'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


Yes, dinosaurs exist too.I once saw a dinosaur on tv. He was purple in colour and his name started with B.


Shut up King :smile:


In evolutionary biology, there are two competing theories for how evolutionary adaptions develop. These are called Gradualism and Punctuated Equilibrium. (They’re more or less what they sound like, new adaptations occur gradually over successive generations or adaptations tend to arise from a sudden qualitative leap from one biological configuration to another quite distinct one.)

So, which theory do you ‘believe’ in? Gradualism or Punctuated Equilibrium?

If you’re a fairly well-balanced scientist, your answer may be, ‘Well, @Malkuth, I don’t actually fucking believe in either of them. That’s why I’m doing all of this experimental investigation. I’m trying to explore the data and look for evidence that helps me to better understand this phenomenon.’

The point is: Between the points of ‘DISBELIEF’ and ‘BELIEF’, there is a pretty huge continent called Exploration and Investigation.

I try not to ‘believe’ very much of anything. But I love to explore and investigate areas where something interesting may be happening. Sure, there are probably not dinosaurs (well, other than birds, anyway) in the Congo or Amazon rainforest. But does this mean no one should go into those rainforests to learn from them?

p.s. You guys know birds are dinosaurs, right?


Anyway, even though I’m not agreeing with some of your points, @blackadder. I respect you for speaking them out. I think it takes heart to rock the boat. I like the fact that you walked into a conversation about astrology and said ‘Hold up! How do you know any of this shit is even real?’.

I’ll admit. I admire that.


Making fun of what is politically correct to make fun of, takes no balls at all.

Starting this thread was a lot more gutsy than calling astrology bullshit.

If only he had the guts to post his own chart, and rock his own boat.



an interesting point.


Yes, I’m an 80s baby yes no need to pinpoint the date for the uninterested :joy: * snips away the chart *



I posted this in my journal but will post here.

As far as charting my subliminals -
Emperor works for my mars in Capricorn
EOG/House of Medici for Venus in Taurus
For more north node Pisces- I will add Ultimate Writer and/or Ultimate Musician to my next custom and eventually Stark and/or Ultimate Artist. I will start stacking Alchemist Stage 1 or 4 after adjusting to Terminus Emperor

The Astro program was useful but very light on detail.
Essentially its use Mars and Venus to determine determine path and purpose
Mars=passion and motivation
Venus=what you love and are loved for

The rest of it is a brief description of each sign in each house.
Then there is a brief/ 1-3 sentence description of the North Node for each sign -which is the path to move in for the universes support.

My Mars is Capricorn. In he 5th house
My Venus is Taurus. in the 4th house

Very simply what I extrapolated from this is
Mars in Capricorn
My passion and motivation will be anything where I can continually move up the ladder and increase my authority.(the G.O.A.T gets to the top of the mountain :rofl:)

Example careers: CEO, managing authority of any kind

adding 5th house-if I or my work can be the center of attention and play is involved-Leo Energy. Will make good boss.

I used to do acting and loved it. Might revisit this.

Venus in Taurus
What I love and will be loved for is the finer material things, luxury, money, and anything that stimulates the senses. Example careers: Florist, Artist, Food Industry, Banker.

adding 4th house-this can have a domestic or nurturing element -Cancer Energy

North Node in Pisces

  • Purpose lies in creativity and imagination
  • Trusting in my intuition and 6th sense
  • Moving away from the organized reality of Virgo and off into the meditations and daydreams of Pisces
  • Ponder my place in the universe
  • Stop focusing on separateness and start focusing on the interconnections of everything.

Other notes I am seeing for myself

Sagittarius creates capacity to be natural teacher as my ascendant-teaching will be a natural extension of my personaility

My 10th house-the house of vocation has Scorpio in Pluto

Scorpio-mystery, magic, occult, esoteric, other people’s money, secrets-detective
Pluto Regeneration and transformation
10th house vocation-
with Scorpio in 10th house-vocation in something mystery/esoteric/occult that transforms individuals and/or society

So I have to find/create a career where I can continually rise in status raising my authority while being the center of attention, or my work is the center of attention, where I will love and loved for creating beauty/luxury/ wealth/ and stimulating senses in a way that is nurturing. There should be a teaching element and it should involve something magic/esoteric that transforms society. I have to do this all while following the path of my imagination and day dreaming, contemplating my role in the universe, and moving away from reality and into the interconnections of spirituality .

I’ll check Indeed .com right away :joy:

Honestly the only thing that seems to fit this is a professional influence as coach/teacher, artist or writer, acting could work, or some kind of transcendental chef.

I’m kind of teasing as I have a lot more active thinking to work these out. If any suggestions pop up in regards to career or subliminal use, anyone, please let me know.


or I may just go with Hermits idea and become the next Elon Musk, one who actually believes in the value of asteroid mining :sunglasses:


I did my homework :wink:
Please share?:upside_down_face:

Also bro, what’s your signs? lol Mars, Venus, North Node?


Anyone here dug out Bill Gate’s chart?



My chart was linked in Post 9 above. That’s where Hermit was reading from. :slight_smile:

For the discussion between me and Malkuth about my chart, go to the quoted post. :wink:


Yes :slight_smile:
selectively missing things. Glad to be moving away from the details, and reality of the my Virgo South Node. :wink:

You have Virgo North Node-so were on opposite paths lol.

I’m moving towards day dreaming and your moving away from it. :joy:

I caught up on some of @Malkuth’s analysis, I didn’t see the why of survival instinct though-Virgo North Node path of healing ?

Virgo North Node

Release (Pisces south node):
Denial, deception, emotional manipulation, playing the victim, self-pity and excuses, passivity, wearing rose-colored glasses, being scattered, nomadic living, making too many sacrifices, not paying attention to details, being easily seduced or charmed, being bullied, abusive relationships, getting lost in your daydreams and unrealistic fantasies

Embrace (Virgo north node):
Solving problems with facts and hard data, accountability and leadership, personal responsibility, structure, grounding routines, paying attention to details, reading the fine print, developing technical skills or mastery, setting clear boundaries, standing up for yourself

Pisces North Node

Release (Virgo south node):
Perfectionism, being the helper, analysis paralysis, escaping stress through vices and addictions (self-medicating), worry and anxiety, doing things the hard way or by yourself, controlling, micromanaging, skepticism, dismissal of your intuition or divine guidance, cattiness, verbal daggers/skewering people with your words, gossip

Embrace (Pisces north node):
Creative freedom, artistic abilities, being the healer, imagination, intuition, developing and trusting your psychic abilities, faith in the universe, allowing support and divine guidance from the universe or a higher power, surrender, processing your emotions without alcohol/substances or other escapes, recovery from addiction, using your words to make people think


By the way, when these types of astrological insights are applied correctly, you will feel a sense of recognition. You don’t truly need to be told what your passions are, but it can help to have your senses of it refined and put into words.

It’ll often be more like being reminded of something and less like being told something brand-new.


So I followed this @Malkuth astrological rabbit hole and despite my houses being in question, there was enough information to deduce that I am supposed to be world famous in the media:

Mars = :gemini:, Venus = :leo:, Node = :leo:

Guess which sub corresponds perfectly with this goal?

take a guess...



Oops, that should be Leo :leo: Venus and North Node. Already begging Saint for a public speaking module/sub for the communication bit…

Now I know why I got bored at every job I’ve had with a routine. Sadly I’ll also never be an artist.


lol, I’ll re look into it


You mean you don’t know your birth time?