Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)


Interesting, thanks for that perspective. It more or less aligns with my original plan - my AL sub is heavy on manifestation enhancing modules, but my wealth sub isn’t, so the idea was to develop this capability to a high level by the time I got to the wealth custom.

But, where I’m coming from with this alternative idea is not actually to attempt both at the same time as separate currents. There’s only one primary current, and that’s the spiritual work. To me this is not about bandwidth, it’s about alignment. My concern with focusing entirely on the spiritual is that I don’t want to neglect the necessities and/or desires of the physical. So the 1-2 loops per week was partly in the hope that my spiritual work, which is already somewhat aligned towards paths of power, would be given some unexpected wealth/power-generating opportunities. That’s what I meant by the “integrate with my AL custom in a most intriguing way” comment. But it’s true, it’s not my current focus. The original plan had these as entirely separate stages.

But your point about focus is very valid, and I’ll think carefully about your post.

Thank you.


Meh, as long as my post was, it was just some ideas.

If you have a plan to make it work, you probably will. You sound centered enough about it. You’re not giving off desperate reconciliation vibes.

I think your ideas make sense. The traditional otherworldly approach to spirituality is not the only option at all.

I think that wealth building or other so-called material pursuits can be expressions of an internal path. It all depends on your own vision.

What does your Alchemist work involve (whatever part you’re comfortable sharing)?


For years now I’ve mostly been focused on shamanic practices, and low magick (sorcery and British traditional witchcraft), as well as some high magick. I’ve also been involved in eastern energy work for maybe 25 years. I’m now transitioning to the Odinic current, and within that Galdr and Seidr, which are basically Norse witchcraft and shamanism, although very different from what I’m familiar with.


Love the wisdom here

I account for my bandwidth in sub stack and custom design this way–

I know for me, having woman in my life and the momentum of feeling attractive/dating/sex
opens up enormous mental bandwidth for me.

likewise having money flowing in, and feeling grounded and secure, opens up bandwidth for me
for creative projects and my own ventures

working out and feeling progress towards a physical goal gives me confidence and opens up bandwidth for all other goals.

If I stop working on any top goal, my mind will stay on loop looking to resolve this and won’t let me focus fully. If the others goals feel taken care of I can truly focus on one-even too the exclusion of the others-as long as I know I can handle them whenever I choose to go back to them

So for me its balancing specificity with base coverage enough to build momentum before
adding in another specific sub.


I realized when you wrote this that Odin has always been the god I’m most drawn too,

when I was in art school I kept drawing pictures of him hanging from the tree with the spear in his side.
I drink Valhalla coffee with Odin on the front.

I have Odin pendents, in necklaces or crow rings.
I don’t practice magik, but I always some how have a backdrop of Odin in my life. I never overtly noticed this until now

I’m going to look into the Odinic current


If you’re interested in religion then look at Asatru.

If you’re just interested in the lore, then a combination of the mythology, the Havamal (attributed to Odin), and the Eddas are probably your best bet.


Our brief exchange here is igniting reflections and ideas in me. They’re mainly about me, so I think I’ll try to express them on one of my journals, and then come back here after my thoughts are more sorted.


I’m thinking my alternate plan is worth a shot. If it doesn’t feel viable in the first couple of weeks I’ll just drop the wealth sub until I’m ready for it. Worst case I lose a couple of weeks of potential progress. No big deal. I’m far more interested in the long term results.


The wealth and health subs are still a month or two down the line, the next custom will be the booster. It should enhance any other sub, but it’s primarily meant to enhance my AL sub. It’s based around QL-ST4 and UA cores, for cognitive and creative improvements.

Quantum Limitless ST4 Core
Ultimate Artist Core

Potential Modules:
Deep Sleep
Gratitude Embodiment
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Power Awareness
Productivity Unleashed

I’m inclined to keep it on the smaller side, less than 15 modules, but haven’t decided for sure yet. Same with T vs T². I’ll most likely just play my new AL custom build on it’s own for a couple of weeks at least before getting this, so plenty of time to decide.


I received my updated AL-ST4 custom.

I also ordered my booster custom using my Ultima testing discount, I should receive it on the weekend. I went with a T build for that.

I don’t know why but the last few days I’ve felt quite repulsed by the idea of maintaining this journal. Maybe it’s a type of reconciliation, I dunno.

I might take a break from it for a while.


Have to say, it’s incredible how effective Blue Skies is. Only 2 loops this week of my custom, after finishing the Ultima test, and I’m already gushing stupidly over my cats.



