Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)


I’m still having lots of dreams. Had a couple of interesting ones last night.

In the first I was in my living room, and there were many items laid out, each representing some aspect of me, from intellectual to psychological aspects. Who I am was comprised of the sum of those pieces. I was moving pieces in an out of that group, changing who I am.

Not only does this relate to what we’re trying to do with these subs in general, but it closely relates to designing these custom subs as well.

In the second dream, which occurred later in the night, I was out in public, doing various things, and as I went I was identifying the aspects of my makeup that were being utilized or triggered. Those aspects were closely related to the pieces in the first dream, so I consider this an extension of that one, even though it’s a completely separate dream.


Ahh, fuck.

Ran my third loop tonight.

I stayed awake this time, although I did feel myself starting to drift sometime around the 10 minute mark. The first half hour was generally fine, I could feel tingling sensations along my scalp and face as the energy started to move. But around the half hour mark the energy really started to build up in my head, I could feel it shifting around my skull, causing a lot of pressure. A sensible person would have stopped at that point, but I wanted to see what would happen. The pressure just kept building until it felt like the energy was trying to push its way through the top of my skull. I ended up having to move the energy along my microcosmic orbit to relieve the pressure, which it quickly did. But overall that kinda sucked.

The only difference this time was I ran the sub on higher quality audio gear that I use for music, but I don’t know if that had anything to do with it (previously I just used my phone and cheap bluetooth headphones). But this is clearly really potent stuff, and needs to be treated with respect.


Bizarre dreams overnight, all of them incredibly vivid.

I struggled to get to sleep, I was too wound up, and the energy was still coursing through me. I dozed off for a little bit, but woke after a dream about dropping a baby, who then turned out to be a pint-sized demonic entity feeding off my energy. The little fucker genuinely creeped me out.

Tossed and turned for a while longer, then dozed again. Had a dream where papers with writing and diagrams were being placed down on a desk in front of me. There were hundreds of them, and they were being placed down too fast for me to read more than a few words from one before the next paper covered it. The words were intelligible, and the few snippets I managed to read made sense. It may have been either physics or mathematics since there were a few formula (I studied both up to third year university), but I couldn’t say what it was about, it was just too fast.

Next I saw these weird image montages of seemingly random things. And image would come up, then a copy of that image would go on top of that, then another copy etc until the image was composed of dozens of copies of the same thing. Then repeated for another seemingly random object.

After this I had no other dreams. And I have absolutely no idea what any of these mean.

I feel ok this morning, but tired. That loop yesterday really triggered some major activity, both in my energy body and in my subconscious. Definitely no more loops until the weekend, although I think I’ll stick with using the better audio equipment for my custom.


Apart form being a bit tired, I’ve had no other side effects from yesterday. No other reconciliation that I can recognize, I actually feel pretty damn good. And genuinely happy.


My custom sub and this journal are parked for the next couple of weeks or so while I participate in the Ultima test.


Just a quick note.

Although I’m currently involved in the Ultima test, in the last week I’ve received what I believe are three separate signs of a primary path to follow, in the Odinic current. So I’ll be focusing on this in the coming months. I’ve added the Havamal and the Eddas to the top of my reading list, as well as other reading matter, to better align myself with this current, and will be studying and practicing both Galdr and Seidr (or what we know of them anyway). Although I’ve touched on them in the past I’ve never practiced them, so this will be interesting. I won’t be documenting them on here though.

I’ll be continuing my energy work and other interests as well.

I’m inclined to credit this to the month or so of Alchemist ST1 despite being on Ultima when it happened.


Wondering what to do once the Ultima test is done - my custom was based on Alchemist ST1 but given I’ve now decided on a primary path to follow I’d like to move on from ST1. Kind of sucks I only needed it for a week or so, but it did it’s job, and it probably would have taken much longer if I’d stayed on the non-custom Alchemist. And it proved to me how potent these customs are. Plus I get a freebie custom build thanks to the Ultima test.

Three options I’m considering:

  1. Simply rebuild but replace ST1 with ST2 or go straight to ST4.

  2. Instead of replacing it completely, I can build a smaller supplementary custom based on Alchemist ST2 or ST4, plus some additional modules that didn’t make it into my first one, and run that alongside my current custom. Seems a bit half-arsed to me but should work.

  3. Follow the path outlined earlier in this journal and build two customs, one a general result enhancer and the other based on AL4 and ME and specific enhancers. The is the long term solution, and will set me up to create health and wealth customs later.


This is very interesting. I had a very similar dream a few weeks ago except in mine, my son turned out to be a demonic entity.
We seem to be on similar spiritual paths too. Wonder if that has something to do with the similar dreams.


