'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


Astrology is a focusing tool, like a magnifying glass or a pair of glasses. These tools aid your sight, they don’t replace it.

What are your goals? What do you wish for? Did reading the astro info give you any ideas about narrowing down your goals or adjusting them?


Would you recommend creating a sub that is in line with your strengths or that patches up your shortcomings?

I’m getting really curious for my birth time. Certificate takes up to two weeks…


Are you familiar with the ascendant system? I am only superficially knowledgeable on this stuff. I was wondering how a Scorpio moon + ascendant conflicts with each other, considering Scorpio is supposed to be secretive etc.

I remember this post by malkuth…

What if my ascendant shows others my intention is purely internal/introverted, at least at some core level they should feel “safe”. Although I do have a lot of negative energy built up, this doesn’t hurt my manifestation outside of subliminal usage.


I believe Scorpio ascendant would demonstrate intellectual, occult, and secretive understanding in communication, whether through being distinctly versed in stuff outside of common knowledge, or through communication that is mysterious to unintelligible through those ‘not in the know’ .

It people are mis-trustful of what they don’t understand, or prefer/rely on straight communication-I don’t think they would feel safe.


depends on if your goal is performance or growth or to whatever degree you want to address that combination.

Certain weakness of yours are that way because they have little to do with your goals or path, no point in addressing this necessarily

I would go with what supports and strengthens yours mars, Venus, and north node.
and addresses the ‘weakness’ in your Ascendant, and Moon


I see a great emphasis on relationships even it being a key to my success and I agree that I’ve been lacking in that space so that would lead me to house of medici or inner circle, then the next part is sexuality and intimacy which I have done some work in but maybe primal/primal seduction and maybe stark and ql for my intelligence and being good at my job. Atelast that’s my first impression when I read it lol


My understanding is to focus on your positives and if your shortcomings are that big of a deal then add something in there for them


I could see IC being the sole solution to weakness. Just rely on trustworthy people to cover for you.

Just to get (?) here, it is comparable to the dichotomy of female male, or earth moon… would you even want to live on the moon and let the aliens take earth? :thinking:


I like the idea of inner circle but medici from the description should cover it but from a different angle?


I would say that IC is probably already in HOM, HOM being about making the deep connection and choosing to do with it what you want.

HOM would push you to test peoples resolve, so you would make sure they are not “Weak”. This makes sure that your deep connection is worthwhile.

There is no (little)“Defensive” power mechanics in HOM, so it invites people to attack you, giving information on their morality.

Adding IC would amplify compatibility/trust.


yes I’ve noticed this, how do you think this would stack with PCC?
Saint mentioned they don’t quite gel since one is so ‘offensive’ and the other ‘defensive’ even though HOM has elements of PCC.


I would say offensive PCC laws are more seductive, at least initially, for men chasing women.

As for stacking, In order to maintain this you would only use HOM during the good days, and add PCC when the bad day comes.

Constant HOM usage will just become second nature due to action.



how are you defining good days and bad days?

I agree that consistent usage leads to action

I have found HOM better for active interest in anything and PCC better for ‘baiting’ and waiting for anything


yeah, this was in art of seduction, it would be between rake and coquette.

I would say it is relative to the persons implementation of the power dynamic. Offense without defense is weaker when the flanks are not covered, or someone who is of equal ability. Making sure to stay adaptable and observe whatever works.

historical wall of text.


Not to get into a historical context, but “Flanking the Maginot Line” is a good example here. The tanks were lightweight, smaller, fuel efficient, compared to the heavier/ heavy/firepower (more defensive). Simply going around was the offensive solution, to avoid conventional attrition warfare.

The two surviving/successful strategies during the whole period were “Superior firepower” and “Human Wave/Defense in Depth (Mechanical Wave/tactical retreat)”. At the end, the strategy of highly mobile force was combined with superior firepower (Mechanical infantry).

A pure offensive strategy is highly predictable, as well devastating loss during failure. Moving around and played with like a ping pong ball. Not being able to defend infrastructure.


Kind of an oddball chart-related question for those with kids: Have you looked up your child’s chart, and did it influence how you raised or treated them? In the sense of guiding them one way vs another, or responded with “Oh, of course she did that, she’s a X and Mars is etc etc…”

Asking because I’m curious, and I happen to know the exact minute of my daughter’s birth…


I do not have a child, but I would do so when


How much of a difference in accuracy is there if you have your exact birth time, vs just having the date?


You can only unlock the full power of your astrology chart with the EXACT birth date. 1-2 mins apart make a HUGE difference, so check for accuracy.


I have my exact time, I was just curious about the differences of a report with the exact time vs one with just the date.


I have a twin 2 minutes older than me, and we haven’t found a chart difference with the systems we’ve used, to you have a recommend one?