'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


High quality astrology podcast focusing on the most up to date research.


I was pleased when I saw the module called “Ares” as this is the name of the Greek god of war and “Mars” is the Roman equivalent.

I decided that this was a sign that I would need to put that module into every Q custom I create, as the ruler of the ascendant in my natal chart is Mars, and thus far I have.


I admittedly haven’t looked into astrology much at all, but this thread has really caught my interest… especially if it can help guide me in various areas of my life. I don’t feel directionless at all, but guidance is always helpful. I also like quantifying stuff. lol.

Thanks for sharing the links!


So this might be a bit off topic, but I found this really cool video with this college professor explaining the the planetary positions correlate to our human behavior. starts at 16:40 to 18:02.

love to hear what you guys think about this


Well I knew something was coming :sunglasses:

what can I say Mr. Dicaprio…you get to be the poster boy for an outstanding chart
and I get to be highly manipulative and bend others to my will through magnetism

I just hope everyone views me through that proper lens :joy: from now on

the stars say it all

I know you really want this one for me
but it’s still a no for now
I’ll wait for the male version :blush:

I want this to be a safe space for you.


Woah! I don’t know this world of astrology, is there nice sources where I can read of watch about a resume? :blush: I’d like to understand a little bit how it work!


I’m not falling for that. :wink:


I think astrology is absolute horse shit nevertheless people are entitled to believe what they want to believe.


There are stories about people born at similar times but grew up different locations living similar lives.


While discussion about the empirical validity of astrology is welcome here
I want to be clear that for the purpose of this thread, it
doesn’t matter if it’s real or not
what matters is how it effects our experience or choices.

If I read you tarot guides, whether there bs or not, it could still give valuable psychological insight

A ‘spiritual’ experience still has an impact whether it’s a cocktail of the right chemicals in one’s head or a real glimpse into reality beyond our perception.

I’ll leave the case for the validity of Astrology to @Hermit


Astrology, personality tests, numerology, etc all give people information they can take or leave.

I like it, and that’s pretty much all I care about. :joy:


My chart also shows high amounts of compassion, empathy, and humanitarian service
All will-bending magnetism still accounts for or attempts to consider others well-being to highest good.

It’s up to you whether you want to fall for that one :wink:

I highly recommend it.


If there is anyone on this forum with a track record less woo woo than me, I’d be surprised. :blush:

You’re welcome if you wanna test the waters, not so much if you just want to make comments while sitting on the sidelines, about topics you haven’t invested time in.

For those who are investing the time, it is important to know that there are several types of astrological charts. Not all will fit you equally.

Readings of my Vedic and Sidereal charts feel like a cheap attempt at cold reading. The Western/Placidus chart, which works perfectly for me, reads like inane bullshit for my Dad - for him, Vedic is perfect.


And this doesn’t even count any other variety, like Chinese.

Just saying. If your first bat at astrology isn’t a homerun, don’t simply leave the field. There are more balls out there.




Astrology has a scientific basis to it. Is is actually a science, albeit a complicated one.

However, it is just that most humans dig narratives and stories as they are unable or too lazy to understand the mechanics of such a complicated science.

Because humans want the easiest explanations to every damn thing in life, there is a big supply in the market of half-baked astrological readings explained by half-baked, self-proclaimed experts in astrology who don’t fully understand what astrology is all about.

It is like asking J. K Rowling to explain to you how the real world works. Or asking the ancient people Greeks why there is thunder. Or asking David Icke to explain to you how the world economy works.

Anyway, I encourage you to keep an open mind…:slight_smile:



F-ck astrology! F-ck it to the ground!

…But, also, everybody have a good conversation.

sorry @blackadder. I’m kidding. I’m just in a silly mood.

If it’s legit, then it won’t matter or care much whether anyone ‘believes’ in it or not. We’re not dealing with religion here.

Also, it’s good sometimes to have people around who say ‘F-ck that’. Keeps things jumpy.

And as the great Laurence Fishburne once recited for money from a film script:



I don’t think that’s the point of this thread.
We’re not selling the concept of astrology to anyone.

We’re discussing subliminal/module recommendations for people who want to incorporate insights from their astrological charts… regardless of their belief in it or how well they understand chart reading.

I’ve replaced my Stark with Khan because @Hermit clarified certain details that I was not noticing.

Twice, I’ve been asked why I chose Survival Instinct, because people understand there will be takeaways in my decision-making process.

That is what this thread is about… Charting Your Sub Use. :slight_smile:


Not experiencing reconciliation?


Agreed, I just wanted to hear what @Hermit had to say about this.

is this PM’s or did I miss something?- post here guys :joy: I want takeaways
or is this you capitalizing Scorpio energy, persuasion and sales? which Khan I imagine would be amazing for

@Simon why did you choose Survival Instinct? (3x)


Thanks for this detailed response.

So Stark is aligned with this, perhaps Alchemist in terms of enhancing pychic power?
would you recommend anything else in regards to my above chart/ strengths and weakness


The way I see it is, if a person thinks they may have poor lung function and wants to check, they can:

  1. go to get an X-ray
  2. go to a bronchologist and get a spirometry test
  3. go for a run and see how sprinting and jogging impact their breathing
  4. get a very experienced person to put an ear to their chest as they breathe

All of these can work. They may have slightly different strengths, but they can all get to the core useful phenomenon of the quality of your current lung function.

In the same way, I think that a person who just pays attention with an open mind as they go through life, striving to gain wisdom and insight (and all that stuff), is very likely to bump into many of the same patterns that they might get from astrology, psychology tests, and whatever else.

For some people, systems like astrology can be like express trains to insight or highly efficient means to arrive at very high quality and useful information. So, that’s great and they should derive all the value that they possibly can from it.

And of course there are ‘nuff other means to awareness for those who wish to go other ways.

p.s. astrology works by different paradigmatic assumptions than those underpinning the most accepted versions of modern Western science. In the absence of agreed upon first principles, ‘logical’ proofs are not very useful. Hmm…on the other hand, personal charisma often picks up the slack. So, if anyone wants to try to prove astrology, have at it.

I, personally, had very little use for astrology. Then for fun was reading through a book with my girlfriend at the time. An hour or so later, I found that I’d stopped laughing and that things had gotten somewhat weird. Opened my mind a smidgeon. And I added it to the pile of 10 billion other phenomena that I didn’t understand.

And here we are.