'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart


This can be.

For example 11:34 and 11:36 makes a difference but 11:31 and 11:33 should not.


In my opinion, in most cases, a couple of minutes won’t make a very big difference. Most elements will be the same.

As others have pointed out, it’s the ascendant (The sign on the horizon at your time of birth) that changes most rapidly. After that Mercury and the moon(?).

Interestingly, the term ‘horoscope’ itself is, I believe, derived from the practice of checking which sign was on the horizon at the birth of a ruler or other powerful personage. In general, most people were not originally considered special enough to need that done.

Astrology isn’t going to tell you anything that experience doesn’t either tell you first or confirm. It can save you some time though, since we tend to ignore many parts of experience.

If it helps you to be more observant and patient with and less judgmental of your children, then it’s useful. But if instead you use it as a way to avoid paying attention then just throw that astrology right out.

Even if you get the whole chart, you’re still going to be surprised by what things end up meaning in the end.

There’s an old funny story about how an Emperor of China was paranoid about being supplanted and so sent out soldiers to find and eliminate whoever was born at the exact same time. The horoscope in Chinese culture is called the 八字 or ‘eight characters’. 2 indicate your year, 2 your month, 2 your day, and 2 your birth time. (Just knowing the specific 2 hour period is enough in that system).

So the Emperor finally found a guy with the exact same ‘eight characters’ as himself.

Guess what that guy was doing?

He was ruling an empire…

of ants.

He’d developed an extensive ant farm on top of a mountain and was in utter control of it. Apparently the ants were very happy too. :wink:

The Emperor had a ‘hm. Would you look at that’ moment. He prudently did not decide to have the ant farmer executed and everyone lived happily ever after (until they didn’t).

So, the point is that even if you get the astrological profile, there’s still a whole lot of wiggle room for what that will wind up meaning in actual practice.


So accurate, Well said

I am asking and curious as to how you are defining good and bad days for yourself?

You mentioned the value of concepts in relation to what they provide you. So I was thinking of that when I asked.

If you interested in a Scorpio Ascendent being able to create more trust and safety this is one way they could do it, by grounding everything conceptual, intellectual, and secretive knowledge in your and others experience in communication.


I am beginning to understand why people like astrology :slight_smile: Poeople love talking in code.

Maybe, but as malkuth mentioned earlier about holding venom, seems keen here. I have no intention of creating safety and trust, except for myself, and maybe those who are not affected by me.

As for conclusion, do you have any resources on my chart above? Mainly how my ascendant and moon is water, and this likely extinguishes my main sign, aries… creating a physical weakness and failure to grow and evolve.


I’m not sure what you are referring to with venom,
but I greatly appreciate what you share, and at the level of speculative understanding and intellect you do,

I also just wanted to know your experience specifically with it to the degree you are open to sharing. The reiteration of my question and clarification of it, was intended to distinguish that difference and why I was doing it.

I was not clear iif t was you who was specifically Scorpio ascendant or someone you were dealing with, although I had my guess :slight_smile:

I was attempting to offer value on the matter from my perspective in relation to what I though you were looking for.

And yes in full transparency, in the work, circles and communities I am involved in, if someone speaks only from knowledge and and not experience it seems to be a shield and a barrier towards deeper relations and trust. But that is not in fact what you are doing.

Although you certainly have nothing to prove to me or anyone else here in that matter, and if your only intention is creating safety and trust for yourself and/or what I say is irrelevant, presumptuous, and/or indirectly unsolicited, than please disregard any and all of the above and forgive any ‘coded’ communication.

If point me to your chart and I’ll see what I could offer.


really interesting chart,
I’ll give it my fledgling google search status astrologist analysis. I just read a few things on this and here is what I extrapolated in relation to having your water signs not douse your fire signs.

The sun sign is a fire sign you will be motivated and recharged by aspirations, meeting goals, and physical activity

The moon sign will be the soul behind your identity so to speak, represented by Scorpio as a water sign you would react to changing experiences and the flow of life with sensitivity and emotion, and feel aligned with your true self through deep feeling.

your rising is sign as your social personality, and outward expression as a water sign would make you sensitive to your environment emotionally

So when your not feeling deeply to align with your inner self, or your environment is effecting your emotional body to acutely, this may extinguish the fire of Aries. If the above two are attended two, the fire can shine through

Moon in Scorpio tends to lend to deeply emotional beings but the complexity of these is locked inside of themselves. To the outside they would appear unreachable, dark-even cold but have a magnetic aura-due to the vortex of emotional activity just behind the surface. The active perceptions of the world would be colored in emotions and impressions that are idealistic and fatalistic, and the emotional impulse would be passion, possession, ecstasy, and obsession. intense stuff :slight_smile:

high selectivity, but full love and loyalty to those granted access

Adding Aries to this mix would make for someone leading the edge of whatever they are involved in, including always being at the edge of their own emotions. Aries would also create a very confident, dominant, and individualistic character here and a strong pursuit toward mystery and improvement or anything that would further their cause through intrigue.

