Custom Subliminals with Multi-Stage Program Cores: Strategies


Any thoughts on putting 4 ST1 core modules into a custom Q.

I was thinking:

Khan ST1
Quantum Limitless ST1
Emperor Fitness ST1
Ecstacy of Gold ST1

The idea is to have a sub that is about resetting the major areas of a man’s life, masculinity, money, mind, body.

But I keep worrying it might be too dense combined with maybe six healing modules and a couple of enhancement modules.

Could it work well with fewer modules beyond those four, rather than trying to max out the modules at 20 total?




@Simon consistently provides that crucial information, insight, or perspective that will help me to consolidate my understanding or bring it to a new level.


yup, totally just asked again without thinking
love hearing the further details :slight_smile:


Just a heads up,

If this is the case then we cannot confirm nor the deny the effects of Ascension within a custom. It’ll most likely have differentiating effects depending on the modules you pair it with. Not sure why they won’t cover the modules of each pre-released program, as it would give great insight in building our customs.


On the product page of Ascension a decent amount of the modules included are listed. Granted it may or may not be a bit outdated since the list was made when they used a older technology. It could however give you an idea…

Edit: I believe Empeor has also a decent amount of the moduels listed.


What I’m really wondering is whether or not Ascension contains ‘Productivity Unleashed’ and ‘Carpe Diem Ascended’

And I’m pretty sure it does, which may mean the effects become deluded within Stark if it’s in there as well, as it was way more prominent in Ascension. Hope to see Stacking Modules of these in the future.


If I add in QL4, I have to drop Ascension unfortunately since I’ll be maxed out with my three cores (Stark, Ultimate Artist, QL4). I’m thinking of adding in Godlike Masculinity in place of it and add in Lion IV too, if I can find something else to drop. It’s actually hard to pick between these two.

Both would seem to synergize well though:
GLM: Power, strength, ambition, character, discipline, dominance.
Lion IV: Calm, nonchalant, focused, dedicated.

Ascension does list an “Eliminate Procrastination” module, I wonder if that was the base for Productivity Unleashed?


Me too, I wonder so many things. Does the Core of Stark contain Inner Circle or was it added as a module to the original Stark program? Why does this matter? Because if it’s added to the core it would be of more interest to extend that package by adding in Social Circle in a Custom, for the sheer advantage of creating a goal oriented subliminal.

On to your question, there’s not doubt in my mind that’ll add Productivity Unleashed in my own stack. If you have to chose between Lion or Godlike Masculinity, I’d say go for the latter. I’ll give you that military like stamina and discipline while adding a masculine edge to your Custom.


Lol I need those small summaries for khan and eog


It’s also like what @mnemosyne says when she was recommending to someone to try checking out their Clifton Strengthsfinder Top 5 Strengths.

The strengths and tendencies that are already developed in you can probably sometimes be positioned to strategically boost the subliminal’s effectiveness.

I think the calm strength of Lion IV may be more accessible to me, because I observe the seeds of that in me already. Godlike Masculinity might have to work a little harder with me.


Yes, I agree. But also to strengthen your weaknesses.


I’ve been getting the impression that they’ve said if you want all the benefits of StarkQ, then expect those benefits to also be in the StarkQ core. I’ve taken this that all the script is in the core, but the discussion above made me doubt that a bit. Also I don’t think they just add in Inner Circle, it seems like they add it in and then modify it a bit to be more tailored to the goals of Stark.

My assumption right now is you will get the same benefit of adding in Inner Circle Core like you would while playing Inner Circle with StarkQ, actually probably even greater benefit because of how it is all packaged in Q.

Yeah I have Productivity Unleashed in mine too :slight_smile:
Both you and @Malkuth make good points here! It is just like my dilemma with StarkQ vs Emperor earlier.
Lion IV seemed more chill and GLM seemed more active. My personality, when in my optimal state, is more chill. But I feel like I need that boot that GLM may give haha.


I’m assuming that Stark’s script is newly written and that they added components of Power Can Corrupt, Daredevil, Iron Throne, Inner Circle, etc tailored to the needs of Stark. I believe what is not in the Core is all of the additional’s, the modules such as the ones that are available in the Q-store.

Perhaps that’s the reason why you should add Godlike Masculinity and not Lion IV as you already have those skills naturally. It really depends if you need masculinity, if you do not that it’ll be Lion VI.


Hi was in process of building my custom

You think I can add three ST4 , Khan 4 , EOG 4 and QL 4 ?
Since Khan is about money and sex , I think it will compliment EoG and QL 4 can help me learn all that I need to advance my business and getting more sex

Is it going to be too much , disaster or can can bloom nicely after a while ?


Anyone thinking of adding all the general Result Enhancers (RE) to the core script of each stage?

So far I’ve found 10 of them that could be used for all subliminals:

  1. Current Invoker
  2. DEUS
  3. Divine WIll
  4. Jupiter
  5. Omnidimensional
  6. Overdrive
  7. Pragya
  8. The Merger of Worlds
  9. Tyrant
  10. Yggdrasil

Submodule Alpha can be applied to most custom subs.

So that’s 10 RE mods, 1-2 cores, and then 8-9 support modules.


Have you got any idea what this module is about? It’s description is vague.

I’m going to use most of those Result Enhancers besides Jupiter, Divine Will, Current Invoker, Overdrive. They do not suit my needs.


Improving your ability to influence reality by improving the super, sub and normal conscious lines, and making stronger your personal reality is Tyrant’s goal. Development of more powerful manifestation, increasingly more profound and faster effects are what you can expect.

It seems to me like it’s aligning the Superconscious, Conscious and Subconscious, which is very similar to Merger Of Worlds, except that that doesnt say anything about the Superconscious :thinking:

If it means anything, Tyrant is in Emperor.


That’s literally so vague. If it got anything to with Emperor, then I don’t want it, bah. But from it’s description it sounds more like something from Limitless.


Agreed on the vagueness. Designing my sub and I’m looking to avoid vague modules.


Upon thinking on it more GLM will be better for this Q I’m making since it focuses more on getting things done and I think it will be better for that. Lion IV will be good for a sexual/social that I’m considering making in the future as I would want to bring out my natural personality.

So far I could only squeeze in 5 result enhancers. These ones are so hard to pick from because I want them all. I’m currently settling on DEUS, Mosaic, Omnidimensional, Pragya and Energetic Development IX.

I think the name is a big clue and gives me a sense that it is overpowering your personal reality over other’s realities like it hints in this part, “making stronger your personal reality is Tyrant’s goal.” And it achieves this by aligning the different lines, maybe this means the desires of each line influence each other more. So if you consciously desire wealth, then it will try to sync that desire with the subconscious and others. :man_shrugging: