Community help with custom subs


Today marks the 9th day of washout thinking of only running beyong limitless till i get my cutom sub will be placing the order for only my 2 main subs tmr so lets see what happens


Any observations on this washout?


I feel lighter, zero brain fog, my body feels normal when am on sub there a feeling something like my body is doing som kind of invisible work but that not there anymore


Ran two loop of BLU yesterday, am using this ultima only till i get my customs i ordered last night


Did 1 loop of BLU and DIAMOND, it was late plus i just want to try it, for now am feeling like this week will be fill with just experimenting but BLU will remain since ill be running that with my custom


Just got my first custom sub giving it a listen now, will start my official journal soon


What did you go with ultimately?


Nothing changed from the first main custom but in the second custom:
positive being attractor-wealth (changed from stronger)

Those two main is all i ordered for now, later will order beyond limitless ultima


Yesterday after running 1 loop of my first custom i felt reconciliation, about a hour after lots of angry and i was constantly focusing on past negatively, anyway this year going to be very interesting. Also manage to make my 2021 schdule even more focused after running the custom