Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)


Try reading Evola, Ride the tiger. It is mysogynistic/racist, but you can just ignore that. I haven’t found any source to disprove his relevant thesis.

ISTP is known as type to manipulate their reality for material advantage, as you show here. Say for agriculture, architecture etc. So I would say you are ISTP. I can source this information for you if you like.

One issue ISTP is they are told to conform to some “rules of engagement”, which usually involves progress through some existing structure/bureaucracy. Usually the promise given falls flat and the person is left with lost investment.

Your dualization involves you whipping some maladaptive ENFJ into shape, teaching lessons.


It’s been building for a long time. I think it’s causing reconciliation, rather than being caused by it. The subs are just bringing it to the surface.

In the past I treated it as a temporary state, and focused on getting back to my life, but it’s become clear that it’s not temporary. The only way out is by going through.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was just thinking about this today. I have some long-standing challenge areas in my life and they have a kind of mutually-activating relationship with reconciliation.

During reconciliation I may think more negatively about those challenges. But also, when one of those challenge areas flares up or is bothering me, it can trigger reconciliation.


Yeah, I have to agree. I didn’t read up on the personalities before I took the test, but when I got the result it was a perfect fit. These days I’m definitely a “crafter”. Funnily enough, when I previously took the test and got INTJ, that was also a perfect fit at the time. I’ve just changed a great deal since then, and restructured my life in ways I never would have considered 10 years ago.

I realize the limitations in a test like this, but it was spot on twice for me.

I’m familiar with Evola, although I never really got into his writings. But I’ll look into Ride the Tiger.



People seem to have their own unique versions of reconciliation, but one thing that’s important for me to remember is that, in my version, when I get in the midst of a phase of reconciliation, it’s going to show up in the form of Statements about Reality.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed that the same thing happens when my immune system is fighting/struggling with something. I get the same kind of reconciliation-style thoughts. Kind of broad comments on reality and the way things are. Usually kind of negative and/or disempowered.

Being able to identify what’s happening does not erase it. But it does help to control it a bit, sometimes.


I try not to resist what’s happening and just ride it out. Usually that’s fine, but sometimes it’s hard. But the important thing is all that stuff is being brought to the surface where it can be dealt with, so I normally don’t mind too much.


Still feeling unwell so staying off my subs for a bit longer. Will listen to Tom Kenyon’s Immunity instead - it’s one of my favorites. (FYI they’re just vocal tracks that I find very soothing)


I did some reading online on this personality type, but if you have any particularly good links or info I would appreciate that.


It is a good book if you ignore the useless parts, a bit expensive so consider a summary before purchase.

I don’t use MBTI, so I wont comment on the online tests. These are the source information I use currently, I also rely heavily on anecdotal stuff, so I cannot source any of that.



There are problems with MBTI, and because of this you might be the converse of these two… Which are,



I did mention specifically some stuff, you would have to take my word on it that it is on this in this resource. You can just skim through and see which one is relevant. My impression from your posts are uncannily LSI to me, but we will see what you think.


Do you have those the wrong way around? According to those links

ISTP = craftsman = SLI
ISTJ = inspector = LSI

These days I’m definitely a “craftsman” type.


MBTI and Socionics have different naming.

ISTJ in mbti is a “Judger” but their main information processing is actually a perciever function. This only applies to introverts, extraverts in MBTI are ENTJ = Judger etc

The thing is not to exclude the possibility of being LSI, since LSI and SLI share strengths, just different values. I would be interested in your conclusion after a bit of reading. Just ignore the physical aspects of these descriptions, just your subjective view on it. Socionists rely too much on visual aspects, and not cognitive. I would say you can pick and choose any type you want to be if you like, since these are different system, you shouldn’t be forced to conform to some abstract theory.

Outwardly seems business-oriented, somewhat severe, cold and unapproachable. A realist and skeptic, distrustful of novelty, and of those who advance ideas of declarative nature [slogans?]. Will always avoid working on useless projects due to pragmatic nature. Very dynamic and technologically effective. Can extract maximum benefits even from something that is seems useless. His products are always at the forefront and will stand up to any competition on the market. In clothing he is restrained, conservative, and prefers a sporty, technological style.

A person of this sociotype is easy to notice from distance by external characteristics. However, this mostly applies to male representatives, as women of this type typically don’t have any striking external features. The first thing that strikes the eye in figure of the LSI - is certain fundamentality, solidness. A person of this type solidly stands on his two feet, which gives an impression of solidity and firmness. His head sits on his shoulders straight, almost not turning. His body tends to turn together with his head. When walking, the LSI doesn’t swing his hands. His hands seem fixed at the elbow, his palms and fingers do not hang. Sometimes it seems that he’s holding his hands by his sides. LSI’s gait seems soft, smooth, gliding. However, at times he makes sharp turns and deviates from the previous straight path. The most notable feature of his face are the cheekbones. Due to this, in his facial appearance there is something eastern, Asian. The tip of the nose may be turned upward. The expression on his face is usually static, fixed, inexpressive and focused. Male representatives of this type may have beautiful, lush mustaches. LSI’s clothes show signs of tidiness and neatness. His dressing style is usually strict, inconspicuous, not wrinkled or dirty if possible. Men of this type always look good in military uniform. To violations in dress code, when someone comes to their post dressed inappropriately, they relate quite critically.

Sorry for wall of text. Since I am trying to just relay information, and not my opinion.

Some more I found…

SLI, ISTp (Sensory-Logical Introvert): EXPERT
Character : his strengths - the ability to make sensible and useful deeds. He loves tinkering and rarely asks for help to others. Inventor in the home and at work, which he likes. Mistrustful to new ideas, but if you check them in practice, is able to extract the maximum benefit from them. Very modest and undemonstrative, does not like to exhibit their achievements show. The soul is sensitive to compliments. Do not accept egalitarianism. Worry, if the results of his work is not appreciated. Opponent volitional pressure, prefers to financial incentives. Mandatory and punctual, but really depends on the mood. The fact that he considers right, stubborn and uncompromising. Proud and very independent, but appreciates friendship. Faithful in relationships, sensitive and attentive to people. Very impressionable, poorly control their emotions during the dispute, what then sorry. He does not like to show their feelings, especially in public. I inclined to skepticism, irony and loves to joke. Hidden and silent, kept in communication at a distance, not like familiarity, can put people in place. He appreciates comfort and convenience, she loves change experiences, willingly traveling.

LSI, ISTj (Logical-Sensory Introvert): INSPECTOR

Character : Loves around the accuracy and specificity. In cases and estimates sober realist, I do not like fantasy. Suspicious of new ideas in all required facts and evidence. Artists and assiduous detail is working on the details of any case, everything leads up to the end. To all cases prepared in advance, intolerant laxity and indiscipline. Respects the laws and regulations, works well with the documentation. Economy and rational. It has a developed sense of duty. Monitors the implementation of its orders, does not accept the objection that thinks is right. Very strong-willed, tough and hard-working people. The case raises above sentiment; people evaluate the results of their work, regardless of sympathy for him. Mild takes into account the individual qualities and abilities of people. It attaches great importance to financial incentives. Not flexible enough in a relationship. Poor understands the feelings and motives of others. The soul distrustful, closed and secretive. His silence is experiencing problems without turning to others for help and sympathy. It has an exceptional sense of responsibility for their families and peers, and becomes their support in difficult situations.


If you would like to copy this down for later use, I could delete this post later. I don’t want to derail your journal.


Nah, it’s fine.

A cursory reading indicates I’m much more SLI than LSI, but not surprisingly there are aspects of both types that apply. I’ll do some more reading on it though.

Thanks for the links, it’s interesting stuff.


Feel free to ask about any technical aspects of the theory. I am more specialized in the the abstract stuff, not the practical domain. I spend my time 1. Using visual identification to type celebrities 2. Theorizing about the under hood stuff, like Ne Fi, and how these align and interact with each other, and how each type manifests these changes.

I am not an expert, but I have probably spent close to 10 years reading about socionics.


After some experimentation, I’ve come to these conclusions:

  1. T² customs work well for me.
  2. The max number of T² loops I can do (for now) is 2 loops per day, 3 days per week. Same sub or different subs doesn’t seem to matter.
  3. If I exceed this I stonewall.
  4. Given this, and the fact I have 3 customs, my current listening pattern doesn’t work very well.

So, I’m going to try the following listening pattern for the next few weeks:

Week 1: Spiritual & Booster, 1 loop each, Mon/Wed/Fri
Week 2: Booster & Health/Wealth, 1 loop each, Mon/Wed/Fri
Week 3: Health/Wealth & Spiritual, 1 loop each, Mon/Wed/Fri
Week 4: Repeat.

So 2 continuous weeks for each sub, but staggered so I’m only running 2 at a time. That also gives me a 2 weeks on/1 week off pattern for each sub, which may also be helpful in solidifying the programming. I could also just do 1 sub for 2 weeks then switch, but I consider them all parts of a whole, and this pattern means each sub runs together with each of the other two.

This pattern makes my booster sub idea a bit pointless though - it might be better just to rebuild as separate health and wealth subs, and move the relevant modules from my booster into those. The tighter focus should also make them more effective. But I’ll see how I go with this listening pattern first, to see if it’s effective.


I’ve only had my wealth sub for a month, but it’s already had a deep effect on me.

A month ago I was mostly interested in retiring early and getting the hell away from all the corporate bullshit I deal with, and most of my financial decisions were geared around that. But the Stark-based custom has reignited a fire in me, an ambition to create, to innovate and to generate wealth that, to be completely frank, I had hoped for but didn’t really expect. I’ve rediscovered that elusive motivation that’s been missing for a while now.

Another T² win to be sure, however juggling three T² customs is getting tiresome. The path between effective and stonewalled is a tightrope, and I’m getting annoyed with having to deal with that.

But the immediate impact from the health/wealth sub has convinced me to reformulate my customs to have separate dedicated wealth and health subs, as mentioned in my previous post. I’ll also rebuild my spiritual sub to include Dream Traveler and The Flow. I’m dropping them down in strength to make running them together easier. Maybe that’ll reduce the effectiveness, I don’t know, but I really shouldn’t be spending time just to figure out how and when to run these things effectively. And I have no problem with rebuilding these customs until I’m totally happy with them, and will keep tweaking them until I’m satisfied.


Will be ordering all three rebuilt customs this week.


I finally have all three rebuilt customs. The last was delayed a few days, due to email issues on my end.

They are:

Istari: Spiritual development, manifestation, energetic development, emotional transmutation
Titan: Wealth, innovation, genius, financial and political power
Leonidas: Health, strength, powerful presence

I’ll continue with the staggered approach previously outlined, at least until the official stacking recommendations come out.

Week 1:
Mon, Thurs: Istari
Tues, Fri: Titan

Week 2:
Mon, Thurs: Titan
Tues, Fri: Leonidas

Week 3:
Mon, Thurs: Leonidas
Tues, Fri: Istari

Week 4+: Repeat

Istari will be starting at 3 loops/day, Titan and Leonidas will be starting at 2 loops/day


I haven’t posted much in this journal recently, and probably won’t be posting much for a while. I just find this forum too distracting these days, and I’d rather just focus on my development over the next few months. I also find that although post volume seems to have gone way up (people aiming for the discounts I guess), I don’t seem to find much of it that interesting anymore, and have been reading more out of habit than anything else.

So I’m bugging out for a bit. Good luck people.


Hey @bujin,

Before you take a break from the forum for a bit, if you are willing, could you list out the modules that are in your customs and their builds?

Istari, Titan, and Leonidas

If so, thanks.

If not, have a good break and see you when you get back.