North node in Capricorn in the third house. Gemini in the third house is considered is auspicious or exalted, and the most favorable house to have a north node in, it is called the Dragon’s Head and brings goodluck and intelligence (I have it too…so nice :slight_smile: )

Capricorn in the north node means the path of purpose to walk is one of highly directed incremental achievements, to not let moods stop you from steps forward even small. Essentially to behave as closely as you can to the CEO of your life, and your day to day as a company. Even if your not always clear on your desire to be reaching for something. Ascension in the typical manner may not fit, as the drive here is creative and inclusive in ‘climbing the mountain’ .

North Node in third house people are exalted because their spiritual and daily lives are completely aligned-they hone their wisdom and philosophy and are those who come to understand the world the deepest while losing any desire to attribute any grand meaning to anything the longer they live. They have an innate ability to intuit information and use Higher Mind. The key for them is to connect with the lives of those around them and give the right information to the right people at the right time.

So for your chart I would say
Set goals that are inspiring
align the meaning of those goals until it creates deep feeling
create very strong boundaries around emotionally taxing environmental factors
and then take actionable small steps again and again
always follow the impetus to share as that will be creating a network of information and opportunity for yourself and others and create a virtuous cycle.


Thanks, I like the analysis.

I was going to look through this list of books here, are you familiar with this? Maybe you could rec something for me.



As well as what do you think of this stuff?




I would fit in with the top politicians (Adrenochrome :smiling_imp:)


Added some stuff here, Just another personal chart. Seems to have more personality than I really have … :thinking:

“The goat knows that with careful, determined steps, it will make it to the top of the mountain eventually.”

nice one, azriel the euridite.


Happy approximate birthday to you too. :smile:

(Even though this thread may have all the data necessary to guess your exact birth date.) :wink:

Agreed. That has been my personal experience too.


You bet, this month of October had me questioning everything about my life, looking back at what I’ve been doing and how to move forward and has literally prepared me to completely transform in November. This tends to happen every year around this period, but this year it was much more intense.

Not to mention there’s a very special Full (Blue) Moon in Taurus.

Very curious as to what’s going to unfold in the next months.


If you’re into astrology, you might like this thread @Ninjistic. :+1:t2:


4 or 5 placements in Scorpio and he has Sagittarius as his Sun Sign, lol is that even a question?

I bet he does. Just look at his Name and Profile Picture with Hebrew letters (edit: okay no Hebrew letters, not sure where I got that from) lol and you know enough, haha!


I walked with this moon tonight for some miles. I felt blessed by it.


I’m changing my approach to using Subliminals. Imagine that. :smile:

You mean today or the next one? (Placidus vs Sidereal)


Been gazing at it the whole night, it would actually have been a great time to do some kind of Wealth ritual, however I did not have anymore Green candles and all stores are closed due to lock-down.



This month started and ended with a Full Moon which is very special, a lot of things came to the surface in terms of Justice (Libra) and I bet next months in Scorpio is going to unravel the deepest truths of that.

A very unique and rare alignment will happen on 21 december which will completely change our path as a collective. In fact the entire year of 2020 has prepared for this alignment to occur, things are going to look very different, very soon.

And yes, this month, today actually.


There are people starting their Emperor journeys this week/month.
So, should they start a new business now or not? :smile:


@Simon, @Malkuth, and @Ninjistic I love you guys, for some reason (spirit) ya’ll resonate with me a lot.

I bet @Malkuth has some interesting Gemini alignments because of his ability to explain intellectual and complex ideas with ease. Gemini is ruled by that as well as Mercury for the communicative part, however, it is a very polarized sign and has its downside as well. Having it as a Moon sign speaks for itself haha!

A new business, what have you been up to?

I am of the opinion you should always enjoy life to the fullest with what is currently available for you to play with. Of course, fortune-telling and having the ability to know where things are going will give you the skill for early adaption.

Lol, is that even a question? Trump, duh!

For those who’re Spiritual, it will likely be very positive and for those who’re in Fear and living in the third dimension, it will get worse. A Global change and I cannot provide any details – look it’s happening on an energetic level, what we’re seeing now is a manifestation of spiritual energies that are coming into fruition on a physical level, the outcomes are mostly infinite and will depend on the Collective, there are many timelines but it looks very good in the long-term and perhaps good/bad in the short term dependable on your perspective of things.

The world is going to be a different place like I said, no evil or darkness will be left untouched.


More details please ? Change for the positive or negative? Who will be elected as President of the US? Will it be a global change or specific to some geographies?


To those who are knowledgeable about Astrology, I wonder how it works for if when a person was born, the position of a planet was right in the middle of two signs/houses? When I look at a natal chart, a planet always belongs to one sign/house but in reality a planet is always moving, there must be a point or degree where it belongs to neither one sign nor another, or belongs to both at the same time; how to interpret when that happens?

In case where there is a geometric shape in the chart, say a triangle formed with Jupiter, Neptune and Moon, can it be said that their energies mangle with each other? For example the sign/house where Jupiter is has the influence of both Neptune and Moon or a dark (Neptune) lucky (Jupiter) moon is formed etc?


I’m definitely interested, lol. Thanks for the lead!

@Hermit unfortunately, my profile picture is nothing more interesting than the millennium puzzle from Yu-Gi-Oh, and my profile name is a childhood nickname/made up word having to do with the qualities of all that is Ninja…

A very Scorpio-like name, come to think of it!

Even though I’m a Sagittarius, I’ve always loved the Scorpio sign and always gotten along with people that are Scorpios. My mother is actually one, funny enough