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The one thing I can certainly agree with is that one should not panic about the Corona Virus



Is there a way we can take advantage of the crisis in your opinion? I thought about investing in the stock market later.


Yes, buy silver!


The pressure has been building for years now, I have to agree that we’re approaching a tipping point. Part of me has been wanting it for a long time now, as the slow descent toward planetary catastrophe has been excruciating to watch. But everything has its time. And we’ll all need to decide what part we’ll play in the coming months and years.


Then the question becomes: not knowing what shape it will take, how do you know that you are sufficiently prepared?


The short answer is: you don’t. The long answer is: you probably can’t be.

Look at the hysteria and panic buying and profiteering going on now, and why? Fear. And so far virtually nothing has actually happened, both infected and fatality numbers are way lower than regular flu, everything is due to “an abundance of caution”, and yet people are afraid. How will people react when it becomes real? What will they do if there are genuine food shortages, and not just toilet paper shortages? How will you react if that happens? And now that I’ve planted that fear in your mind, what will you do now?

You can prepare to some extent but there’s no way of predicting the real impact, or the extent of the disruption, or how your neighbor will act when he’s afraid for his family.

The chances are if things get really bad, nothing we do now will actually be enough.

Of course maybe nothing will happen. This could all blow over in a couple of months and we’ll all go back to the systematic destruction of our planet.


You’re making it very hard for me to stay in control of my state, even with EQ. I really don’t like that feeling. Feeling like that has a tendency to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.


That’s fear. That’s the biggest enemy of all, and it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you fear you make real.

That’s your real question. How do you prepare for fear? Ultimately you need to find that answer inside you.

My only suggestion is to look for meaning beyond yourself, something you’d give everything for.


Incidentally, this is how people are controlled, manipulated into doing the most unimaginable things. Fear. It’s part of our hard-wired survival strategy to consider the worst. It’s a tool that’s been used to accrue power probably since we first started communicating as a species.


If it’s fear, then what exactly do I fear: the unknown, the possibility of being unprepared or the feeling of helplessness that comes from knowing there’s actually nothing left to do and I might as well just hold on for dear life and hope I come out on the other side?

You know, @Hermit started this thread out with a message of hope. It certainly took a dark turn.


Ultimately it doesn’t really matter. We know what other people do when they’re afraid, the only important question is what you will do.

The hope comes back when you learn to look past the fear. Fear is normal and natural, but it doesn’t need to define you or your actions.


So going full circle, how will you prepare? Will it be fear based, hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer, or will it be something more constructive?


I will keep doing what I’m doing regardless of the circumstances. I have no expectations honestly. I will give myself empowering thoughts to produce the emotions that will drive the actions that will produce the results I’m looking for, while beta males are fighting over a pallet of A$$-wipe. :grinning:


My hope is that all this drives long term changes.

Look at what’s happening in places where industrial output had been drastically cut, where people are seeing blue skies and breathing fresh air again. As long as people are buying toilet paper they’re not buying all the other useless junk they don’t need. More resources stay in the ground, and fewer pollutants in the environment.

Look at what’s happening in normally busy tourist locations, like Venice, where the water is starting to become clear again as the tourist numbers drop. Tourism at the scale we’ve seen these recent years has been hugely damaging to both the environment and sensitive cultures. Drastically fewer flights would also have a significant effect on CO2 emissions.

Look at what’s happening in major cities everywhere, as more people are working from home. Fewer cars on the road, less CO2 in the air, less traffic, less crowding on trains, lower commuting costs, and more time with the family. If this drives long term changes it can also allow many people to move away from dense population centers, thereby reducing pressure on house prices and possibly allow smaller communities to thrive again.

Look at the awareness people are developing for contagious diseases and how to prevent spreading them. How many lives will be saved during the next flu season because of that awareness.

Of course all of these have countless flow-on effects, both positive and negative, and would drive massive changes everywhere. But I see all of these as positive steps if they continued long term.


The universe doesn’t do plan B’s you guys. Have faith, have trust, enjoy the revolution - it’ll be epic!


But it does have plan A1 through A99. :slight_smile:

The two concepts that (in my perception) the universe exists on, are choice and balance. Where there is order, there is chaos. Where there is good, there is bad. And where there is plan A, there’s 99 different choices we can make to figure out how we enact that plan, even if the end result is the same.

I agree with bujin that those are some very positive things. But also consider that the loss of industry, tourism and costs associated with cars is propagating the economic collapse. Look at the markets, or at the EUR/USD, or banks charging interest on saving because they want people to spend it. I don’t like the monetary economy, but it is part of our world right now.

People working from home is a good thing, it’s not like modern society was very in-person social anymore to begin with. I wonder if it “sticks” though, or if people everywhere go right back to their commute the day the all clear is given.

Same goes for awareness. Human beings are notorious for not learning from their past. It is extremely likely whatever awareness is gained now will be lost by flu season.

But I shall take the positive things and let go of the negative ones. As the Persian saying goes:

This too, shall pass.


When you look at it from a 3D conscious perspective, yes their are infinite possibilities how it is going to work out. But I mean at the root of the cause which has and effect there’s only plan A and that’s the plan that’s going to work out.

The universe, god is only ONE. God controls everything and anything. Evil is god, good is god. All is god.


Enjoy the experience, don’t think too much. Be in a state of observation, there’s nothing to prepare for as the universe has already prepared for you. Everyone is where he needs to be on the path.


I recently read an article talking about how that which we think of as God is actually the collective consciousness of those of us that ascend in the nearby future, guiding our past selves from the future to help us become them.

Trying to wrap my mind around the temporal fluidity thing is a doozy. :slight_smile: