[CONTEST] And the winner is... (and get your free gift here)


Theoretically, much more potent due to the build and scripting method. With Ultima, certain things are split into separate “threads,” where they get much more focus. I’m gonna stop there, because @Fire will bop me if I don’t.


OH and Thank you for the gift, it is really amazing what you guys put out on the market and all the benefits people get from it! :slight_smile:

Happy holidays all! :point_left:


Nah, you’re good. This one is based on that.


Wow a lot of us were WAY off…did not expect this :joy:

@SaintSovereign I don’t quite understand how I’d use SMX Ultima differently from Libertine.


Alright,thanks alot.thats good to know(^-^)and thanks for diamond.sounds like it will be good to pair with my sex mastery ultima custom


Would have never imagined something like this being given away free.


Oh, also other question! :raising_hand_man:

Diamond can be used as a way to boost libido and sexual energy?


Libertine is 90% aura. It doesn’t have a lot of sexual mastery training in it, or even direct sexual enhancement. When you see people reporting amazing sexual encounters on Libertine, it’s due to the aura causing everyone’s libido to skyrocket.

SMX is focused on enhancing your sexual technique to maximize pleasure for you and your partner.

Diamond focuses on boosting libido, enhancing erections, improved blood flow to erogenous zones and maximizing pleasure due to physical touch, rather than technique.


Yep, take a look at:


So who’s looping Diamond Ultima + Dreams Ultima tonight? :wink:

Merry Christmas :hugs:


Did not expect to come to SC to buy a rock-hard erections subliminal. One of the funniest days at SubClub so far :crazy_face:

Also did PSITU make Libertine Ultima obsolete or something?


Nope. Libertine is 90% aura, and since it’s pure aura, it’ll execute faster and harder than a blended subliminal like PSITU. It’s just a different tool, depending on the person. We’ll probably rewrite some of the copy to make this clear.

For example, if I were out trying to get women, I’d much prefer a pure aura sub without any seduction scripting influencing my personality. I don’t really have a problem approaching women, nor do I have an issue starting conversations with women. My problem was (since I’m in a relationship now) identifying when women were subtly flirting. Libertine makes their flirtations much more overt, which prompts me to act.

Some people, however, may not have an issue identifying when a person is flirting. Their issue could be approach anxiety, or clever banter, etc. PSITU helps with that. We simply enhanced the aura that was already there with Libertine’s aura.

Different tools, same outcome.

LibertineU vs. PSITU?

Ah. I see. That makes this MUCH clearer! Now I can see what I’d get and what I wouldn’t. Thanks!


Story of my life… damn…


I am subdued by my over analytical mind. As Tool said in their song “Lateralus”:
“Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind
Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I must
Feed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines.”

Quite disappointed of me-self for not simply drawing to the conclusion that Diamonds are the hardest materials on earth. For F*sake, I used to use those for deep drilling (or raping as I like to say) the earth for black gold.

On another note; lately, I have been contemplating something like this, even ran into @SaintSovereign’s comment about social media hijacking his and our sexual energy and that he (they) would not implement semen retention in any of their major titles, as that would enforce a way of life.

Most excited and I shall be picking this up.

I honestly can’t come up with words to express my fascination, nay, admiration to this enterprise, perhaps I shall edit this later once UA, BLU and QL brings forth sets a grounding foundation of my inner dicitionary; Gentlemen and ladies behind the scenes (thanks for the women to women scripting of Seductress). Simply, Thank you.

Saint, you are a damn saint, hehehe :grin::grin::grin: What a perfect way to pre-initiate the new year for this company. I just wish that I am in that locale of this journey to financially invest and become a part of your boundless vision.

Happy freaking new year Gentlemen; let us all start the new calendar with a big freaking BANG


Thanks for Christmas Gift!
Would like to wish you guys Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Stay healthy, stay safe.


I know it’s unisex and all, but the most important question still is …

Does Diamond Ultima contain any Male Enhancement scripting?

Will my Diamond increase in carat size with regular use?



Yes, in the sense that it’ll improve blood flow to the point that it maximizes every carat you have. There’s also “optimization” scripting, which will help carat size. :wink:


Hey, wait a minute there… Should we expect to be buying new diamonds for our beloved here? Makes me think if this is some grand scheme articulated by SC and the blood diamonds cartel. You guys didn’t go to the ever-eluding darkside have you; luring us with a free aphrodisiac elixir of ecstasy only to end up spending thousand in other channels. :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, Thanks :slight_smile:


I was thinking the same as I posted the question. Enlargement is ultimately about increasing and retaining blood flow. :ok_hand:t2:

This certainly enhances the product’s value for when it goes full price in 2021.