Community help with custom subs


Unfortunately, yes. But since I was building a healing custom and Dragon Reborn was released soon after I started running that with Elixir instead (and added in Alchemist later).

And apparently it took me about 2 weeks to hit a week-long reconciliation. Of which I am still in denial, of course. :slight_smile:

I do have a little announcement that I feel might make building customs easier though. Been meaning to post it.


Hey man,

I agree with @raphael pretty much.

I think your customs are sweet man, the ones towards wealth and your gaming.

Your Ultimas are the ones I’m concerned for considering Saint said he would rather people not do a Major Core in the Ultima customs. Especially massive cores like that.

I’m sure someone on here has one but I’m not sure their results as of yet.

Really take your time with it and take people’s feedback into consideration but Ultima(tely) do what’s best for you and edit how you see fit.

I’m more than happy to try and help edit if I can and seeing how it works for you. This one looks like a journal to keep track of.


ok DR is for a 2023 build if anything doesn’t change that

wow that must have been a bit painfull

post it i want to hear this for sure


When the student is ready, the teacher appears.


yeah i know what saint said and it @blackadder that has the custom, ill remove the major in the ultima thanks for the feedback

okay would like the edit if You not busy, also appreciate the advice too


how you feeling from you khan ultima anything good from it?
also is this ultima of your something you will test long term?


First dude, these look awesome!

The points I have are minor.

First, I’d use only Deus in 1 subliminal and/or Ultima. When I repeated modules in subliminals, I ended up feeling fatigued.

How about swapping out Deus in your second subliminal for something like Eye of the Storm or Stronger or Trailblazer? Maybe swap out Deus in your second Ultima for Secret Source or Instant Business Tactician?

Second I noticed some modules that are in your Ultimas are not in your subliminals. Now this might work well, as I’ve noticed Ultima seems to have effects beyond being just a booster.

Overall :sunglasses::+1:


Which applies just as well to Palpatine and Anakin as it does to Yoda and Luke. Just saying, for me mass tagging falls in the same category as typing in all caps. Maybe it’s my posh upbringing, I also extend my pinky finger when drinking. :slight_smile:

Annoying more like. You can read it in my journal. I did very well for weeks, then suddenly I was back at square one and all my progress was gone. It’s starting to get a bit better now.

Plan ahead much? :wink:

I will when I find a moment.


Looks amazing already,
You can consider looking into

  1. Sacred Words
  2. Submodel Alpha


Thanks i think stronger is my first pick and for the ultima not sure on any of these but ill keep looking

Ive looked at both of there i want in my relationship custom sub in 2022 so ill keep there out, any other suggestions is welcome


I’d love to give advice, but as I haven’t had any experience with customs as of yet, I can’t my fellow Ninja.


oh well let once your ready i hope by then my journal can help you with making your custom


MAIN SUB #2 : replace deus with stronger

beyond limitless ultima core
iq and cognitive booster
information releaser
khronos key
ego adsum

the commander ultima core
intuition enhancer
fortune’s favorite
current invoker
positive being attractor
direct influencing aura


I’m not an expert on building customs, but I can pretty much guarantee your current suggestions are rock solid. I would suggest adding Informaticon since it amazes me the speed it manifests the info you need for the task at hand. It’s gonna help you big time in all angles. Be either inspiration for the design for characters, specific info for troubleshooting issues with the upcoming programming sessions and more.

Do consider adding Potentiator, too. Excellent choice with Sultan and PoMaQ.

Damn good choice with the main sub for game design. Bloody well done.
These are mighty powerful, mighty with a fucking big M.


Lol funny enough it was in the game design sub then moved to the ultima, i finally decided that since QL st4 has some manifestation for information just decided to leave it up to that.
I also wanted it so i can know what loop to play that would work best but am following @SaintSovereign recommendations

Good to hear that you think so thank you very much


That made me laugh not sure why.
I do agree though that Limitless Executive would be the best option especially if run with EOG.


Yeah but i cant get limitless executive as a ultima core and that suck, it would save me some space but it is what it is


You’re waiting two years to run Dragon Reborn?


Yes it the year i plan on doing some work around that area current i dont feel like i have anything that need immediate attention from dragon reborn
@JCast might move it up still not sure honestly it too early to say


That’s the annoying part, isn’t it?

A wealth sub brings you wealth, a relationship sub brings you partners and sex. Even a learning sub has something you can consider a reward.

But a health sub? Having to spend months healing, postponing those delicious rewards that the other subs can bring? That’s a challenge.

I struggle regularly while running Dragon Reborn, thinking how much more useful it would be for me to run a wealth sub right now. Or a dating sub so I can spend next Christmas having an orgy with Santa’s Helpers. :slight_smile:

But I like foundational work. And I promised myself to see what the Dragon can do for me. Other than cause reconciliation, that is.