'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


appreciate the link, I’m going to start with the above purpose program and take it from there.
I’ll jump into that Abyss as needed. :upside_down_face:


If you’re feeling brave enough they do have a section where you can post your natal chart to be read.


How deep are the rabbit holes?


Mars 11th house Virgo
Venus 12th house Libra
North Node 8th house Gemini

Listening to the program and trying to grok the meaning of the placements.


Hallo There.
I did a different approach for my first custom sub. I chose maybe 50 modules, then I used a pendulum to choose the modules that are for long therm benefits and I ended up with 20 modules. Interesting was, many modules I thought very positiv about weren’t chosen.
Pendulums are a great way to let your subconscious mind choose😉


OMG, Scorpio in Venus with Scorpio Sun Sign, woah we have our new Leonardo Di Caprio. Did you know that Scorpio is ruled by the Sacral Chakra and the most sexual sign, in terms of sexual experiences we can arouse girls like no other sign is able to. Having it in Venus is like the Jackpot!

Oh lol, and then you hit us with Jupiter in Leo, dude! Are you even realizing how perfect your chart is oriented? Mercury in Sag, I mean Daredevil totally suits you, haha! You have a really interesting chart, I’m sure you’re an outstanding individual.

I can almost not believe you just posted this, I was going through this course just the other day, I mean the whole Subliminal Club Egregore is just a bonus on itself, we’re so connected.

This is one of the most interesting Threads ever created, my whole Custom is oriented around my Natal Chart, lol!

Suit your subliminal use in accordance with your chart, that’s the best approach – you don’t want to swim against the current, do you?

The Planets are the Energies, the Signs are the Archetypes and the Houses are the Destinations. Just like mailing a package over to a friend, first you write the Country, then the Postal Code & lastly the Street Adres, right?

North Node is Purpose, meaning when you’re having Pisces as your North Node you should orient your future around Creative, Imaginative, Artistic & Emphatic pursuits in what compartment of life will be determined by the House it is in.

Mars is more like your Drive & Ambition, while Venus is what you Love & are Loved For, mostly they’ll go hand in hand with your North Node. South Node is Karma from past lives and lessons you should learn so be wary of that, having a South Node in Scorpio can’t mean much good, lmao.

Enhance your natural qualities while depleting/negating your weaknesses is what I would say. Being a Pisces you’re very emotional & compassionate, but you have great empathic/psychic powers and the ability to bend the will of others – this is more aligned with Stark, you’re really manipulative and can get what you want through your magnetism.

It’s why I choose Ascension over Emperor, because being Emperor wasn’t natural for me, I didn’t enjoy it. Ascension negates my desire to please others unconditionally for the sake of helping/loving them and seeing THEM flourish instead of me. That’s a mistake I made many times, to focusing on the achievements of others, instead of my own.

HA, same here! Unfortunately I was too attached with some particular modules (logically,critically,analytically), that I went with them nonetheless, even though my unconscious (higher self) guided me in other directions. May I have some input here as well, unconscious??


I did it a couple of times until I told myself: find the ones that benefits me in the long therm. Then it was easy.


It’s true. I’m awesome. :sunglasses:

I am also superbly conflicted, stupendously lazy, and perennially underachieving. :smile:

Speaking in astro-code:
… Ascendant/Taurus opposite to Venus (the Ruler of Taurus)
… Ascendant opposite to Sun
… Moon in Taurus
… Moon opposite Venus
… Jupiter opposite Midheaven
… Midheaven in Aquarius

Others can’t see my troubles though, which means there are no safe spaces for poor Simon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Very well. I’ll replace Ascension with Daredevil.

Which makes my stack = Stark, Medici, Daredevil, Survival Instinct.

Any other recommendations, especially concerning my problem areas, would be gratefully received.



Hey wait. My 12th House is Aries too. :sweat_smile:

The free Cafe report says this instead:



Remember. Seductress is unisex. :+1:t2:



lol this is the reason why I didn’t feel into your scorpiousness, I always grasped you as a Capricorn or Taurus, lol!

OMG, haha, I feel ya!

Energy wise you have a lot of ability for persuasion by the way… are you doing anything in sales?

One of those Scorpio traits once again, it’s either ALL or NOTHING with them. Ascension & Godlike Masculinity have really made me disciplined though.

Capitalizing on that Scorpio energy with aid you greatly with influential, social and charismatic qualities. You should probably use a sexual subliminal even thought that’s not one of your goals at the moment, reinforcing on that Venus & Sun in Scorpio, with Mercury in Sagittarius your speech, humor and whit will be through the roof.

Stark + Daredevil + Primal Seduction seems like a solid combo for you, add Godlike Masculinity to that for additional discipline to achieve your goals.


@Malkuth In the past , I’ve gone for Purple Star Astrology readings. They were fairly accurate in some sense.

Would like to seek your view about whether Chinese Astrological readings will produce the same results as Western Astrological readings.


Huh I thought they were gonna do a seductress for men bc it wasn’t quite.


That one thread alone had hundreds of books. They split out astrology and charts into their respective types. It’s intense.


Good ol’ 紫微斗數, eh?

There are actually some basic, general continuities between the Greek and Chinese cosmological traditions. I once dipped into the work of this guy Shigehisa Kuriyama, but I never read the whole thing. Here:


(I think I owe it to myself to go back and read the whole thing).

But yeah, you can see the same basic patterns underneath. Basically, abstracted cyclical frameworks based on the polaric movement of earth through the daily, monthly, and yearly cycles with a bunch of agrarian imagery thrown in for good measure. Usually comes back to that.

Anyway, that’s the abstract side. On the practical side, i do have one kind of peripheral comment. It hit me again tonight while I was walking. As profound as these esoteric systems are, they are also biased and values-laden. Strong women sometimes don’t fare well, for example. Remember the story of the bandit Procrustes? He’d waylay you and make you lay on his little bandit bed. If you were shorter than the bed, he’d stretch you out. Too long? He’d chop off whatever part stuck over the edge.

These systems are awesome, but remember to love yourself first and throw out whichever parts don’t work for you.



Many many years ago, I came across this website made by a guy who was familiar with both Ziweidoushu and Western Astrology.

He aptly titled his blog, “As Above, So Below.”

You may want to check it out.


I recommend any and all writings by Nan Huaijin 南懷瑾.

Thanks for that site! I’ll go to check it out.


They are. It’s just a joke that I keep making - about the “unisex” category. :smile:


Ditto sorta. Cafe Astro says yes :joy:

My chart is mutable/cardinal

Costar is very minimal in their readout but clear cut for planets/houses

Astrocharts gives you a pretty little chart

And then of course astro.com and cafeastro have more details

Oh and nebula is cute but likes to give me little girly advice I couldn’t care about.


I like Astro.com.