COWolfe ascending (Ascension based custom and universal results enhancement)


It’s still going on, and has put a kibosh on a lot of the gatherings I might normally go to. Its a problem for now, but I don’t think the population is going to put up with the extreme restrictions much longer.

  • Day three of washout week. I felt quite a bit of anxiety for the first two days after my usual two off. This centered on our financial situation, mostly because it turned out that we have less money than I thought we did, some that I was supposed to get didn’t show up on time, and our /&.$$ garage door opener broke.
    Last night I took what action I could and managed to eliminate quite a bit in unnecessary monthly bills. I also moved some stuff around to ensure that we don’t get any nasty surprises between now and the time I get paid.
    I don’t know if that was reconciliation or what, but I have noticed that often when I feel stress and anxiety on these things it’s my subconscious trying to get me to take action on something.

  • Today I woke up feeling great. My son was a lot more attentive and obedient to me, and it seems to me that I instantly came up with the right things to say to him and right parenting solutions effortlessly. I was also very productive as soon as I got out of bed. I got the things I had been planning to do done right away, then I did a couple more tasks that I’d normally ignore or put off. It seemed to me that I had a lot more time than usual between getting up and having to go to work than I usually do even though I didn’t have another minute. I’m at work now and I still feel like I have plenty of energy.

  • Today and yesterday I worked out right after getting up. I’ve been procrastinating on getting that back going for quite some time, but now I’m doing it.

  • I don’t really have a sense that something is going on under the surface like I did on the last washout week. Maybe that’s because I’m more used to the script now. I am definitely noticing more execution though.

  • This is interesting, but a little background first. I started smoking when I was eighteen years old, and have been a nicotine addict ever since. I’ve tried to quit multiple times and failed each time. Five or six years ago, I switched to vaping, but remained addicted.
    This week, we’re broke, so I haven’t bought juice and I’m down to the last little bit. So about halfway through the night, I decided to save the rest for my drive home. I started feeling the urge to smoke a while ago, and it was really weird. This is kind of hard to describe, but I was able to analyze how I really felt while I was having them, and realized that the urges were not that bad. I don’t mean that they were less intense than they ever were, I mean that I just realized that they have never been that strong in and of themselves. I have been kind of giving the feeling more intensely than it actually has but I didn’t realize it if that makes any sense to anyone other than me. I can’t say for sure that that’s a sub related revelation, but I strongly suspect it.

  • I’ve been reading more about Khan. I had thought it was pretty much a sexual sub with a bit of money stuff thrown in. However from what I’d been reading, it seems to be about crushing your goals whatever they are, being more social in a dominant way, and a really good sex and seduction sub as well. That sounds pretty much perfect for my 2021 goals. I’m thinking that I’m going to base my next custom around stage four. I’ll add in Mogul to bump up the money and job search effects and inner circle to give me some social life. I’ve really been missing that for a few years.
    I think I’ll call this one Juggernaut 21.
  1. Khan St 4 Core
  2. Mogul Core
  3. Inner circle Core
  4. Way finder
  5. All Seeing
    6 Dragon Tongue
  6. Eye of the Storm (I need to develop some better habits if I want a better life)
  7. Journey’s Guide (I think this one was made at my request and it will be really useful when I get the job I want)
  8. Steadfast
  9. Iron Frame
  10. Lion IV
  11. Dominion
  12. Debt Eliminator
  13. Secret Source
  14. Sultan
  15. Transcendental Connection
  16. Seducer’s Gaze
  17. Instant Spark
  18. Natural Winner
  19. Mosaic

I know this one is likely to be dense and might be somewhat of a slow start, but I’m planning to run it for at least a full year.


Of course, what came to mind as I read this?



Damn right I am.

                             **Cycle 3 Week 1**
  • Overall a good wash out week. I had a little negative thinking rear it’s head, but it wasn’t too bad. I felt pretty stable and all in all, things were felt normal.

  • I am running one loop of Dominus and URE in T strength tonight, will run two loops in Q for the next three nights, then another one loop in T for the last night of the week, we’ll see how that goes.

