Community help with custom subs


really well put,
For what its worth, the rewards after DR are likely to be bigger, badder, better, and more…
and you’ll be able to enjoy them more when they are there, and life more when they are not there.


As much as I’d like to help, I am really not in the right place to give advice. I’ve been busy with some things and my head’s not in the right place. Maybe it’s reconciliation or that I’m just tired from pulling all-nighters.

However, I’m pretty sure @Simon, @Malkuth, @RVconsultant and the others can give you more than enough help.

Again, I apologize if I can not be of use at this time @NinjaFox.



Anything else you’d like input on? Are you getting helpful ideas?


I’m a bit surprised that nobody mentioned Mastermind. It’s a crucial module for any kind of enterprise. I would also consider Sacred Words since it’s about influencing/persuading people by your writing.


It all cool no problem, you get your head back together


I know DR has been tempting me since the release if anything 2022 ill put it in, been thinking about it thanks


Yes i am, am just taking in everthing thanks for the advice if anything I’ll tag you if i want more advice, you very helpful


You and me both but what I always think about before doing so do I want to potentially make the same or worse mistakes? Do the foundational work like you said.


Had this in previously but since i have house of medici as a core I’ll be fine, mastermind came from that sub

I feel this will work better for a relationship module later down


I know it’s in the core of HoM but I suggested it anyway because it’s about pronouncing that crucial aspect. I suggested @Brandon that he should consider Mastermind for the same reason although he has HoM in his custom. We all want to mimic Medici (successful people) on their way to success and Mastermind (the art of planning, strategizing) is the very core of it.

Yes, but it may help in programming too since there must be some text in your applications/games.

For any kind of business, we have to connect with people and build the right (business and social) relationships therefore I would suggest adding Transcendental Connection as well. Again, I know it’s in HoM but it’s about making that aspect more pronounced.


@Voytek is right and it’s something Saint suggested. He said don’t worry about redundancy if it’s a module you want - this is also important.

If it’s a module you want, not us. It needs to work for you and exactly the way you want it to work.

If Mastermind is something you want to work with then by all means get it, if not then don’t. HoM should be enough if you’re using it alongside your stack.


Yes, if he wanted to use HoM as a major program and stack it with the customs, I wouldn’t recommend adding that module (Mastermind). I think they could issue a major title based on Mastermind since nowadays almost everybody needs an improvement in that area.


Hi @NinjaFox. What subs are you running now and which subs have you run in the past (and for how long/with what results)?

I think the answers to those questions would inform my thinking and suggestions.

Your goals and projects are really awesome and inspiring to me, personally. There are some projects I’m working on/dreaming of that are kind of peripherally related. So I’m kind of extra-rooting for you.


So i stated my journey of subliminals the start of this year
Regeneration + spartan = jan-march
Emporor fitness (all stages) february-march
Quantum limitless (all stages) april-july
Inner circle april-july
Ultimate artist april-july
Eog stage 1-4 april-july
Khan st1 july
Khan st4 + eog st4 August- october
Mind eye + eog st4 novwmber -december

This is how i planned to run each multi stage with just a little overlap from other subs
check my journal out here

also i plan on running these customs for the whole year


@NinjaFox looking foreward to hear how you get on with this custom. Do not forget to take breaks, i was foolish enough to always run my subs without breaks and it got to a point where I was stone walling and nothing was happening.


Thanks for the advice will keep in mind


I’m also creating my first custom sub, almost identical with yours :slight_smile:

Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core
Mind’s Eye Q Core
Ultimate Artist Q Core
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Index Gate
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Intuition Enhancer
Sacred Words
Submodel Alpha
The Merger of Worlds
Virtuoso di Matematica


This look nice i wanted to put polyglot in mine because i want to travel in 2022 but leaving it out for now, also the virtuoso di Matematica
Whats you goals with this sub?


I’m also in IT, a technical lead for Servers and Infrastructures.

I have a list of things I want to learn to improve and increase my value.

This covers from the technical side - windows servers, powershell scripting etc. and also interpersonal skills - presentation, communication, NLP…

Polyglot - english is not my main language, I really want to improve speaking and writing.

Virtuoso di Matematica - i fear math… especially when i was young, i want to change that, especially during presentation when my boss keep on saying what’s the percent of this and that.

Ultimate writer - i wanted to add this just don’t know what to remove, i think Ultimate artist and Sacred Words should cover it.

Going to run Limitless Executive Ultima with it.

Right now I’m still in Dragon Reborn ST2, I’ll finish by 2021 March and should be able to finalize the custom sub by then :slight_smile:


You could remove iq cognitive boost or intuition enhancer since you can rely on QL st4 for those of course the module will bring them out more up to you