[CONTEST] And the winner is... (and get your free gift here)


Has Sex MasteryU a stronger focus on PE than the previous versions?


I knew I wouldn’t win so I didn’t even try


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

No matter how slim your chances, always go for it.


But we all really did win this time!
Diamond Ultima is an incredible Christmas present!
(And I should’ve guessed it. I suggested the need as a module a while ago.)

Iron Throne & Sex Mastery X now in Ultima is a dream come true!


This is pretty awesome! Thanks for the freebie and all the awesome work that you and Fire do, it is very much appreciated. It must feel really good being super cool awesome dudes :sunglasses::wink:


will people who bought SM and PSIT get the update?


They were separate to purchase hence the discount on now
as another “gift” with Diamond ultima.
But it is a great question: will any updates be made to corresponding q subs?
I do hope Diamond and IT becomes Q modules at some point.


If you mean these new Ultimas, it has been answered above…


Thank you! It looks interesting and although I think I don’t need this kind of stuff I’ll give it a shot since it may take my sex life to the next level. :sunglasses:

@ichigo Congratulations! :heart_eyes:


I’m going to try out PS IT combined with my Khan+Medici+SS custom :slight_smile: I think they will stack well since Khan’s scripting includes PS. Also I can’t wait to try Diamond out! Must be amazing!


Let us know how it went…


But you got the healing with the version you got


@JCast @Apollo @Brandon @Neurokinetic

I owe you all an explanation…

When I first posted

I didn’t know what it was. So when I found out, I had a moment of

@WhiteTiger had a good guess

Yes, a specific problem solver.

However, I do hope this will help you guys.

Diamond is probably the hardest natural substance known.

I really believe this is a break through for us guys. After all @Neurokinetic if you’re swinging the hardest natural substance known, that should help your recovery!

Now your cock
Can chisel rock

Well, metaphorically.


@RVconsultant Well intended wishful thinking


Yes now with Diamond Ultima, you too can be as strong as the Hudzen 10



I wanted so much to mention Diamond Ultima to you when you posted about wanting something for erections. So now, Diamond Ultima is official. I’m guessing it might be what you want.


Diamond Ultima as a christmas gift? Awesome!!! Thanks @Fire and @SaintSovereign!!
Sex Mastery Ultima at half price? Fucking great!!!
PSIT Ultima half price?? Why not!!?

I have the 3 titles in my stash… ready for the perfect moment


First loops of Diamond Ultima be like:


Be warned that PSIT-U may be far more Sexual, and …
as different from PSIT-Q,
as StarkU is from StarkQ.



Thank you very much for the free Diamond-sub!
I´m closing in on 50 so a push in that departement is always needed.

I also grabbed the SM Ultima at half the price. After 15 years with the same woman it will be fun to spice things up a bit!