Custom Subliminals with Multi-Stage Program Cores: Strategies


Thank you.

I am deciding between QL ST4 vs Limitless Q as one of my major subs. Perhaps Limitless Q will be easier for me.


@King - interesting that I was having the same dilemma. But will be adding QL ST4 since I did use the QL multistage until ST3


This is where the experiments/experiences of @Simon and similar people could be useful. People who have pushed or played with the boundaries of how the programs work, and who, as a result, have a somewhat more developed sense of their nuances of performance.

I remember him describing starting from a brief phase of Stage IV and getting a ‘feel’ for that state, and then going back to begin from Stage I and work his way back up to Stage IV. Not exactly what he said, but somewhere in the ballpark.

Some multi-stagers seem to follow a more linear progression. Others are more mosaic- or jigsaw-like, with each stage contributing a relatively unique focus. (Hmm…maybe they all have a bit of both).

I guess it’s good to have a feel for the ‘energy’ of a particular stage so that you appreciate what you want to get from it when including it in the custom? Then again, you could always just go based on the descriptions, which describe pretty well what each stage does.


Mosaic. Ah I see you are a man of culture as well.


I’d bet that going straight to ST4 is possible given greatly easing into it.
E.g. take a hypothetical sub with QLQ ST4, Emperor Fitness ST4 and Minds Eye Q cores. Power Level Terminus.

Month 1:

  • 1x a day, 3x a week
    Month 2:
  • 1x a day, 4x a week
    Month 3:
  • 1x a day, 5x a week


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@Malkuth - laughs in Joie de Vivre


Because @Malkuth has invoked my name twice in this thread, I have to respond. :smile:

I’ll paraphrase a few of my older posts as they are necessary reminders for the topic of this thread.

[Point 1]

In the beginning of multi-stage products (Khan), I approached the 4 files as ONE product …

Over time, I started treating each of the 4 files as 4 SEPARATE products…

Each having a Goal around the same Concept/Archetype, but a different Approach/Mechanism.
AND, these approaches could Conflict.

[Point 2]

To benefit from most SC products, it is best to have clarity about Goals, and specific actions (or types of actions) you will take.

I was also NOT a fan of arbitrary endpoints like 500 hours or 30 days, I just didn’t belabor the point much.

Now to the questions…

For building a Custom Sub, treat each Stage Core as being a DIFFERENT subliminal.

Forget about keeping a count of Days, Hours, and all that.
Choose the Core that most fits/supports your ACTIONS & Goals, over the coming 3-24 months.

Example below.

Or worse. They will conflict. Pushing you in multiple directions.

Emperor Fitness is the easiest example to see that these Stages are 4 separate products for 4 different types of Fitness Goals. They aren’t really stages at all, just named that way for consistency. :wink:

Look at your Fitness ACTION plans:

Choose EF1 Core, if most of what you DO is Masterful Movement or Skills.
… Yoga, Turkish Getup, Feldenkrais, Martial Arts (beginner), etc.
… (Or if all you want are the Sleep and Healing benefits.)

Choose EF2 Core, if most of what you DO is Aerobics or High Volume Anaerobics.
… Walking, Sprinting, Kettlebell Swings, Cycling, Jump Ropes, Marathon prep, etc.

Choose EF3 Core, if most of what you DO is Moderate to High Intensity Weight Training.
… Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding, Fitness Modeling, etc.

Calisthenics could belong in any of the above, based on what you’re working on - Skills, Volume, Intensity.

Choose EF4 Core, if you DO a little bit of everything. :smile:
… You have no real deadlines to meet (like wedding or photoshoot), or competitions to win.

Choose EF4 Core, if you DO a lot of everything. :sweat_smile:
… Like if you are a professional team sports athlete.

Choose Spartan Core, if most of what you DO is for Tactical Combat Readiness;
including Mindset, and maybe even Weapons.
… especially if you are a competing Martial Artist, Police Officer, Soldier, Fireman, etc.

Note: Each of these COREs have their own Nutrition component to support their specific Goals.

With other multi-stagers the difference in COREs may be less obvious, but its there.

Each “Stage” achieves the full Goal of the product, but supports a different Need/Mechanism.

Why not?

Khan Stage 2 is like a Super Advanced GLM: :wink:

PS: Disclaimer - The above are not official guidelines. :sweat_smile:
@Fire @SaintSovereign, please comment if I’m superbly off-point on this. :blush:


@Simon - OH! That made it real clear. Bookmarked and thank you.


Thanks for your clarification. That’s interesting, especially about emperor fitness. Maybe I should consider adding in part 3 of that :thinking:

But I felt that with a subliminal like quantum limitless, part 1 and 2 seemed to be designed to prepare your mind and body to handle part 3. So this method may not work as well for that one correct?

@SaintSovereign confirms below that you may handle jumping to stage 4, but it is unlikely and if you can it will take really long as it is much denser.

One thing I was considering is just adding in stage 3 to make it lighter and hoping StarkQ could handle the parts in stage 1 + 2, but I have doubts that would work as well.