  • This is odd. I’m running Q loops tonight, and I was getting those pulses of pressure in my head that tell me that I’m listening to a sub and it’s doing something. I wasn’t getting that at all on T last night. It’s also strange that I got that feeling on Dominus, but it stopped as soon as URE started.


this is probably nothing, could just be some processing, see if it happens again

  • I had a weird dream today. I was moving back to the town I lived in when I first moved into this state. I was going back through the law enforcement academy I went through twenty years ago for some reason, and when I walked it, it was very different and my last ex was employed there as some kind of secretary or something. This makes no sense because she came to this state to be with me and moved back to where we are from when I dumped her. No reason she’d be there. This surprised me in the dream too. I was concerned that she’d find a way to sabotage me.
    When I took the first test I got distracted for a moment and it disappeared. I eventually solved the problem, but I suspected her in that.
    When I got to the house I’d bought, it turned out that this girl had bought the house right behind us and someone had torn down the fence between us.
    She somehow came into our house with a group of male losers (she usually had a bunch of those hanging around). This one guy was violating my house all over the place and at one point was walking on our bed. I got angry and grabbed him by the arm, pulled him down and slammed him face first into the wall. He collapsed and might have been dead.
    My wife was around through this whole thing, but I don’t remember how she reacted.
    I wonder why I’m dreaming about my psycho ex after this much time.

  • I had been thinking that the effects of this sub might be waning. I specifically thought that my dominant body language might be slipping. I had to correct myself after I went for a walk with the kid though. I was walking tall, and was relaxed and natural all over. It felt great. I just don’t notice as much anymore because I’m used to it and it’s just how I move now. The same goes for my thinking now that I analyze it. I felt the cool fall breeze and I was just happy and at peace. I wouldn’t have felt like that before the subs. Results are most definitely still happening.

  • I am happy to hear that we’ll be able to get custom ultimas in the near future. This gives me some great ideas for how I’m going to handle things subliminal wise next year. I can stay on the one custom I plan on using all year and use ultimas to steer the results according to what I need at any given time.

I’ve come up with two for a job search. One to use before the written test, and one for before the formal panel interview.

Written test:

  1. Beyond Limitless
  2. Information Releaser
  3. Ultimate Writer
  4. Virtuoso di Mathematica
  5. All Seeing

Formal Interview

  1. The Commande
  2. Alpha Body Language
  3. Dragon Tongue
  4. IQ Cognative booster
  5. Information Releaser
  6. All Seeing
    I wouldn’t necessarily suggest using The Commander for a normal corporate interview, but command presence is something they are looking for in my line of work.

                      **Cycle 3 Week 2**
  • I had a great weekend. We took the kid to a pumpkin patch thing that they have at a local farm and he had a great time. So did the wife and I. I was able to just be happy during that time which due to financial and other situations would have been hard for me a while ago.

  • Matter of fact, now that I think about it, a few years ago I’d have been crawling out of my skin with stress 24/7 while we waited to see if the wife would be able to get her disability or not. I’m really amazed at how stressed out I’m not. I think it’s partly because of something in the subs I’m running, and partly because I’m able look back and see how I’ve been able to keep things going and turn things around through these last four years of rough times. I am giving myself the credit I’ve earned and now have faith in myself to keep doing it. Feels good.

  • I’d like a little help from some of you who’ve run both Emperor and Khan. I’m in the process of licensing the modules I’m going to use for the custom I’m going to be running all of next year. I’m having a bit of trouble deciding on which three cores to put into it. It’s between:
    Emperor, Primal Seduction, Inner Circle
    Khan St4, Mogul, Inner Circle
    Ascended Mogul, Primal Seduction, Inner Circle

Specifically, what personality enhancements can I expect on Khan vs. Emperor? I’m pretty quiet and aloof by nature even when I’m feeling confident and dominant and I’d maybe like to be less so. As I understand it, Khan would do that more than emperor, but they would both help me drive toward my financial and professional goals as well. Do I have that correct? What can I expect?

  • I ran a single loop of URE and Dominus in T tonight. I’m sticking with my plan to run T the first and last days and two loops at Q for the three in the middle.
    I found myself in an extremely good mood right after my loops.
    If this keeps up, I might run T on the middle night of the week as well and just have two Q nights.
    I think that my plan for next year might be to gradually shift from all Q in the beginning to all T. I might even throw in some T squared toward the end just to see what happens. That will take a while considering how dense it looks like this thing is going to be.

