'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


I had used it extensively last year. Should not have any problems.

Please post the chart pic with your name redacted. I don’t want to use my Medici Powers to memorize those numbers and positions. :smile:

Just the part where he said that I should always use sexy subs. :blush:

You’re not ready to fully benefit from the answer yet. I’ll post after you’ve done your homework for that Finding Your Path course.



Aww, I want Hermit to tell me about my chart too. :pouting_cat: :joy:


And @Malkuth too. :blush:

Like these guys, I hope I make enough time in the coming weeks to get the basics down - planets, signs, and houses; and read any chart at least at an intermediate level.

Right now, looking at your chart, it’s easier for me to tell your birthdate, than to offer subliminal recommendations. :sweat_smile:


Eventually with enough Medici you should get there :joy:

Which chart-my full Astrocafe thing or something I get from the above program?

Ill be ready soon…

Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
Sun Pisces 25°52’ I ASC Sagittarius 15°53’
Moon Pisces 0°02’ II Capricorn 20°38’
Mercury Aquarius 29°46’ III Pisces 0°24’
Venus Taurus 10°50’ IV Aries 6°18’
Mars Capricorn 15°24’ V Taurus 4°14’
Jupiter Taurus 1°37’ VI Taurus 26°22’
Saturn Capricorn 2°00’ VII Gemini 15°53’
Uranus Capricorn 0°53’ VIII Cancer 20°38’
Neptune Capricorn 10°01’ IX Virgo 0°24’
Pluto Scorpio 12°19’ R X MC Libra 6°18’
Lilith Leo 23°24’ XI Scorpio 4°14’
N Node Pisces 23°14’ XII Scorpio 26°22’

Sun	in	III
Moon	in	II
Mercury	in	II
Venus	in	V
Mars	in	I ASC
Jupiter	in	IV
Saturn	in	I ASC
Uranus	in	I ASC
Neptune	in	I ASC
Pluto	in	XI
Lilith	in	VIII
N Node	in	III

masculine 1 fire 0
feminine 9 earth 6
cardinal 4 air 1
fixed 4 water 3
mutable 2


Planet Aspect Planet Orb Value
Sun Square Uranus 5°01’ -21
Sun Conjunction N Node 2°38’ 265
Moon Conjunction Mercury 0°15’ 662
Moon Sextile Jupiter 1°36’ 191
Moon Sextile Saturn 1°59’ 235
Moon Sextile Uranus 0°51’ 199
Moon Opposition Lilith 6°38’ -47
Mercury Sextile Jupiter 1°51’ 164
Mercury Sextile Saturn 2°14’ 199
Mercury Sextile Uranus 1°07’ 171
Mercury Opposition Lilith 6°22’ -47
Venus Trine Mars 4°33’ 109
Venus Conjunction Jupiter 9°13’ 56
Venus Trine Neptune 0°49’ 121
Venus Opposition Pluto 1°29’ -301
Mars Conjunction Neptune 5°23’ 192
Mars Sextile Pluto 3°05’ 105
Jupiter Trine Saturn 0°23’ 128
Jupiter Trine Uranus 0°44’ 73
Saturn Conjunction Uranus 1°08’ 373
Saturn Conjunction Neptune 8°00’ 72
Saturn Square X MC 4°18’ -17
Uranus Conjunction Neptune 9°08’ 17
Uranus Trine Lilith 7°29’ 2
Uranus Square X MC 5°25’ -3
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°18’ 49
Neptune Square X MC 3°43’ -8
Lilith Trine I ASC 7°30’ 0
3383 -444 2939

Part of Fortune & South Node
The following table shows the positions of the Part of Fortune (using the classic formula) and the South Node of the Moon (the True value).
Fortune Capricorn 11°44’
South node Virgo 23°14’


That circular visual diagram. You could snap it from the ending pages of the Cafe Report, or better get one from Astro.com



Seems to me the whole system is just a set of ways to talk about the four elements in different combinations and in different phases.

It all comes back to the symbolism of the ‘elements’


If the a small planetary body like the Moon can cause the Sea to Eb & Flood, imagine what another planetary body can do to our bodies contained of 80% water? Jumping into a Thread of Astrologers, calling on there beliefs which are proven by science without any back-up arguments isn’t exactly the best way to make friends. And that’s with all things polarizing, @blackadder, no bad feelings here :slight_smile:

@Azriel here you have it and usually I won’t engage in a discussion with a non-believer, as there is a deep underlying reason why a soul doesn’t feel the need to look into these rather mysterious and interesting concepts.

Like @Simon, let’s keep this Thread constructive rather then spilling unnecessary energy on altering a persons path, which will gain you only Karma.

@blackadder, like I said – different persons, different opinions, respect ours as I respect yours, I love you nonetheless. :smiley:


My sense is a little different. I think the planets are signs of something(s) else underneath. A kind of ocean of Rhythms. Those Something(s) Else move them and us.

And @blackadder is definitely a friend for life. Who cares what he thinks of astrology? Haha. I know neither of us does. (That is another joke @blackadder. Couldn’t resist.) My point is that you’re cool as hell, write ridiculously entertaining prose, and astrology will be fine without your thralldom. Think free and be free!

What @Hermit said .


Now let’s move onto discussion again.

Astrology is one of the main sciences, which we’re highly valued by Ancient (more intelligent) civilization before the fall in consciousness. So it might be interesting to look deeper into this science, although much of it’s knowledge has been lost and therefore it’s has been mostly overlooked. As for the actual science, our dates aren’t exactly correct, there’s a missing sign Ophiuchus, there are different systems of interpretation – I’d go for the Sidereal one if I we’re you, it is in fact the most accurate.

@mnemosyne, I didn’t even spill 1% of the available information on @Simon’s chart, there’s just so much you can go into, it’s truly a clockwork of your soul. Once you have your Natal chart, there’s literally an infinite amount information & insight you’re able to gain out of it. Print yours out, do your research and in time you’ll be able to see the deeper underlying secrets.

Anyhow if you have a specific question, shoot and I’ll have a quick look at it.

@Azriel, same thing, endless information, endless thoughts, endless insight, pages on end can be written about a natal chart. With Pisces in your charts you’ll be really imaginative, watch out not to waist to much energy on dreaming away reality while you can take action. You will have so many ideas, many of which will never truly become manifested.

With Sagittarius being your Ascendant people will adore you company, especially your talkative, funny vibes and especially when on vacation or adventures, you’ll amaze the people around you with endless pleasure. Daredevil may strongly enhance this quality of you, there are many natural qualities you can enhance such as this one as it fits with your extroverted personality but of course all of it depends on your Venus, Mars & North Node.

Explaining all of that will take me ages, I’d love to but unfortunately I don’t have that time, at least not as a priority.


Interesting as I’m a Scorpio myself and I’ve been looking into Khan as of lately. Yes, you’re Scorpio but they also like to receive attention and be in the center-point of attention. Combined with all of those Sagittarius perks, you’re a very attractive humorous person, someone who holds loyalty as one of his highest values. Not to mention Scorpio’s intelligence, researching, detective qualities which also go hand in hand with Stark.

But with that said, from reading Khan’s descriptions it will make you extremely dedicated, goal-oriented and disciplined in order to achieve your goals. Scorpio having that all or nothing attitude, will save you years of losing opportunities in life.

Another note on Scorpio’s (think about the animals themselves, they’re surging through the desert on there own, leaders on themselves they are self-dependent when it comes down to and have a highly poisonous sting, so you’d rather not mess with them. I could talk for days about this zodiac as it is my own… haha. :slight_smile:

Keep me updated on your Khan journeys, I’m contemplating my future direction (Stark or Khan), both fit Scorpio’s very nicely. Although I’m having Capricorn as my South Node, so I shouldn’t be too invested in myself and rather use my success to nurture others instead of putting myself in the spotlights (North Node Cancer).



I see value in every trajectory this thread has taken and certainly have no need or desire to convince anyone of anything.


@Azriel oh yes, I’m sure of that. Just didn’t want this to become a heated discussion, as polarization only creates separation and here at Subliminal Club we’re ment to unite and uplift each other.

But we’ve got that out of the way, so now discussing can proceed as intended. Awesome!


Yes, this has been a learning curve and absolutely key for me. Finding clarity in the sea of what could be… is top priority for me as well as acting on things rather than contemplated them endlessly.

So far I have incidentally been using subs to address my weakness, such as in this area.

If only I could make a career of this…or perhaps I can :smirk:

:joy: understood, I would be highly suprised if anyone posted a particularly in depth analysis on my chart posted. and appreciate all the insights you have given :slight_smile: Heavy liftins on me from now on



Hello friends. I am a bit confused at what I am seeing, never used astrology before. Anything interesting I can make use of?


Imagine that when bundling your powers with a Leo or Capricorn. You can literally sit in your car gaze at the stares and imagine a full-on plan to become because a multi-trillion space-miner, and then use the push of a Leo or Capricorn to achieve those goals.

Having Sagittarius as your Ascendant that probably work very well as you can easily work in teams an with people around you, actually it will enable you to completely love your work if you like the ones you work with.


I do have it, I just like seeing fresh perspectives on it that I might miss. Also weekend so I can actually look at more than * vaguely gestures at work *

I’m deep diving into north node books (I have the lunar node by Judith hill as my current read)


Me too. That chart is of a 40 year old man, not 48. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

In fact, this man is less than 48 hours older than @mnemosyne. :grin:

Start with a free natal report from Cafe Astrology.
If it resonates with you, study the quick “Find Your Path” course linked in post #9 above.



Must have gotten younger, haha! Thank you, I fixed it.

I’ll take a deeper look, the one I was looking at was off.


If people want to believe astrology and whether dinosaurs still roam the jungles of the congo and the amazon rain forest thats fine with me. Of course Big foot actually exists too i once saw him on a TV show called Big Foot and the Hendersons.