To have most benefit from all of the stages it is best to have spend a lot of time on Stage 1, it is the most important stage to have profound effects from Quantum Limitless. Physical change in your brain will take time as well, so I’d suggest you stick on this stage for quiet sometime.

All of the stages will have effects nonetheless, although your foundation is just key to how profound the effects will be. There are and always will be to many parameters to take a logical approach about subliminal’s, they’re in itself an unconscious process which is subjective.

Meaning that not logical explanation will ever account for all of the parameters, it is simply impossible.


[Part 1]

Separate the CORE in the Q Store from the full Retail product.
They are not the same. The core will be much leaner than the product version.

@Fire would’ve considered such factors. He knows that people will add ST4s, and if he suspected lots of stonewalling, he’d not have given us the option to add Multi-Stage Cores in the self-selected custom orders.

Realize that the last 6 months were all Tests with QL, Ev4, EQ, SQ, Mind’s Eye, Terminus, Squared, etc.
All of these contained some variation of QL, and we have real data about how people responded to them, instead of speculations over new products.

That’s why I say:

“all that” contains all the other rules; like Stages. :smile:

Which leads to the second part of this quote…


[Part 2]

For me, the context of this thread is:
“What should be one’s decision-making strategy for choosing among the multi-stage COREs when buying a custom sub?”

And my reply was just these three lines:

The rest of that entire long post, was to explain the logic behind this strategy.


Forget that Stage 3 will be lighter than 4, or will need 1 & 2. Forget that.

Ask yourself:
What QL related ACTIONS am I going to take in the coming 3-24 months?

Choose QL1 if you want General Brain Health
… Better Conscious-Subconscious Communication, Meditation, Brainwave Audios, etc.

Choose QL2 if you’re learning NEW Mental Skills
… Speed Reading, Languages, Arts, Memory, Critical Thinking, Mindmaps, Advanced Math, etc.

Choose QL3 if you’re a Student, Programmer, Writer, etc.
… To have long durations of Focus and Joy when studying, thinking, et al.

Choose QL4 if you want a little or a lot of ALL the above. :smile:

{I’ve written all this without reading the salespage in detail. So, there may be more.}

If you like, practice this “decision-making strategy for choosing among the multi-stage COREs when buying a custom sub”.

Before jumping into a reply, THINK.

Think in terms of Actions you will take. And,
Try to discern the goal of any Stage as if it were a Standalone subliminal.


Well-written. @Simon.

Do you plan similar write-ups for EOG ?


Are you sure this is fact? I thought the Cores where the entire versions of multi-stages.

Good to know. Thank you @Simon, if this is verified it’ll change how I look at Custom subliminal’s.


@Simon - really useful info, thank you.

Makes my decision much easier.


Yes this was the assumption that I was making too, I felt that I’ve been getting that impression in their answers to various questions the past few days.

But if this is true, @Simon’s guide is very helpful! I think QL4 is for me then because I’ve already added modules covering aspects in 1-3 and already practice things from all those categories. This will free up some space in my build for other things that I wanted too. Back to the drawing board lol


@Simon—thanks. This will make it much more understandable to include multiple ST4 cores. In fact, I’m thinking of including the exact topics you mentioned! (QL ST4, EF ST4, and Mind’s Eye).



Your answers are super helpful, thank you. You seem to have a really solid understanding of subs and as someone more experience in sub nuance
what do you think of having more than 3 cores in a custom sub?


What I’ve written can be seen as short 2 liners derived from the existing salespages. Anyone can do that.

The challenge that most people have - and especially with EOG - is that they have no clear idea of what Actions they will actually take, or even what specific tangible Goal do they want to commit to. :cry:

I too would like their word on it, hence the tagging.
Yet, I don’t think my decision strategy would change even if the Q Store COREs are the full subs. Not for me, at least. I’ve always been stacking. :blush:

I think you know my answer already, as I mentioned EQ and PS in your other thread.
There is nothing wrong with more than 3 Cores, we’re doing that all the time.

The issue is that takes a little longer to reconcile & express all the scripting - and it is harder to discern the details of what is happening;
Lesser scripting = faster, more pronounced, obvious effects, and clear nudges.

Eg: S&S by itself is totally obvious. So is Primal.
On PS, the specific effects of each feel a little dulled - even though the results get better.
With Khan or Stark, it’s not even clear if S&S or Primal are in there - but results get even better. :smile:

Same happens with Ascension or Mogul -> Ascended Mogul -> Emperor.
The obviousness of Mogul & Ascension is lost when using Emperor.
Yet, both the Confidence and Financial Opportunities actually improve on Emperor. :slight_smile:

If you want pronounced obvious effects, or
need the subconscious/subliminal to tell you WHAT to Do,
then Limit the COREs to one or two.

If you choose your own actions and don’t wait for subconscious nudges, and
can track your progress without overthinking “if any part of the sub is working or not”,
then fearlessly take in all the COREs you want to ACT on.


Those are perfect. They never conflict with the other major programs. Feel free to add them.