I don’t think it’s specifically related to any path, it’s not an uncommon dream. I’ve had similar dreams of being attacked by entities going back many years. For me they tend to occur either if I’m in a negative mood over something, or sometimes after increasing energy work. Maybe they’re just dreams, maybe something in the subconscious is being stirred up, maybe they’re something else - interpretation depends on your beliefs. But if you feel any lasting effect from similar dreams you can always do some clearing/banishing work to remove any residual negativity. Other than that I personally wouldn’t waste too much thought on them.


Just ordered my updated custom sub, and I replaced AL ST1, Gratitude Embodiment and Informaticon with AL ST4, Astral Projection X and Remote Viewing X. That’s 4 major cores (including Mind’s Eye as well), so we’ll see if that has any negative effects. Build is T².

Gratitude Embodiment and Informaticon will move into a booster custom which I’m still finalizing but which I’ll purchase in the next couple of weeks, as they’d be useful for stacking with all subs. Will probably be at T strength.

I’m currently on the Ultima test though so won’t use anything until that’s completed.


Updated custom module list:

Alchemist ST4 Core
Mind’s Eye Q Core
Astral Projection Core
Remote Viewing Core

Blue Skies
Divine Will
Energetic Development XI
Information Releaser
Intuition Enhancer
Negative Energy Transmutation
Spiritual Freedom
Spiritual Reality Alignment
Spiritual Abundance
The Architect
The Merger of Worlds


Looking forward to see you results with Remote Viewing X and Minds Eye. I’ll probably run these programs in the future as well. There are barely journals on Remote Viewing X, so I’m highly interested in that one.


Yeah, I think all four cores fit together perfectly. The first version of this sub was extremely potent, so I can’t describe how excited I am to use this updated version. Especially now that I have a primary path to focus on.


I’m guessing you have already worked with Minds Eye Terminus2?

How is your experience? Mine is subtle.

No dramatic reconciliation, but also no obviously dramatic shifts either. My intuition tells me something deep is happening. And I somehow feel very happy with it, but I can’t describe anything very obvious. I guess I get the sense that my entire manifesting capacity, mental generation ability, and mental accommodation capacity are being gently and powerfully enhanced.

I am personally interested in how your experience will be because my plan is that close to the end of next year, I’ll create a Custom built around Alchemist and Quantum Limitless (and some version of Ultimate Artist. Ultimate Writer or Ultimate Music Production may also be out at that time, so we’ll see).

As it stands right now, the build for next year has 6 major cores, so I’m interested to see how yours works out with 4.

Here’s what I have in mind:


Major Cores
Quantum Limitless Stage 4 Core
Alchemist Stage 4 Core
Ultimate Artist Core
Astral Projection Core
Remote Viewing Core
Mind’s Eye Core

IQ and Cognitive Booster
Energetic Development XI
Spiritual Abundance
The Merger of Worlds
Auric Overdriver
Intuition Enhancer

It’s basically the Higher Centers custom.

The plan would be to make it Terminus build. I’m still not sure about Terminus2.


Optimally you’d want to run something like Quantum Limitless Stage One as well since most of those processes; remote viewing, astral projection, visualization are processed by your intelligence which is in relation to intelligence, process speed and swiftness of your nervous system. Your hormones, nutrients, everything on the physical needs to be in optimal condition. But of course, I’ll leave the chose to you, just wanted to pin-point that out there, as it might be helpful.

On another note, I believe Remote Vewing is one if not the most important psychic skill. Through Remote Viewing you have at your disposal an infinite amount of knowledge and wisdom. Imagine yourself on a quiz with multiple choice, there are different people in the room thinking about answers, if you are advanced enough in the field, you’d be able to pull out the correct answer – the possibilities are really limitless.

Past few months I’ve been training this skill naturally and I’ve found quiet a lot of success at it already.


T² is an odd one. With Mind’s Eye I didn’t notice any reconciliation either, but every now and then I’d suddenly notice some aspect of my visualization dramatically improved. There was no gradual improvement at all, they were distinct jumps.

Personally I think T² is better suited to internal changes, and T is better suited to behavioral changes. But if you didn’t notice any distinct improvement with ME T² then you’re definitely better off with T.

I’ve actually been keeping an eye on your journal, and our roadmaps are surprisingly similar, just in a different order. Funnily enough both Quantum Limitless ST4 and Ultimate Artist are firmly penciled in for my booster sub.


I’ve actually already run through all four stages of the regular Quantum Limitless. I’ll most likely include QL ST4 (which includes ST1) in my booster custom, for the same reason I’m putting Gratitude Embodiment and Informaticon in there - I think it enhances the use of all subs.


I actually did have a couple of weird jumps in visualization. But they kind of came and went. Not stable or controllable.

Like I literally had a kind of cinematic visual imagery thing during a working that I was doing. But it felt tenuous. Also, I was sleep deprived. And I was thinking ‘Is this Mind’s Eye or is this hypnagogic imagery?’

Anyway, no rush. I’m not planning to stop working with it, so we’ll see how things continue to develop.

"Well met! Well met!"




@Malkuth - So how would you rate your wealth custom so far?

