'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


Unfortunately recording birth time wasn’t a priority when I was born, so I can only guess.


What time zone?


Time zone isn’t the problem, it’s finding out when roughly I was born. I’m guessing between rising signs Sagittarius or Scorpio.


@Michel There is an unknown time option. As long as you know the day, you should be fine.


Midday time works too. It checks out the same.

Now, how to attempt a career change at 40 in the middle of a pandemic…


Have you determined what you want to do?


Who isn’t? Everyone has had to reinvent in 2020. Whether a little, or a lot.

Besides, we got SubClub. How hard could a career change be? :wink:


@khan StarkQ will pick out a path for me, however Q has a module that’s perfect for us vain Venus Leos. Just need @SaintSovereign to drop Ultimate Speaker and it’s custom time…

@Simon the beer bug has truly messed a lot of things up it, but if SubClub shows us a brighter future, it’ll have been worth it.


Your Venus is in Cancer, your Mars is in Libra. So have a look at those placements in astro.com

Of the bat: how does a career in family courts sound? Social worker with children?


Never thought of that. I am not very good with children.

P. S Like you I may have to change career at age 40.


If your chart is correct, it looks like mediating and nurturing could be a career path of growth for you. Kids, seniors, animals could do with your passion for justice.


Get the free course linked earlier in the thread. :smile:



Finding Your Path & Purpose


Yes. It is a good place to start without getting into understanding astrology in general.


Ok thanka will go listen


Here are some general guidelines useful for this thread.

Paraphrasing @Malkuth from my notes:

Search for Meanings/Qualities/Keywords associated with each Planet, House, and Sign.
(I like to use MTZ’s Free PDFs as my first steps, but those lists are not very comprehensive.)

You can then turn these Keywords into Statements - in ways that most closely feel true to you.

Example: @King
Mars in Libra in the 11th House = “King has a natural drive for creating cooperative & harmonious relationships with friends, networks, and organizations.”
… or
Venus in Cancer in the 8th House = “King finds genuine enjoyment in deepening connections with his caring & nurturing abilities.”


We have the same Venus sign.

Mars: Your Passion
Venus: What people love you for

Cancer has to do with nurturing (foodcare, healthcare etc). For me this is currently in healthcare, but I am certainly going to open a restaurant in future. Because Cancer is in Venus, this means you are getting loved for nurturing people. This very accurate for me.

Sadly, I don’t know by heart what Libra stands for.


@SaintSovereign you are a Capricorn, aren’t you? :wink:


Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
Sun Aries 12°50’ I ASC Scorpio 6°51’
Moon Scorpio 27°03’ II Sagittarius 5°32’
Mercury Aries 28°51’ III Capricorn 9°08’
Venus Taurus 18°15’ IV Aquarius 15°17’
Mars Cancer 0°02’ V Pisces 18°15’
Jupiter Leo 3°34’ VI Aries 15°13’
Saturn Aquarius 5°18’ VII Taurus 6°51’
Uranus Capricorn 13°43’ VIII Gemini 5°32’
Neptune Capricorn 16°42’ IX Cancer 9°08’
Pluto Scorpio 19°57’ R X MC Leo 15°17’
Lilith Sagittarius 27°22’ XI Virgo 18°15’
N Node Capricorn 24°56’ XII Libra 15°13’

Sun in V
Moon in I ASC
Mercury in VI
Venus in VII
Mars in VIII
Jupiter in IX
Saturn in III
Uranus in III
Neptune in III
Pluto in I ASC
Lilith in II
N Node in III
masculine 4 fire 3
feminine 6 earth 3
cardinal 5 air 1
fixed 5 water 3
mutable 0


Be careful with your astrology chart. One shouldn’t expose Saturn in sign out in public… Magic is real.