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In the short term, yes. In the long term, the economy will simply transform. I do have hope for the changes to come, but none of this will be painless, we’re too far along for that and the re-balancing needed will probably be severe, at least for a time.

I’ll leave the blissful trust in God to @Hermit, I have my own path to follow.


I’ll give you this one then, such a powerful image and the ending of a documentary series I think everybody should watch even if for no other reason than to get educated.

Actually makes me cry to watch. Don’t know why, but it does. Maybe it’s because more than anything I want to see Jacque Fresco’s vision come true in my lifetime.


No reason to keep thinking within a box. Our current society and all structures along with it will completely change. Economically speaking there’s money enough for all of us to live as kings - it just has been stolen from us by the elites. What happens when someone steals something from you? They’ll need to return it… There’s your money at! There’s plenty for all of us.

It’s going to be big! I’m concerned about the social aspects, I see way to many unconscious people and that’s we’re I’m working on. And trust me that’s not there fault, it’s mainly the way we’ve been programmed from birth on to be ignorant about the subjects we SHOULD look into. Not to mention all the disinformation.

But all of that doesn’t matter anymore. So yeah. We’re ready for a revolution. Our earth will align with the central sun on the 19th of March, expect some insane energies coming in.

You can see this star in the skies right now, it’s the most bright one in the entire sky literally 10 times bigger and 100 times brighter then all other stars. Use a skyview application and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Money only has value because there’s a massive discrepancy in how much people have. Those that believe they don’t have enough do whatever they have to to get it, those with a lot use it as a tool to control those that want it, by offering some in exchange for their service. If everyone has the same amount then it loses value (and power) because demand for it goes away. So it won’t allow us all to live as kings if we spread it around. Instead it would simply be replaced by some other measure of value that people will be convinced they need.


Your doing it again - thinking at the conscious level we’re currently living in.

Everything you currently know, all the reflections of our current reality WILL change. There won’t be no currency, no money.

Everything we need has been provided for free by our planet on top of that we’ll utilize generator technology to generate anything that we need besides that. Duality will cease to exist, we’ll live in unity as a pack all humans together exploring and thus evolving throughout our universe.


Duality is the source of all chaos. If we’d all be working together in order to evolve in the most efficient way possible we wouldn’t be living like we’re living right now. It’s not because a few hypocritical, soulless dis-compassionate, narcissists without empathy lie to you, steal from you, angry you that you have to look to your fellow humans and do the same to them.

If someone steals from you, do you steal from someone else to get your stolen goods back? Hell no take it back from the thief’s. They stole our freedom, our sovereignty, our compassion our material needs, everything. Now it’s time to get back what’s our and put these people behind bars we’re they belong.


Good luck with your journey to unity.

I’m afraid I’ll be declining any kool-aid being offered.


All Deep State Celebrities are being affected with Corona Virus because of the Andrenochrome which they have been using for ages!

  • Good job, POTUS!


Does it make sense to take MCT Oil even if you are not following a ketogenic diet


Of course it does. Medium Chain Fats is the best fuel for the brain.

It comes with many additional benefits as well.


This one should be obvious: Amazon.

They’ll be doing a lot of business over the next few months. Stock price has gone up nearly 20% in the last week alone.


Here is a quote I wanna share that captivates the essence of Zeland’s Reality Transsurfing book quite accurately.

“Nothing can be achieved by the mind pressuring the heart. Neither can you generate will to have with intent when you are riding an emotional high. The things that belong to you seem mundane and you take them for granted. You handle things that are yours calmly without insistence, in the same manner that you take letters out of your post box.”
“When your will to have with intent is free of your desire to have the pendulum will have nothing to hook into.”
“Go after your goal in the same way that you go to get the post from the letter-box. What will remain of intention if you purify it of importance and desire? All that will remain is the will to have and the need to place one foot in front of the other. Stop imagining the post to be a problem and simply put one foot in front of the other in the direction of the letter box. Do not think about the problem; act, create momentum, irrespective of how things might turn out, and then the problem will be resolved in the process.”


12D is already here.


There is to be made a distinctive difference between densities and dimensions. Whilst there is certainly opportunity to reach a state of 12-Dimensional consciousness on top of the Himalayan Mountains after a long period of meditation, we’re still living in a 3-Dimensional and 4-Dimensional Density.

It’s worthwhile to mention that we’re shifting into a 5-Dimensional Density, which is already accessible but not with the physical body.

Look at what is happening with Gaia:


As a matter of fact while we raise in consciousness and density our capability of processing subliminal suggestion will improve dramatically. Until we reach a point where subliminal’s won’t be needed anymore, we’ll be able to access 100% of our consciousness … while of course being conscious.


This seems to be very fitting in the current times


I don’t know if this is the right thread for this, but since Hermit can talk best about it, I figured I would post it here.

I saw somebody wonder what Hermit meant when he indicated the Great Work. So as my last post of today, this is my interpretation of magic uses.

First, there’s Alchemy, the alchemical process of transformation and healing the past, using a lot of fire, what used to be called the Secret Fire to transform and change all the things within ourselves that are holding us back from achieving our highest potential and a body of light. The past, the pain, the beliefs, anything that keeps us “stuck”. This is The Great Work, or the process of Illumination (and ascension). This is High Magic.

No surprise why SubClub is so enamored with the term Alchemy. It’s pretty much what they do, change us from within by “burning” away that which keeps us stuck.

