Bujin's Ultima test notes


The reason I only did 1 loop instead of 2 is I just couldn’t sit around inside anymore. The last 10 minutes of the first loop I was impatient for it to finish so I could go out and work. I’ll do the second loop later this evening. Going out again now to finish my work (took a 30 minute break).


Finished my second loop a few hours ago. I’d finished my work for the day, so I can’t comment on any extra productivity gains from this loop. I don’t think that StarkU has the same mood boosting effect of StarkT. Yesterday’s loop definitely had me feeling good, but today I noticed no improvement to my mood at all from either loop. I’m not sure why it was different. No complaints about my productivity today though.


I’ve just completed two loops of StarkU and unfortunately haven’t noticed much. No productivity push, no mood changes or anything else. I’ll take a rest day tomorrow and see if things improve on Thursday.

My feeling is that with Ultima tech I definitely need rest days or the effect drops dramatically. I noticed the same thing with stage 1. For me, it might be best to rest on alternate days.

At this point though, I think I much prefer StarkT to StarkU.

Stage 1 Sub A was a definite winner though!


Uh. My sleep has been weird since I started StarkU. I’ll sleep a full 8 hours but wake up feeling tired and groggy. Yesterday was a rest day but the same thing happened, I slept 8 hours but feel tired this morning.

I’m only going to run one loop of StarkU today (right now), I’m thinking maybe two was too much.

I felt very frustrated yesterday, and annoyed at the thought of running StarkU again. This was almost certainly just reconciliation.


Can’t say I noticed much today, either in mood or productivity. Not sure why, because those first two days on StarkU were pretty good.


Woke up this morning with a pounding headache, unrelated to the sub. Medicated to take the edge off, but hasn’t improved much.

My sleep quality has just been bad this week, and I feel drained. This may be why my results with StarkU the last few days have been poor. I’ll do 1 loop of StarkU today, and will see what I can do to improve the quality of my sleep tonight.


Definitely an improved experience today, with a noticeable push towards action. Found myself doing stuff I had earlier decided not to do, because it had seemed a real hassle.

Headache is much improved, but still feeling generally lethargic from bad sleep.

I do clearly remember one dream from last night, I’ve been thinking about the meaning.

I was in a ruined room of a house, the floor above and the roof were mostly gone, and several young trees were growing up from the floor below, supporting the walls of the room. There were hollows in each tree, just above me and pointing towards me, and inside each hollow was some kind of open seed pod, that looked a bit like a cotton plant.

Houses often symbolize the self, so ruined rooms may symbolize some damaged aspect of the self, the young trees may symbolize new growth, and seeds symbolize new beginnings. Maybe UltimaU is having a deeper effect than I realized? :man_shrugging: If that’s true, maybe both my poor sleep and seeming lack of results the last few days are because there are actually some deep, inner changes occurring, whereas I was focused only on outer changes.

I had to go out for a while, and noticed I held an especially strong frame when dealing with people. The bullshit that normally annoys me just rolled right off me today.


Aahhh, finally a satisfying night’s sleep. I love Melatonin. Feeling much better.

Only two days left in the test, so I think I’ll do one loop today, and two loops tomorrow.


Just finished my single loop of StarkU for the day, and feeling somewhat upbeat. About to head out for a bit, and then I have a full day of work ahead of me.

Have to say, I’m looking forward to getting back to Alchemist. Currently waiting for my new custom build, hopefully it’ll be ready by Monday. Also looking forward to trying Sanguine Ultima on Monday.


It’s been about 4 hours since I ran StarkU. Still feeling somewhat upbeat, and still getting stuff done.

Overall though, with the test almost complete, I still prefer StarkT. Something about StarkU doesn’t quite gel with me. Although I had some definite benefits with StarkU, StarkT was just more potent and enjoyable for me.


And we’re done.

I’ll take a rest day or two while I wait for my updated AL custom.

Results summary:
Stage 1 A - Yay!
Stage 1 B - Boo!
Stage 2 Stark - Eh.

Also, would like the badge. Thanks!