Dude 1 hour with a tree today in pure ecstasy


I should receive my next (and final, for now) custom either today or tomorrow. It combines health/fitness and wealth modules. I previously proposed having them as separate subs but for now a combined sub works better for me. This means I’ll be running 3 customs, all in T²:

Spiritual (AL-4 and ME based)
Physical (Stark and EF-4 based)
Booster (QL-4 and UA based)

I’m currently running my spiritual custom 4 loops a week, 1 loop each Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri.
My booster I’m currently running 2 loops per week, on Mon/Thurs.
The health/wealth sub I’ll also initially run 2 loops per week, on Tues/Fri.

I’ll increase the loops gradually to minimize reconciliation, focusing on increasing the spiritual sub initially, then the booster, then finally the physical. There’s no rush, I’ll be running this combination until at least the end of the year. At that point I may replace the physical sub with separate health and wealth subs. If not then I’ll just continue running what I have.

I think my spiritual sub has low potential for reconciliation, as it aligns well with who I am and what i do. The booster sub has moderate potential due to a couple of the modules. The health/wealth sub has high potential, so I’ll only increase loops in that one very gradually.

My visual and tactile visualization abilities had another sudden and dramatic improvement a couple of days ago, thanks to ME. It surprises me every time it happens, there’s never any warning, just a sudden improvement.


Wow. Cool!

I like the staggered schedule.

The spiritual sub provides the backbone, and the Physical/Wealth and Booster (looks like creativity, intelligence booster) are sort of nested extensions of that core Spiritual structure. I relate.

Also, all T2 builds. That’s amazing. experimental and intrepid. I guess your positive results and experiences with Mind’s Eye Terminus2 have given you the confidence to extend that build method to your other programs.

(In my case, Terminus2 is still kind of mysterious. Intuitively positive, but not obvious. Probably because visualization has never come easily to me. But your logic makes sense. You’re treating it as almost like subliminal concentrate: one loop, add water, and you’re good.)

I’m just starting Quantum Limitless and Alchemist now. Both in Stage I and both standard Q build. Like you, both of these programs fit so well with who I am and what I do. I found they just hit the ground running and gave me immediate positive benefits. Fastest I have ever had since running any subliminals. My plan is that once I go through about 10 months with these (i.e., stages 1-3), I’ll create a new custom with Stage 4 for Alchemist and Quantum Limitless.

Exciting to see how you’re using Terminus2. I’d love to do that too, but, while I don’t get any reconciliation from Terminus2, I also don’t quite ‘get’ it. At some point, I’ll run a title that’s more straightforward for my nature than Mind’s Eye Terminus2. (You know, I really feel like I’m getting enhanced manifestation and magickal presence from it. Anyway. Clarity will come with time.)



My spiritual custom has been very effective despite running very few loops so far, so I was convinced T² worked well for me. Not just Mind’s Eye, but Blue Skies was also very obvious, and I experienced a powerful boost to my energy work overall, no doubt from the energetic modules. But will it work as well for the other subs that I’m not as well aligned with? I don’t know.

The other reason I really like T² is because it’s a much more efficient use of time. When I was on Khan (pre-Q) I was running it 12-15 hours a day. I’m currently running my spiritual sub only 4 hours a week, and it’s far more effective.

Which leads to the question, in a year or so, building up slowly, how many loops per day of my spiritual sub will I be able to run without stonewalling or massive reconciliation? And how potent will that be? The way I see it, T² not only gives me immediate results, it also gives me the most potential for growth over the long term.

Personally I’d love to try a T³ build of my spiritual sub at some point, just to see if it’s feasible and effective.


What’s the meaning of that Sigil?

By the way have you actually bought any of your Customs yet?


@Hermit It’s the Vegvísir, a very old Norse magical stave for protection and guidance through storms and bad weather, and helping you find your way back if lost. It seemed appropriate for me in many ways (beyond the literal meaning). The runes around the outside are just the Elder Futhark.

I bought all three customs, and have received the spiritual and booster subs. I should receive the health/wealth sub today or tomorrow.


Quantum Limitless seems to be working well for you, interested to see how it’ll effect you in the long run.

Especially on Terminus², it’s unpredictable as of right now. How many loops have you been doing?


I’ve had the spiritual sub 2 weeks, and the booster sub 1 week. I also ran non-custom versions of QL-4, AL-1 and ME for a while before I bought my customs.


It’s funny, just like you I delayed using Alchemist for the longest time. I bought it when it was released, but there were always “reasons” why I should use something else instead. In the end I delayed using Alchemist for 9 months.

I’m not entirely sure why, but I suspect part of it was that I didn’t want to be disappointed, because I was really looking forward to it, and deep down I still had some doubts about the effectiveness of subliminals.