COWolfe ascending (Ascension based custom and universal results enhancement)


I’m not sure. I can’t really attribute it to anything concrete in my life at the moment. I do feel like I’m successful now, but that could be any combination of things I put in there.

  • One thing I’ve been wondering about. It seems like a lot of people on here have very intense dreams just about every night. I almost never dream, or at least almost never remember them. I will usually have one or two when I first start a new sub, but that didn’t happen this time. Anybody have a clue why I might be like this?

  • It’s strange. It seems like every other day I feel something while I’m running my subs. One day, I’ll feel that kind of surreal feeling that tells me that the sub has my subconscious’s attention, and the next day I feel like I’m just listening to noise.

  • I am increasingly feeling the energy effects on both subs. It feels like chills going up my spine and then spreading all over my body. I get it constantly while both Dominus and URE bare playing.


that’s so interesting, I just listen, forget, and do other things
In my mind its like magic noise-just make sure I can hear it and good things will happen.

I can note the distinction your talking about it now that you mention it, I’m going to pay more attention.

Have you noticed any difference in your results/experience for that day on days when “it has your subconscious’s attention” vs when your listening to noise?


I almost never remember my dreams, I wake up blank.

I’ve had a few very obviously sub oriented dreams.

I don’t have any real knowledge on it but I believe it has to do with acetylcholine levels and/or reception as a major factor on a neurochemical level.

It may be that initially your subconsious wants your conscious attention to notice or process things, and then takes care of the rest on it’s own.


Good question. I may notice a bit more of a result on the day after it feels like nothing, but I couldn’t say for sure. At the moment I’m feeling a bit of a plateau (not falling for it subconscious), so it’s difficult to tell. Also, for the time being most of my days are so much the same that I don’t always have a great opportunity to see a lot of the results I’m getting in action.

  • First of my usual two nights off. I’m having anger come up a bit, and I feel restless. Most of my night at work involves doing nothing other than staying awake. I don’t have a problem with that anymore, but the forms of entertainment available to me are no longer holding my attention for long. I switch from thing to thing all night in search of something that can hold my attention and kill some time. Nothing satisfies. I have a strong sense of energy, and an impression that I should be doing something. I have no idea what exactly I should be doing at this point though.

  • I’ve read that it’s recommended to take one week off of subs every seven. I’m not sure if that means do seven weeks and then take the eighth off, or do six and take the seventh off. I think I’m going to go with the former. That gives me eight weeks, or a nice even two months per cycle. I’ll run my subs next week, and take the last week in August off.

  • I’m still considering having both of my customs rebuilt in Terminus. I am planning to replace the last day of two Q loops with one loop at Terminus. Has anyone done anything like that? If so, can tho tell me about your results?

  • I actually remember a dream for once. I dreamed I was going back to college, and I was the age I am, but I was going to be living in the dorms. It was a college I have actually worked and that was true in the dream, but the setting was vastly different. The buildings were much bigger and oddly mall like. I had moved from far away and hadn’t brought much stuff. The dream involved me wandering around going through some kind of orientation.

  • And another dream. This is what usually happens when I start a new sub. I’ll have two or three in very close succession.
    There was some kind of ghost or demon or something in the house that was throwing objects around the kitchen and living room. It started small, and I suspected something was wrong. It was when it pitched a full coffee can halfway across the room that I said “uh oh, we have a problem” to my wife.
    I tried to do some kind of majickal ritual to get rid of it, but when I pulled in the power to start it, the energy in the room was somehow so heavy that it made it so I couldn’t lift my arms to the starting position of the ritual. I tried several times with the same result. Anybody have a clue on this one?

  • My wife yet again went off on me over something minor. I talked to her the next day and said that she was starting to be overly critical again and that if that became as regular as it used to be, I would be leaving her. I don’t want to do that, but I don’t deserve to be treated that way, and I don’t have to put up with it.

  • During my days off my mind was really digging at that fear of attention that I mentioned. I had some negative feelings creep up, but it wasn’t that bad and these things really do need to come to light to be dealt with.

  • I felt great right after my loops last night, but had a bit of depression crop up a few hours later. It might be a touch of reconciliation. This wasn’t happening before, and it’s nothing I can’t handle. This is the last week ON week in my eight week cycle anyway and I’m going to rest next week.

  • I’ve really started to work on my plans for next year. As of right now, my mission is to get a new job in the field I’ve always wanted to be in. I’ve stagnated in this job too long, and it’s time to get a real career back going. I talked about this before, but I think that I got the sub for the actual job search nailed down. I’ve got to do thee things to get where I want to be. Or in a different field, but I have no clue what that would be.
    Manifest the right opportunity, pass a written test, excel at a very formalized panel interview. That last part is what has been the killer for me and many other people. There are other phases, sometimes including a physical test as well. My two primary concerns are finding the right opportunity to apply somewhere that I don’t get blown out of the water by the competition, and not only passing the interview, but scoring high enough that I’m ahead of the competition.
    My preliminary design:

  1. Emperor Core
  2. Minds Eye Core
  3. Alpha Body Language
  4. Invincible Presence
  5. Godlike Masculinity
  6. Leader of Men
  7. Transcendental Connection
  8. Lion VI
  9. Total nonchalance
  10. Ultimate Writer (sometimes the apps and tests require writing)
  11. IQ and Cognitive Booster
  12. Virtuoso di Mathematica
  13. Dominion
  14. Informaticon
  15. Information Releaser
  16. Limit destroyer
  17. Mastermind
  18. Potentiator
  19. Steadfast
  20. Mosaic

That should pretty well cover everything.
I heard a couple times that Sex and Seduction had the effect of really helping some people’s sales skills. I might put that in place of Minds eye because an interview is much like making a sale, and that’s my biggest sticking point. There are of course potential side effects to that one, but I shall endure them. :wink:

I’m sure I’ll modify this as circumstances change and new modules come out between now and January.


