Custom Sub// The Eddie Morra Q


I’d call this significant for a sub you’ve run for two days. :wink:


Yeah I’d say it is haha

Hey Sovereign seeing as you are here, I have questions about the modules I chose

How does Instant Spark work specifically? Does it work if I choose to think about someone for it to affect? (the 2nd effect)

Also do you know what Sphaera Magnetica does differently from the other auras?



Very good questions. Perhaps post them in the Q Module questions thread too?


I did but i think my comment may have got lost in the shuffle of all the other replies haha


How is it going for you?


Does your Custom contain only 13 modules? Interesting.


Hey guys been busy whilst at work

So the modules that I initially chose because they were needed are doing me just dandy at the moment. QL4 is pretty swell

So I started new work in January and it was pretty boring stuff and kind of difficult (in a non logical, ad hoc, this is a bootleg put together process you have to learn which has subjectiveness through the roof kinda way) which means I had a rough time adjusting to being asked to fulfil 100 tiny micro decisions to do my job.

Sometime shortly there after I turned myself from someone struggling to hitting my targets and fulfilling everything needed for my team leader to be like “yeah you’ve improved and done really well in the space of a week.” - what did that you ask?

QL4 Module

It’s the only thing that could have given me such a big boost like that. And btw to anyone else running QL, the transition when things begin to click is just seemless. It really is like Limitless where Eddie begins to see the answer right away. You don’t even realise it’s happening you just “get it” so to speak

Also my little chap down below is showing nice improvement. As I said before I’m defo a grower more than a shower but I wouldn’t even be embarrassed to walk naked in the mens shower rooms now
(mainly because they’d be vacant thanks to them being shut but still…^^’)

And I’m definitely being more true to myself and speaking on my own terms instead of letting other people dictate conversation (rogue)

Nothing much from the sexy stuff but I’m still hopeful.

That’s it so far guys, just wanted time to allow the rubber to hit the road so to speak and provide an update

More to come