Checkout the headache by PayPal


What I experienced was similar to what is posted in this thread.
The account only had a name & email associated with it, and we were making a first purchase with Paypal.

The checkout page did not give an option to type in the address, so we went and added billing & shipping, but Paypal checkout won’t pick it up.
We got an error identical to @khan’s in post #8 above.

It worked out when we logged in with a different browser. :smile:


I confirmed the details, and this was not a paypal issue.

As a way to prevent online frauds, his bank declines purchases made with Debit Cards, then calls the customer’s cell number, and after confirming that it is indeed them, suggests to re-order after a few minutes.

The problem for SC is that the subclub coupon code, once used - even if the transaction failed - cannot be used again by that user account. :cold_sweat:

At least, that was his experience.


Alright, I’ll look into it again.


A temporary hack fix to consider is disable the Check out with Paypal button in the cart page and sidebar, so the user is forced to click Checkout / Proceed to Checkout to then get to the checkout page. Then they can see the paypal button in the checkout page but also get the opportunity to fill in all the needed info beforehand.

I actually had a similar issue to this in an eCommerce store I worked on a while back and did the same thing to fix it too. haha


I suggest that PayPal show up at the end of the flow (not in Shopping Cart)

Remove PayPal from the below image.


Done. Let’s see how this goes. Thank you for the suggestions, @Fractal and @khan.