'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


Lol, my moon is in Gemini too, neato


Hey, how does one do this exactly? What do you mean a pendulum, just any object on a string?


@Simon @Hermit This may interest you guys, but I believe that with my birth date (Nov 29th) I’m considered, at least in some circles, to be under the constellation of Ophiuchus. I may have royally messed that spelling up.


Has anybody thought of using Tarot for the same matter? I found my Tarot cards pretty interesting and accurate. My cards are “Tower” and “Chariot”.


It’s called Sidereal Astrology. :+1:t2:

You can get your sidereal chart from:

That form is bland, and you may even have to type in the latitude-longitude;

But the chart it creates is very colorful. :smile:


Boy, absorbing this entire thread was more difficult than taking in the Emperor script! But I did learn quite a bit. I had the idea awhile ago to adapt my Subliminal playlists (YouTube subs, poo) to what was going on in my personal horoscope, so it’s dope to see this is a thing :smiley:

I wonder. Being a Sadge Sun, Gemini Moon, I might just be screwing myself listening to Emperor rather than, say, a Stark? I would have to reevaluate my house placements as those slip my mind quicker than a greased thought-pattern.


I once commented that astrology was bullshit. I have decided to take a step back and look at the subject again approaching it with an open mind.


Astrology in itself may not be bullshit… But I think it is best to learn it on your own rather than having people interpret for you, because many astrologers are bullshit.


Interesting your Moon is the same as mine while your Ascendant and Sun Sign are mine switched up, so we should have a lot in common there!

Of course, I cannot speak for what else is in your chart. That’s really interesting though.


I was considering PM’ing you to ask if you can go through my chart to give me your insight into what you think I can use from it to apply to future sub use.


I forgot to reply to ya directly.


You’re free to contact me if you want, I’ll take a look at it and see what comes up.


How are you personally mitigating or leveraging this?


That is too basic a question. Read your own CafeAstrology report and will understand what all those aspects mean – trine, square, opposition, etc.

I believe that for the first 3 degrees or so, they consider the other side’s qualities as potentially still in effect.

Look at this Steve Jobs chart. So many of those planets are on the House or Sign edges. I think he did ok for himself. :smile:


So Is this one of a kind aswell?
Where am I on the outstanding individual spectrum?


Hey @Hermit, another Scorpio joins this thread. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anyone who posts on a forum with a 3% battery is certainly an outlier. :smile:

I like to see the Chart. A picture is worth a thousand numbers. :exploding_head:

Besides that image only shows Planets & Signs, but not Houses or Aspects.

Anyway, belated Happy Birthday to you @Rapsta. :wink: :clap:t2:


Welp same to you myman.

I am very curious(and excited?) to learn this(and was planning to chew up this thread entirely) but currently these stars are not in my favour, I have exams.


If you’re doing what you love and are passionate about, then would you ever think of nothing? No, you’d be going all-in, so make sure you’re on your path, steadily acting on your purpose.

I really adore a Scorpio it’s curiousness, it makes them look at things most people leave untouched.



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