The next level is shamanism. Using visualization, plant medicine, using liminal and altered states to “go into” different levels of reality, in order to converse with other beings, many of which are usually found in our fantasy and fiction books (keep in mind that just because something looks like a dragon or fairy or elf doesn’t mean that’s what it actually looks like, it’s just how our mind translates its energy into an image). These beings can guide them, answering questions about their own lives or the lives of others (channeling). In some cases it can help establish an empathic bond so strong it allows the shaman to take on some of the properties of whatever they are connecting with by partially “becoming” it (shapeshifting).

A little note on the shape-shifting, this doesn’t have to mean a shaman changes onto a wolf for example. It could mean they can see like a wolf, or smell like a wolf, or run like a wolf. They wouldn’t have to grow fur and paws for that. Some native stories talk of a man walking barefoot next to a wolf, then jumping over an obstacle far higher than you’d expect was humanly possible and landing on the other side to continue walking with the animal. More common are stories of animal “whisperers” that can sense what is going on inside the mind of the animal. These applications are pure empathy, and can be done with another human being as well. Word of warning, as a man don’t empathically connect to a woman during her menstrual period. You may find new compassion for her, but like many things women experience, men are very much unprepared. :slight_smile:

This level is something that we were all born with, but have collectively forgotten. In theory each of us can empathically connect to others or enter into altered states without the use of chemical substances. All we’d need to do is remember how.

So in learning this level, you are learning how to get back in touch with what you were born to be. It may be hard to imagine, but there are guides out there trying to get our attention, wanting to help. We just don’t hear them. We forgot how to.

Finally, the “lowest” level is what we know as the classical wizardry and witchcraft. Essentially the art of manifestation. Combining your mind, your fire and strong intention, emotion(!) and clarity to manifest.

What you are doing looking through the veil or illusion at what it is you really want (everything is already out there somewhere) and once the image is completely clear, projecting that with absolute focus into your reality, then step into that reality. You are not bringing it to you, you are bringing yourself to it. And in theory there is no limit to how large the shift in reality is, provided you can maintain it and believe it. Zero doubts. Which is why small things tend to be a lot easier compared to large things like going from sick to health instantly or from living in poverty to living in wealth. You are usually getting in your own way.

EDIT: It also explains why affirmations use the “I am” statements so often and why yoga and taoist mantra’s don’t say things like “I am healthy” or “I am healed” but rather “I am health.” (or even just the word “Health” over and over)
They connect to a state of pure health. Not a healed body, but just plain health. It is its own thing. Or wealth. Or abundance.

So: the High Magic of alchemical transmutation into lumination, the shamanic journeys that facilitate reclaiming your awareness as an interdimensional being and commune with other beings and the art of magical manifestation.

Those are the three levels of “magic” as I have come to know them. I’m sure others may correct me or improve on these definitions. I am by no means an expert.


So can I view things through the perspective of other people through shapeshifting? E.g. If I want to learn to be the best at basketball, I shapeshift so that I can play and think like Michael Jordan? Is that the way it works?


All right, my last last post of today.

You would identify so completely with Michael Jordan in his prime that you take on his skills and abilities, yes. Some of which you can learn from and absorb into yourself. You wouldn’t be “in his head” so to speak, you would observe his state at a certain point, duplicate that and mirror it. And once it makes sense and is obvious to you, any beliefs or convictions that indicate you weren’t able to do that thing will disappear and be replaced.

It’s where the past life thing comes from. How people claim they were somebody in their past lives and it led them to be a certain person now or have certain characteristics now. Even though more than one person can claim to have been the same individual.

Some part of them identified with that person and took something it found useful. We actually do it a lot more than you would think (or are aware of). Raikov is a more scientific approach to it, but essentially it is a form of empathy, which falls in the category of shamanistic magic.

The “advanced” form is what you see in couples that have been together for so long they are able to sense each other’s moods or even finish each other’s sentences. They are essentially aligned at that level. Meaning they don’t actually read each other’s minds, they just think the exact same thing at the exact same time. But that is a form that requires involvement/willingness from the other party.

In the case of the story of the shaman and the wolf, the wolf would have accepted the temporary bond and companionship, allowing the shaman to do things that seem humanly impossible. Since it is unlikely you and Michael Jordan can co-create the experience together, you may not be able to jump higher than your body would physically be capable like that shaman could.

But you may be able to forego many practice throws and go from an average player to somebody that hits nothin’ but net much faster than people think is possible, because you essentially integrate the experience gained from years of playing into yourself.

And if you do such a meditation often, you may find your muscles start developing as if you have been playing for years. You may wake up one morning with muscle-aches in your legs you would get from being on the court all day long, or you endurance may start improving even though you didn’t do much cardio. In order to be congruent with the memories and skills you are identifying with, your body would start adapting. Similarly to how somebody can be convinced they are on fire and you can see the blisters appear on the skin. Or a woman that believes with so much conviction she is pregnant, her body starts producing pregnancy hormones and breast milk. These examples have been documented. The body adapts to its reality if it has no other choice.

Why do you think visualization is considered such an important skill? It’s the first step in shifting outside of your own limited perception.

In truth, learning really doesn’t have to be hard. Many children instinctively know the answers to math questions and other hard stuff, but are not able to explain why. So the adults say they must be cheating and train that ability out of them. When in fact, they were just connecting to the answer. Why re-invent the wheel?


Just got recommended to me and it is worth every second of it

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