'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


Taurus Moon… oof. This is so correct.


Seems nobody is libra here. To the astrology amateurs here, which sub would be appropriate for a Libra with libra as ascendant?


Libra is the Mediator, the Negotiator, and the Fair, Wise Decision-Maker par excellence.

Skilled in hearing and accommodating diverse points of view and agendas, while keeping in mind the objective principles and big-picture views that support and impact all parties.

Every strength comes with its weaknesses. We might expect that Libra might also at times have trouble strongly representing the legitimately selfish or narrow parts of life. There would need to be other influences in the chart that ensure that one’s private, personal life is properly prioritized (hmm…lots of p’s there). Don’t want your own emotions and needs to get lost in the middle of all of those negotiations.

To leverage those strengths, some programs and modules that immediately come to mind are House of Medici, Dynasty, Dragon Tongue, Instant Business Tactician.

To address those weaknesses, I think of Ascension, possibly Primal, and maybe even the range of Seduction-related titles. But that’s just a start. I haven’t actually opened up the list yet to look systematically. Just getting the ball rolling.


Born near sunrise. Nice. :+1:t2:

On this thread, our consideration of the Sun or Ascendant has been secondary. Our primary focus was on the positions of Mars, Venus, and North Node - as mentioned in Post #9.


Never thought about going raw Ascension or Primal as money (or well living through money) is my motto. But I like the idea :slight_smile: I wonder what a Primal:Medici would give. From what I get, Medici is long term and needs to be associated with a wealth stack.


This become quite technical :slight_smile: This is what I pulled from astro

Positions of Planets at Birth:

Sun 8 Lib 36

Pluto 18 Lib 43

Moon 20 Aqu 48

N. Node 8 Vir 13

Mercury 22 Lib 41

Asc. 0 Lib 43

Venus 18 Lib 46

MC 0 Can 41

Mars 4 Leo 26

2nd cusp 0 Sco 47

Jupiter 0 Vir 35

3rd cusp 1 Sag 01

Saturn 19 Vir 58

5th cusp 0 Aqu 22

Uranus 18 Sco 48

6th cusp 0 Pis 40

Neptune 18 Sag 01

From what I read all is very sexual and social which I dont feel like at all. I mean I know I am very passionate and yeah maybe you can say sexual, but I dont know about being that social. I am an ISTJ and sometimes INTJ depending on the days.

  • Mars in Leo: is heavily sexual, magnetic, passionate. Sounds like Primal I guess.
  • Venus in Libra: charming, people oriented. May sound like Primal, or PSIT or maybe Daredevil?
  • North Node in Virgo: ok to say no, should help others.

I am open to suggestions, because what I read from that is someone social (which I dont really feel like), sexual, whose path is to help others. Maybe Primal/PSIT and/or Daredevil with Medici. I dont feel like the sales pages of Daredevil at all to be honest :slight_smile:


How about the houses?

Mar in Leo isn’t just about sex. From what I’ve read it’s about Performance, Entertainment, being a star in the spotlight, fun, personality.

Venus in Libra is naturally trusted by people for their fair judgment. As a result, people easily feel willing to share with you their personal matters.

North node in Virgo means your purpose is related to Service and Care and a detail-oriented pursuit of perfection.

To learn more, you need the Houses.


Thanks man,

This is what I pulled


Mars is in the 9th House. Your LEO expansive, entertaining, big personality is motivated to search for truth, to teach higher learning, and to travel across borders and boundaries. An entertainer who travels internationally and spreads enlightenment.

Venus is in the 1st House. You are a trusted mediator when people are creating big ventures, projects or start-ups. You would be trusted to negotiate the contractual terms of people getting started in big ventures or partnerships.

Finally, that detailed, excellent service and care of your purpose will be carried out in the realms of compassion, empathy, music, the arts, or places of solitude like hospitals, prisons, or retreat centers.

Those are just some initial suggestions. If you get the general idea, you can use your own intuition and experiences to tailor the details to your own preferences.


Thanks a lot @Malkuth , that’s pretty insightful. Kind of similar to what I work on now ie promoting innovative business models for developing countries. So I can see the mediation, compassion, and enlightenment. Though I have kind of status charisma and people do trust me on deals, I dont see myself as an entertainer or that expansive, I need to ponder the Mars in Leo a little more. But your Venus in 1st description is really spot on. Food for thoughts!


I don’t mind being off or wrong about any of it. Helps me to learn. The important thing is that you love your work!


I doubt it lol, I’m a Sagittarius and have more Scorpio in my chart than that.


Lol… I just had a quick glance, and turns out I have more Sagittarius. If I’m more Sagittarius than you, and you’re more Scorpio than me…Haha… :rofl:


Lmao! That’s funny.



Mars in Capricorn in the III (Geminian) House is like a media mogul or an Internet mogul. It’s someone who passionately works with discipline to build communication and media structures.

Venus in Sagittarius in the II (Taurean) house is someone who is loved for revealing truths and knowledge about material comfort, wealth, and stability.

Sounding kind of like Bloomberg. Builds a Business Media Empire. The Taurean House need not only be about finance though, could also be about Sensual comforts, food and wine connoisseurship, or any other sensual domain (luxury cars, homes, etc.)

As far as the life purpose, you’ve got Taurus in the VII (Libran) House. Taurus is about establishing stability in material comfort and possessions. And this is being done in the context of Fair Discussion and Balanced Decision-Making and Negotiation.

Creating lasting, stable, and materially comfortable spaces and experiences for people who are making deals and negotiating agreements. Serving the material needs of people who are involved in those kinds of activities. Making it easier and more comfortable for people to meet and negotiate.

That is the basic idea.



That’s pretty nice, kind of ironic for someone in the shell like me, although I know I am not supposed to be like this, and this was learned behavior than I am trying to get rid of. I truly must get this thing handled. This sounds like Stark or Khan, basing on your description, or Ascendant Mogul?

Thank you friend, I appreciate the response more than I could express here. I have half the mind to post because there’s a part of me feeling embarassed to ask about such a complex information, and yet you came through.

Take care and stay safe



These are broad pointers to be used as tools/resources. No one else can truly tell you who you are or who you are supposed to be. That is your own right.

Use what’s useful, throw away what’s not.

Which programs appeal to you the most?


EQ. Hahaha :rofl:

But no, they all appeal to me. Khan and EQ appeals to me the most, and Stark for the easy-going (at least easier) alpha I think it exhibits from the description. Ascension Mogul sounds good too.

I have the tendency to take things too seriously, perhaps get easily offended or be sensitive. I don’t like that about myself, it only hindered me and made me retreat without even joining the fray. It only filled me with regrets, disappointment, cynicism and bitterness. I don’t wish to carry these garbage of the soul anymore.

I have healing subs which I am confident would correct these tendencies, and for me to acquire that joie de vivre again.

I’ve dealt with so much in my youth and honestly I am sick of it. I want to enjoy my life.

Do you have recommendations or suggestions based on these charts?


Based on the charts? Not really. I think the charts mainly help to give your own intuition and judgment an extra boost of confidence.

You’re already running healing subliminals and that sounds like your main priority at this time. If you ever get interested in customs, Joie de Vivre and Discordia Deliverance sound like two you’d like. Maybe also Carpe Diem. (But there are so many.)

As your healing subliminals do their work, you’ll find yourself increasingly interested in what you want to build or construct in your life. That’s just the natural cycle. As that process unfolds, some of the other programs will start to stick out and suggest themselves to you; calling to you more.

It’ll happen naturally.