effect of the changes taking place. If this continues I’ll be able to bump up my loops per week a bit.


I’ve been doing a lot of reading and experimenting over the last month, which is the action I’m taking to help AL along until I decide my path. As much of this also involves visualization, that’s action supporting ME as well. None of it has been focused on manifesting anything though, so I might start adding some of that in. I’ve been using manifestation techniques for many years, and have had a lot of success with them, so it’ll be interesting to see what effect one month of AL + ME has on that. But I need to think of something I actually want, I prefer not to manifest trivial things.

I won’t be documenting much about my spiritual practices on here though, other than commenting on how the sub is affecting those practices.

But regarding my path, one thought that came to me yesterday is whether I actually need to decide on one at all. I’ve always taken an eclectic approach to most things, including prior spiritual practices, and I’ve always been comfortable with it. I find myself drawn to several spiritual paths, which I’ve practiced to various degrees, and is why I’ve struggled to settle on one. But should I? Most people would probably say yes, it’s best to focus on one practice, but then I don’t much care for the opinions of most people. I’ll think on this idea.


I’ve been in a very good mood today, smiling a lot, and not bothered by hassles and major impending deadlines with work. I just feel less weighed down by the usual negative crap I often have to deal with.

I’ve also noticed I’ve been making ridiculous goo goo noises at my cats, and telling them how much I love them. They just look at me like I’m stupid.

I’ll be increasing my energy work starting this week, to hopefully take advantage of all the energy scripting I added.