Count Your Blessings


I’m grateful for everyone who has helped me make my custom.
I’m grateful for my boyfriend.
I’m grateful for my company who trust me.
I’m grateful for the guy who helps me out.
I’m grateful for the friends I do have who have great qualities and I can count on.
I’m grateful for the subs I get to use every day to make my life better.
I’m grateful for the money I have at this time to get people presents - I truly attribute this to Stark.
I’m grateful for Stark, I feel like it changed me massively out of any sub.
I’m grateful for my dance ability.
I’m grateful that I get to do what I love for a job, even if it’s lockdown I get to teach.


Greatful SC forum has people who are thoughtful in feeling and in ideas they bring to it!


I am grateful some people care about me so I get some gifts from family =)! Grateful they remember me.


I’m grateful to still be alive, to still be in the game, to look forward to a better future. Maybe there’s more.

I’m truly grateful for that.


I’m grateful that i’m alive and have the ability to get better every day