  • I listened to my first loop of commander right when I woke up this morning. I don’t know if it made me more commanding or not, but it did kind of clarify something in my mind. As long as I’ve been able to keep our heads above water through some real tough financial times, I have had a really hard time getting us to a point where we aren’t in some level of crisis constantly.
    It hit me soon after running long Commander that there IS a way out. It’s not the most pleasant proposition in the world. It’s kind of a take a step backwards in order to take two steps forward kind of thing, but it’s something that absolutely will work if we implement it.
    I had known that this was an option before, but hadn’t seriously considered it partly because my wife was vehemently against it at the time.
    This time it crystallized as a real option though. She got mad when I brought it up, but that’s ok. What were doing now isn’t working well, so it’s soon time to do what I can to make it better. We had two incomes before and now we have just one.
    Disability has to give us an answer by the end of the month. I’ll make a decision when I know about that.

  • Something @subliminalguy was talking about in his journal really clicked with me when I read it. That is phrasing my positive self talk in the form of a question. IE “why am I so damn good at solving financial problems”. I just naturally started doing it and it seems to work a lot better than making statements. Thanks Bro!


That’s awesome @COWolfe!

                      **Cycle 3 Week 3**
  • Interesting weekend. It was a pretty stressful time nationally and I felt some of it, but it wasn’t that horrible.

  • A while ago, I had told my wife that if she kept losing her temper on me the way she used to and was starting to again, I’d leave. Things had been better since then so I didn’t think about it much. Both of my nights off, she brought it up. She said that it wasn’t her fault because temper and lack of emotional control was often a symptom of MS (research showed that this is true). And she also tried to justify it with various things that I do or don’t do. We’re talking about forgetting to do things or not having time to get things done.
    It didn’t get too hostile, but became one of our usual battles of wills. It ended with this weird staring contest when we locked eyes. I could feel some weird stuff happening while we did that, but it’s hard to describe. I won in the end and the argument stopped. Odd experience.

  • I noticed that my body language is much more “alpha” relaxed and confident without me noticing or thinking about it very much anymore. It’s just part of who and how I am. Ditto with much better thinking about myself, and positivity in general. The change from when I started is amazing, but it seems like no big deal now.

  • This week, I am going to run one loop of each sub in Terminus tonight, Tuesday night, and Thursday night. I’ll run two loops of Q Monday and Wednesday nights. I am liking this plan to gradually change from Q to T. It should work well as I run a denser sub for a full year.

  • I have begun licensing the modules I’m going to need for Juggernaut 21 though I’m still stuck on which cores to use. It’s between 1. Emperor Primal Seduction and Inner Circle, 2. Khan st4 Mogul and inner circle, 3. Emper Mogul Spartan 4. Ascended Mogul Primal Seduction Inner Circle.
    I don’t want to overload myself, but I will be running it for a full year.


Inner circle keep coming up in your list above maybe you should lock that one in, then identify which other two core will be best suited to handle you goals and take it from there

  • I’ve been feeling pretty stressed about our financial situation these last few days. This isn’t because of reconciliation, it’s because it’s really pretty bad. Yesterday and today, I took some action in several ways. I got to work on finding a second job, and found some possible ways to not pay things temporarily that might last till the wife gets her disability. I started to feel better gradually. I was still a bit stressed when I started my T loops tonight. When they were done I noticed that I felt a hundred percent better. I realized that none of the things that are likely to happen are the end of the world. Some of them would be setbacks, but nothing I can’t recover from if they happen. I have a feeling that they won’t anyway,

                      **Cycle 3 Week 4**
  • I’m going with alternating Q and T again this week with three days of T and two of Q. That felt pretty good last week, and didn’t seem to cause me much reconciliation over the weekend, so maybe I’ll go with all T next week. It cuts down on my nightly listening time.

  • I’m at the stage where I’m not consciously noticing much at all. If I think about it, the changes that amazed me so much in the beginning are still there, and perhaps increasing gradually, but I seem to have reached a “new normal”.

  • The number one thing that I’m noticing this week is the reduction in stress. Perhaps I should say difference in how I react to it. My life is still stressful, but that stress no longer causes me to have a panic reaction. I have realized that none of the bad possibilities that we are facing are the end of the world, and that we will be able to continue building an awesome life even if they happen.