As I was falling asleep last night, I had a couple of very intense mini dreams. One I barely remember, but I was driving down a very dark road at night. Some kind of animal crossed the road and right by where it disappeared I noticed that there was a very weird and creepy looking guy standing there. He kind of radiated menace. The next one, I was driving down a dark road again. I saw something fall off of an overpass ahead of me. It was a deer which landed on its feet, but when I got closer I saw that it looked mutated or something, and it was covered with these black growths.
Both of these caused me to wake with a start, and I felt that adrenaline surge feeling in my chest. That hasn’t happened from a dream since my early twenties.

  • I am no longer working 72 hours a week because my company has hired more people. That is bad. Working this much has allowed me to replace my wife’s income while she waits for her disability. It’s not here yet, and without that overtime I don’t make enough to keep the bills paid.
    I had been feeling remarkably little stress about it, but tonight during my second set of loops, the stress really broke through. It wasn’t quite as bad as it has been in the past, but it was worse than I’ve felt in quite some time. I really feel that the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I feel it all the time, but most of the time since I’ve been using good subs, I feel that I’m up to carrying it. I have been too. Every time it’s looked like we were really going to crash and burn, I’ve been able to pull something off that pulled it out. It was a combination of me being able to find a solution and the right thing manifesting at the right time.
    My self talk was interesting. It got pretty negative about what happened for a little bit. It wasn’t down on myself like it has been in the past, just fear of bad things happening. It didn’t last long though. It turned to how I have always been able to get us through in the past, and would again. The two concepts seemed to struggle for a while, and now after writing this I feel better.
    The phrase “there is a solution, it is solved” went through my head, and after a few minutes it calmed me down.

  • I’m definitely having some reconciliation, that explains the stress. Dominus has done a very good job of increasing my sense of self worth. I feel great about myself now. Where I am having trouble is gaining any sense of optimism about the future. While I think I’m awesome, I am having trouble seeing good outcomes happening no matter what I do. That’s why I have lost sight of the goals that I’ve had my sights on for years. Truth be told, the future really appears blank to me right now and has for a while. I wasn’t sure why that would be the case, but now I have a clue.
    Before, when I set a goal that would be a real achievement, there was always a sense that I was kind of just pretending that I could achieve it, and never really expected to. That’s why when I actually had some success I self sabotaged out of it. It seems that some part of this script is actually pushing on that and it’s pushing back. Very interesting.
    Tomorrow is my last sub night before I take a week off. We’ll see what some bloom does for this issue.

  • When I woke up this afternoon, the phrase “you are a king” was going through my head over and over. It seemed that it was in response to something negative, but I don’t remember what that was. I get the sense that my subconscious is stirred up right now, and things are happening.
    Question for the more experienced: Is now a good time to take my week break, or should I keep going since new things are happening?

  • Since I would normally be off subs for the last two nights anyway, this is the first real day of my week break. I don’t feel too much different at this point.

  • I am no longer getting the overtime that I was relying on in order to get us through however long a period that my wife doesn’t have an income. This could be bad. I am amazed at what I’m calling the stress blocking effect of these subs. I feel a bit of stress, but it’s a pale shadow of what I’ve felt when we were in similar positions in the past. It’s like it’s allowed to get to a certain level to let me know that some kind of action is needed, but not beyond that.
    I was thinking about things tonight, and my strongest thought was that the universe always gives us what we need. Throughout this whole thing, that’s been true, but now I’m having some level of faith in it.

  • I have been taking action. I’ve applied to several companies which I might be able to work part time as a second job. That actually made me feel better pretty much immediately even though there’s no guarantee that anything I’ve done so far will yield results.


That’s awesome. Sounds like your transitioning into feeling good about what you choose to do and how you act, and someone whose ‘security’ is based in how they know themselves to be rather than feeling good only when getting a chosen outcome and having security only when the circumstances are right.


That’s about right. The situation isn’t very secure, but I am. I also think that I’m finally getting on the subconscious level that controls such things that after I’ve done everything I can, further stress and worry are harmful not helpful. I’ve always known that intellectually, but now I’m getting it viscerally.

  • Something @Hermit said on another thread struck me because it related to a conversation I had with my wife and roommate this weekend.
    I had been talking about the series of girls I’d had relationships with before the wife, and the pattern I’d had of being dumped and remaining obsessed for a long time. I said that I realized that the common denominator was me, and that none of them had been worthy of me in the first place.
    That shows a MAJOR change for the better in my sense of my own status and worth.

  • Day three off subs. I’m starting to get what some people have been saying about the script sinking in more during a break. It’s hard to describe, but while I was running the program activity I had that greater sense of self value, but it was coming from the front of my mind and it was kind of like I was repeatedly telling myself these things. Now that the constant input has paused, those thoughts have been coming from a deeper place and seems more solid. I actively think about it less and just accept it as a matter of fact that doesn’t warrant that much attention. It’s kind of like how I don’t think about my hair or eye color unless something brings it up.

  • The same goes for my body language and other habits that Dominus is installing. I noticed today that I naturally make eye contact with people I’m talking to. I was doing that during my run, but I was always thinking about it. I’m still walking straight, tall and relaxed, but it’s just how I walk now. Before I was consciously correcting it.
    I think that the process of making long term changes with subs is kind of like staining wood. You brush on a layeand then you have to let it soak in and dry. Then you brush in another and let it soak in and dry.


Great advice.