[CONTEST] And the winner is... (and get your free gift here)


Libertine is for manifesting people who you would love to bed

Primal Seduction (Standard, Iron Throne and Ultima) are for seducing them into the bedroom

Sex Mastery Ultima is for bedroom skills

And Diamond Ultima is to rock your bed with diamond hard pleasure (hers and yours)

Merry XXXmas guys :grin::grin::grin:

My wishes to Subclub too. Thank you, @SaintSovereign, @Fire and the Subclub team. As much as I have a long way to go, I have come farther than I have hoped to thanks to the powerful mind programming technology here. Am grateful for you guys and my friends in this awesome forum


No no.

We should expect our beloveds to be buying new diamonds for us. :wink:


Hello! When may we expect this hit the Q Store


Hmm…I just realized. All these titles have the healing components removed.

You know why that’s okay? Because Dragon Reborn is taking care of the healing. :wink:


@SubliminalUser - I have this feeling that similar to Dragon Reborn having an Ultima version, and now Primal Seduction IT and Sex Mastery also having Ultima versions, that Khan, Emperor, etc could also end up having Ultima versions without healing components :thinking:


The lines between Ultima and mains are seriously going to get blurred if that keeps up…


Either replacing Q tech with Ultima or be complimentary technologies. The latter case being: use Q tech for a while and use Ultima for quick effects


And Ultima effects can be quite different from the Q version.

Case in point: Stark


But see, there will be Q+ and U+ for everything eventually…


Was considering running Stark Ultima and StarkQ together. But my goals aren’t matching that stack currently

If anyone did, I hope they can shed some light on how that stack worked out


My life is parties, women and cash.

Parties I can never get into, women I can never date and cash I never have.



Haha that cracked me up.

Well, we have a secret weapon now. :sunglasses:


I misread that as " women’s panties"


And Diamond and Sex Mastery Ultima are for eating -dinner and desert :slight_smile:


just so I’m clear does this mean potential for long term larger than before :eggplant: gains?
Or just maxing out with what one’s working with?


I’m surprised, way too surprised.
But it’s a lovely surprise! I even come from winning a poker match with a full house when everyone made all-in.
And now this. EXCELLENT!

Will try to bought the other two bad boys later in this week.
This gun b gud

Just bought the three pack. Screw it
Best goddamn christmas evar


From PSITU sales page
“Exclusive to Primal Seduction is the new Supreme Rebirth module — a module so complex we considered releasing it as it’s OWN product.”
Was it mistakenly put there, or it has the Supreme Rebirth in Ultima form?


These are the same point.

Regular maxing out leads to growth over time – when supported by nutrition, hydration, intention, and nofaption. :blush:

Like pumping muscles. :thinking:


Supreme Rebirth isn’t in PSITQ either. That text is from the original PS salespage.


If you play your cards right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: