Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)


I thought it looked familiar lol good eye!


I have seen the box art of multiple modules from the Q store lol.


Went to bed earlier last night, but slept badly. Disturbing dreams. Really disturbing. WTF.

Feeling really agitated today.


I’ll be adding a couple of loops of Survival Instinct each day. This is one I’ve been wanting for quite a while. The timing sucks a bit for me, if it had been released a week and a bit earlier I would have included it in my health/wealth custom. I’ll see how the custom works out for a little while first, then maybe look at rebuilding it with the SI module in it. But for now I’ll just stack it.

I’ll be running a loop of the health/wealth custom today, but will leave it until early evening. I have a lot of meetings today, and don’t want to risk another crash given my poor sleep last night. It may be that previous crash was just a one-off anyway, but best to be a bit cautious until I understand how the sub affects me.

I’ll also run a loop of my spiritual sub in about an hour. Hopefully it’ll take the edge off the agitation I’m feeling today.


@SaintSovereign would you say that, in the Q store, apX core and rvX core may be closer (in script density) to modules than to major cores, even though they’re officially categorized as major cores?

I have a future custom planned that already has 3/4 cores and I was wondering if it would still be a good idea to add these two in addition to those.


Thank you asking, I was just about to ask this myself. I’m looking to create a Custom that has Limitless & Remote Viewing Qx.


My reasons for using Survival Instinct are probably different from most. In normal times I work in the city, but I live in a rural area, on a large wooded property, somewhat isolated from people. During these work from home days I’m almost entirely on my property, and rarely see another person. So why would I want this?

Firstly, situational awareness is critical here. There’s the wildlife - I literally have momma bears with cubs walking past my window, roaming packs of coyote, venomous snakes etc that I need to be very careful about on a daily basis. I also do a lot of work on my property, often with powered tools like chainsaws, so avoiding injury is critical, since nobody would find me if I was injured and unable to make a phone call.

Secondly, there’s a group of people that hunt nearby. While they generally stay well away from my house, some of these dumb-asses drink and get drunk during their hunts, with unpredictable consequences - my next door neighbor has had a few unpleasant encounters on his property.

Then there’s a concern about what happens during and after the US election in November. There are plenty of gun-toting fanatics around here to be wary of, and a lot of anger on both sides going in to this election.

Finally, my plan is to move to a very isolated property in a few years and become as self-sufficient as possible. So the survival skills, medicine skills etc would be useful.

For these reasons I think it’s worth rebuilding my health/wealth custom to include this, even though I’ve literally only had it a few days.


That was my assumption when I added them both in. They’re very focused in scope. I can’t imagine there’s that much that could go into these.


Oh, that’s right. I forgot about what was in your revised Custom. And our exchange from 3 weeks ago. Just scrolled up and re-read it.


Been ill the last few days so no subs.


Looking at changing my listening pattern. Something wasn’t working quite right. Thinking of alternating weeks using just 1 custom for that week.


Something is still missing for me. Purpose.

I haven’t managed to figure it out.

Making money isn’t a purpose. A career isn’t a purpose. Getting fit isn’t a purpose. Developing my spirituality isn’t a purpose. Settling down and having children isn’t a purpose.

Without a purpose to guide them all those things are just activities to fill in time until I die.

So what to do?


What about using money and a career to be wealthy and eventually give back to the world in some way. That can be a purpose to tie everything together. Becoming more spiritual will def help you find a “purpose”.


This is actually one major part of what I think Alchemist is about.

Where the Venn diagram of your talents and motivations overlaps with the world’s needs and desires: There is your space of contribution and service. of meaning and purpose.


My question was somewhat rhetorical. This is my existential crisis.

I have a successful career.
I have money, I’m a high earner.
And I’ve been developing my spirituality on and off for 3 decades.

But I don’t understand the point of any of it.


Maybe the point is to allow me to have an existential crisis.

It’s a luxury really given how fucked up the world is.


You’re probably on the brink of a breakthrough.

I find that existential crises are often the harbingers of breakthroughs.

The key is to handle both sides with grace.

Don’t exaggerate or exacerbate the meaninglessness that you feel now

Don’t overblow or ‘egoize’ the sense of purpose and direction that will follow


Mostly I just feel really angry. Primarily at myself.

But thanks for the advice.


Saw mention of the MBTI on another thread.

Years ago when I took it I was an INTJ.

The most recent time I took it (a few weeks ago, out of curiosity) I was an ISTP.

For whatever that’s worth.


Been listening to some of Tom Kenyon’s sublime work - atm it’s Ascension Codes. It helps to sooth the inner rage.


The advice was premature. I don’t know what you are experiencing.

On the face, it looks like reconciliation.

Whatever it is, wish you luck getting through it.