COWolfe’s Ultima Stage3


Did u notice any form of attraction from ladies?besides your partner…


Not really, but I’d have to manifest some for that to happen. I wound up working one of my days off, and none of the women who sometimes show up did. I got a haircut to put myself into a position where I was SURE to interact with at least one woman. The universe said “Not today MFer”, and I pulled the one male stylist in the place. I’ve seen that I’ve gotten a glance or two, not much opportunity for more. Funny thing is that I can tell from how my wife reacts and how it makes me feel that it’s working like gangbusters. I’m just not in a target rich environment right now.

  • I haven’t run anything today and won’t tomorrow. That’s my usual two days off subs for the week.

  • I actually feel great. My mind feels clear, and while I don’t blatantly feel the effects of the status/confidence/self esteem subs I’ve been running for a long time, taking a week off of them and doing something different has really given me a chance to assess what they’re doing for me. The difference between how I think and feel now and at this time last year is amazing, and I give most of the credit to my name embedded customs.
    I still walk like I’m the king of all I survey, and that’s because I actually think and feel that I’m that damn awesome. There’s a lot less self doubt, stress, negative self talk, or anything like that. My mind is so much more of a peaceful place that it isn’t even like being in the same head. It’s been an unpleasant place for thirty years, now it isn’t.
    My relationship with my wife has transformed. She used to be verbally and mentally abusive on a regular basis. Now, she never raises her voice to me or criticizes. I take the lead in the relationship, and she follows.
    I still have some work to do, I’m not where I want to be yet, but this pause in the journey has let me see how far I’ve come. I can’t wait to continue it.

  • I’m planning to upgrade both of my customs to Terminus on the first of October when I’m going to come into some money. That should allow the changes I’ve already made to hit deeper and eventually become more permanent. I am planning on being on an Ascension based custom for a pretty long time. It’s really getting at the low self image that’s really been the root of all of my problems in life.

  • I haven’t noticed anything from Ultima today except I’m still acutely aware of my energy field.