'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart





Could you please do some positive magic for us? :sweat_smile:


Hmmm… okay. Can’t be certain about the time of birth, so I’ll go on what they told me.

Actually quite accurate, although there are some opposites. I’ll update the post later, once I’ve read through the wall of text.

I figured “what the heck” and I called the some shady people to get a copy of my birth certificate to get that exact time. Guess I’ll finally figure out if I was actually born. :slight_smile:

I wonder… I see a lot of commonalities with the description of my MBTI type. Can it be that certain celestial alignments cause the 4 MBTI characteristics?

There are quite a few contradictions. Some I can agree with, since I recognize an internal conflict there. Others I’ll attribute to an electronically generated result.

Look at all the pretty pictures...
Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb: 0
Sun Sagittarius 18°19’ I ASC Scorpio 17°37’
Moon Capricorn 18°25’ II Sagittarius 17°38’
Mercury Sagittarius 6°43’ III Capricorn 26°38’
Venus Scorpio 19°59’ IV Pisces 6°40’
Mars Capricorn 13°53’ V Aries 7°43’
Jupiter Libra 7°19’ VI Taurus 0°20’
Saturn Libra 8°25’ VII Taurus 17°37’
Uranus Scorpio 27°13’ VIII Gemini 17°38’
Neptune Sagittarius 22°15’ IX Cancer 26°38’
Pluto Libra 23°43’ X MC Virgo 6°40’
Lilith Libra 27°50’ XI Libra 7°43’
N Node Leo 12°14’ XII Scorpio 0°20’
Sun in II
Moon in II
Mercury in I ASC
Venus in I ASC
Mars in II
Jupiter in X MC
Saturn in XI
Uranus in I ASC
Neptune in II
Pluto in XI
Lilith in XI
N Node in IX
masculine 6 fire 3
feminine 4 earth 2
cardinal 5 air 3
fixed 2 water 2
mutable 3
Planet Aspect Planet Orb Value
Sun Conjunction Neptune 3°57’ 291
Sun Trine N Node 6°04’ 22
Moon Sextile Venus 1°35’ 107
Moon Conjunction Mars 4°32’ 90
Moon Square Pluto 5°18’ -8
Moon Sextile I ASC 0°48’ 106
Mercury Sextile Jupiter 0°36’ 160
Mercury Sextile Saturn 1°43’ 144
Mercury Conjunction Uranus 9°29’ 16
Mercury Trine N Node 5°32’ 15
Mercury Square X MC 0°03’ -56
Venus Conjunction Uranus 7°14’ 78
Venus Conjunction I ASC 2°22’ 149
Mars Square Saturn 5°28’ -15
Mars Sextile I ASC 3°44’ 40
Mars Trine X MC 7°13’ 8
Jupiter Conjunction Saturn 1°07’ 416
Jupiter Sextile N Node 4°56’ 1
Saturn Sextile N Node 3°49’ 18
Uranus Conjunction I ASC 9°36’ 5
Neptune Sextile Pluto 1°27’ 43
Pluto Conjunction Lilith 4°08’ 23
1732 -79 1653
Fortune Libra 17°31’
South node Aquarius 12°14’

So, what do I do next?

@Hermit I did something spiritual! :slight_smile:

I just realized that a very determined person can probably calculate this the other way around to know where and when I was born.


:joy:I’ll try bro


For me too. :+1:t2:

Or maybe Jung derived the cognitive functions from his study of Astrology and I Ching. :thinking:


“I have no idea what your talking about.”

“Who cares, it’s provocative.”



What exactly do you mean though?


Say someone has a grudge on you or just wants you gone, dark magic can be used with Neptune transit or Saturn that’s in your sign to cause havoc or worse. Hence why I advise against sharing such information in public.


:thinking: well, being that Saturn stays in each sign for a period of 2.5 to 3 years, its placement is not particularly secretive. If you know someone’s approximate age, then you’ve already got their Saturn placement; and even if you’ve only got a very general sense of how old they are, that’ll probably still narrow it down to just 2 or 3 options.

Using your mind’s manifestation power to nurture and direct ill intentions for others should be like putting snake venom into your own mouth so that you can spit it at someone else when they walk past. Probably wouldn’t end well for the person doing it.


It’s a hit and miss that way. Think of it like cold email for landing meetings, personalized vs general template. 100 emails sent 60% book rate vs 500 emails sent 1% book rate… that’s an example of success if one is hyper targeted.


I am not familiar with or use horoscopes, any knowledge pertaining to myself would not be relevant. Also just musing here… not serious.