My focus (and action) for the next six months is based on spiritual (primary) and physical health/fitness (secondary), with the intention of adding/swapping in a wealth/status sub maybe in the new year or possibly later. But recently I was thinking an alternative is to make a wealth/status custom much sooner (in T²) and only play maybe 1 or 2 loops per week, allowing it to slowly lay a foundation over the next few months, even though I’m not actively working towards it. But I’m not really sure how this would play out - it might be effective so that when I do focus on this I’ll experience rapid progress, since the groundwork has been laid, or it might just give me constant reconciliation since I’m not directly taking action toward wealth. Or, it might integrate with my AL custom in a most intriguing way.

It would also mean I’d be running a total of four customs (including the health and booster subs), although this one and the booster sub would have limited loops for the time being.

What’s your opinion on this strategy? Is it foolish? I guess it doesn’t matter much - if it doesn’t work out I can always just park it until I’m ready.

This is a preliminary list of modules I’m currently considering for it:

Stark Core
Ecstasy of Gold ST4 Core
Power Can Corrupt Q Core
Direct Influencing Aura
Emperor’s Voice
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Invincible Presence
Lion IV
Natural Winner
Negativity Shifter
Positive Being Attractor – Wealth
Secrets of Akasha – Wealth
Submodel Alpha
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Wealth Limit Destroyer


I am thinking about this.

(note: I’m about to use a bunch of information processing metaphors. I don’t believe they fit perfectly. The brain is not actually a computer. But I think these metaphors get the job done for the purpose of our conversation. So take them with a grain of salt.)

To me this is a bandwidth issue. To me, subliminals deal with a very particular spectrum of mental activity: Intentions, Perceptions, Impulses. I think that the available bandwidth for processing this kind of activity is strongly related to and determined by Active Commitment and Committed Action. Basically the more that a given message aligns with our active commitment and committed actions, the greater processing bandwidth we’ll have available and the more efficiently and effectively we’ll process that message.

This is why action is so important.

When we receive a subliminal input and there is no appropriate active outlet for it, I think it just stays in the mind waiting. Like an online video or website that is buffering. It’s taking up working memory and waiting for someplace where it can finally be used and can finally carry out its function.

So, I think it’s not so much the number of customs or major programs that are the primary issue, but rather the available opportunities in our lives for those programs to express themselves. Some people live very active, prolific and prodigiously varied lives. Surfing. Firefighting. Learning languages. Starting/running a company. Maintaining an active social and dating life. I think that for a person who is like that or someone who is in a kind of explosively active growth phase in several areas of life simultaneously, it would probably actually be fine to run many different programs. That’s a high bandwidth situation.

But a lot of us don’t use subliminals in that way. We, instead, use them to try to initiate growth in areas of life in which we have been having trouble or have been experiencing obstacles. This requires narrow, focused effort with a lot of extra work to keep drumming up motivation as it battles with discouragement. That is a low(er)-bandwidth situation.

The decision to run multiple programs, in my view, must be based on evaluation of one’s available bandwidth.

Running multiple programs in a low bandwidth situation is going to lead to mental ‘traffic jams’ and difficult reconciliation.

I’d say that if you know you’re not going to be taking Financial Action in the coming 6 months, it would be better to use a different strategy. A wealth-oriented subliminal might bloat and dilute the effects of the current programs.

Instead, my idea would be this:

Allow the programs (and the ACTIONS) you’re currently using to work for you in this other area.

Your current action is related to Mental and Spiritual Power and Development. You’ve got Alchemist, Mind’s Eye, and a number of modules related to manifestation.

My suggestion would be to stick with these powerful programs (and with whatever mental, spiritual, and manifestation practices you’re doing), and then devote some portion of your manifestation/magickal/spiritual workings to laying the foundation for wealth-generation.

I don’t know what your current practices are, of course. But I can assume that you have practices based on your selection of programs. And I also know that any magickal, meditative, manifestive practices you have are currently being super-charged by your commitment and by the subliminals you’re running.

So, I’m thinking, channel that.

Do a magickal wealth working. Or a working to generate financial ideas or opportunities. Or if you’re more on the visualization side of things, do Visionwork related to upcoming financial ideas or ventures. (If you do magickal workings, Damebiah is a good angel for this. But there are about a hundred others.)

Harness and feed the concentrated power of your current programs rather than diluting them with more programs. Harness them into building the foundation for the Wealth work. Once you feel that picking up momentum (in 1-3 months), then introduce the new custom.

This idea is the equivalent of letting the skateboard start rolling before you jump on. The more momentum you already have, the easier it will be to handle the weight of another program.

Imagine trying to putting three heavy suitcases onto a cart that is standing still and then trying to start pulling it. Kind of difficult. Now imagine putting the suitcases onto a cart that is already moving. Easier. So, first use your current programs to create the momentum that will allow you to more easily integrate the weight of an additional one.

I’m typing all of this out very quickly, so please forgive its volubility.