Consciousness Exploration - Project Disclosure 2020


In the short term, yes. In the long term, the economy will simply transform. I do have hope for the changes to come, but none of this will be painless, we’re too far along for that and the re-balancing needed will probably be severe, at least for a time.

I’ll leave the blissful trust in God to @Hermit, I have my own path to follow.


I’ll give you this one then, such a powerful image and the ending of a documentary series I think everybody should watch even if for no other reason than to get educated.

Actually makes me cry to watch. Don’t know why, but it does. Maybe it’s because more than anything I want to see Jacque Fresco’s vision come true in my lifetime.


No reason to keep thinking within a box. Our current society and all structures along with it will completely change. Economically speaking there’s money enough for all of us to live as kings - it just has been stolen from us by the elites. What happens when someone steals something from you? They’ll need to return it… There’s your money at! There’s plenty for all of us.

It’s going to be big! I’m concerned about the social aspects, I see way to many unconscious people and that’s we’re I’m working on. And trust me that’s not there fault, it’s mainly the way we’ve been programmed from birth on to be ignorant about the subjects we SHOULD look into. Not to mention all the disinformation.

But all of that doesn’t matter anymore. So yeah. We’re ready for a revolution. Our earth will align with the central sun on the 19th of March, expect some insane energies coming in.

You can see this star in the skies right now, it’s the most bright one in the entire sky literally 10 times bigger and 100 times brighter then all other stars. Use a skyview application and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Money only has value because there’s a massive discrepancy in how much people have. Those that believe they don’t have enough do whatever they have to to get it, those with a lot use it as a tool to control those that want it, by offering some in exchange for their service. If everyone has the same amount then it loses value (and power) because demand for it goes away. So it won’t allow us all to live as kings if we spread it around. Instead it would simply be replaced by some other measure of value that people will be convinced they need.


Your doing it again - thinking at the conscious level we’re currently living in.

Everything you currently know, all the reflections of our current reality WILL change. There won’t be no currency, no money.

Everything we need has been provided for free by our planet on top of that we’ll utilize generator technology to generate anything that we need besides that. Duality will cease to exist, we’ll live in unity as a pack all humans together exploring and thus evolving throughout our universe.


Duality is the source of all chaos. If we’d all be working together in order to evolve in the most efficient way possible we wouldn’t be living like we’re living right now. It’s not because a few hypocritical, soulless dis-compassionate, narcissists without empathy lie to you, steal from you, angry you that you have to look to your fellow humans and do the same to them.

If someone steals from you, do you steal from someone else to get your stolen goods back? Hell no take it back from the thief’s. They stole our freedom, our sovereignty, our compassion our material needs, everything. Now it’s time to get back what’s our and put these people behind bars we’re they belong.


Good luck with your journey to unity.

I’m afraid I’ll be declining any kool-aid being offered.


All Deep State Celebrities are being affected with Corona Virus because of the Andrenochrome which they have been using for ages!

  • Good job, POTUS!


Does it make sense to take MCT Oil even if you are not following a ketogenic diet


Of course it does. Medium Chain Fats is the best fuel for the brain.

It comes with many additional benefits as well.


This one should be obvious: Amazon.

They’ll be doing a lot of business over the next few months. Stock price has gone up nearly 20% in the last week alone.