I doubt any “ill will” can effect me, since,

  1. Trash fire reabsorbs and consumes most anything. Even if the fire goes out, the trash is still there. Conflict over time only creates efficiency and innovation, eventually the attacker is overcome by the superiority of “Know Your Weapons and Terrain”.

  2. Need for psychological divergence to biological drives. My birth influence is rejected by rational thought, as these two fields are independent, if linked loosely. The choice to avoid individuals chained to determinism (Biological instinct).

  3. Applying conventional knowledge to execute a concept to an upside down mirrored structure, wrong attack. The ability to find strength in vulnerability will repel any low ball attack.


How do you relate to archetypes?


The concept is interesting. It essentially assumes that just like how for example the moon affects the tides and how celestial positioning can affect climate and seasons, we as human (or organic if one classifies animals as having character traits as well) beings are fundamentally affected by celestial bodies.

Hence, the study of Astrology determines the “how” and “what” of these influences.

I can not deny that whether I believe in it or not, the description is more than half correct. And that is without knowing my exact birth time.

I still don’t know how I would apply that to my subliminal usage though.


Well intellectually, since information is detachment, knowledge was (will) never (be) “me”.

I really enjoy astrology, but only If I can relate it to something else.



and what about beyond intellectually?


Well, I guess the first thing that comes to mind is Nietzsche, it is simply a power of “Will”, and that is a synthesis of the best “Idea”, and to utilize that in some physical/metaphysical way.

Remembering that Will is in “defiance” to instinct, they are both independent but linked.

How this relates to archetypes, it depends on where the information originated from…

  1. Instinctual base
  2. Intellectual base

Besides this, to specify what the archetype should always refer to something, the most simplest and useful is to always reference it to the self, whatever that abstracts to.

I would say most instinctual based theories are “False”, through mental shortcuts one tries to peg and force determinism onto reality, where those that follow this are only surviving, thinking they are bypassing evolution.

This works since most systems we live in today are synthetic. Youtube gives me exploration, Video games give me competition, twitter gives me country, women give me spirituality, men give me god, children make me god, my house is my tribe, etc…

Beyond intellectually is to conceptualize instincts and transcend them. This can be anything that relates to the self, God Spirituality Reality Fantasy etc… Again the validity of an idea is the simple testing of it by “Will”. Does the idea actually do anything outside of logic?

diatribe over… :slight_smile:
Not sure if i missed anything or even close to what you want, so make sure to challenge me :smiling_imp:



the irony


You’re in your 20s?

hmm…a challenge…

  1. write with your non-dominant hand

  2. dance your response rather than verbalizing it

  3. find a (properly socially distanced) beach. Zip your smartphone into an airtight, watertight ziplock bag Go to a sandy spot 500 meters from the shoreline. Have someone and/or yourself bury your entire body except head beneath the sand. Press play on your most challenging subliminal program. After 20 minutes, undig yourself, do 10 quick push-ups and sprint at top speed into the water. Remain submerged in the water up to your neck as your subliminal keeps playing. Finally come out and walk down the beach until it is finished playing.

That night: first visually contemplate the stars and moon for a few minutes and then journal your reflections.

(One important part of the challenge would be to return home with still functioning smartphone and headphones)


I sense a new YouTube hype coming on.

Please do not do this without supervision.


So I was debating putting this here(funnily enough, it says that in my natal chart) but I kinda summarized what i got in my venus, Mars and north nodes. I’m hoping someone who can read into this better can help me pick a custom based on that.

witty, and likes to tease, alot of knowledge, don’t like comfortable relationships, lots of conversation, fun and variety, successful professional life, friends due to good relationships, passionate, sexual. Good reputation in the professional world

Mars: likes action, listens to intuition, a step ahead of everyone, fresh new ideas, pioneering action and fresh projects is where he is happiest, enjoys challenges, like people to be direct, rude and impatient sometimes, adventurous, magnetic, eccentric, headstrong, not a lot of trust in his ability, imagination is so powerful that sometimes it seems hard to follow through, attracted to mysteries and intrigue, loves sexual experimentation, needs to get in touch with his heart, good sense of organization, a lot of energy will go into achieving social and professional success.

North node: learning to be self-reliant, and set in his ways as the path to greater success. Needs to learn to loosen grip to opens doors to transformation, intimacy, change and regeneration
Qualities to develop: courage to make changes, going all in, sharing and intimacy.

His Path is to be vulnerable and release the need to be in control. Once he lets others in, his life improves, fixing home life can enhance career,
qualities to develop: nurturing and trust, tenderness, willingness to be vulnerable and accept support