Custom Ultima Build Thread


Remember maximum of 6 for Ultimas:

Remove limits:
Limit Destroyer
Divine Will
Wealth Limit Destroyer

Productivity Unleashed
Joie de Vivre
Carpe Diem Ascended
Natural Winner
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy

And there is also The Executive!


I appreciate the resource, especially reminding me of Mystery! Gonna swap out Dominion for that one instead.


@dorfmeister I am also planning to use IAM might be worth adding it in.


Will the new DR gonna be added to license modules be just as effective together than staged?


Would a custom ultima with manifestation boosters like omnidimensional, yggdrasil, divine will, carpe diem ascended, tyrant, and jupiter be effective to run every morning?


Sure would. :wink:


@SaintSovereign did you come to a decision with Fire as to whether you are going to allow Libertine to be made available in Q store ?. I want to name embed it and use it.


On two occasions when I took GABA capsules late in the night to help me sleep. On both occasions the following day, the aura modules did not seem to function. It just seems more then a coincidence. Is it possible that the GABA disrupts the functioning of the aura modules ?.

I had a similar experience when running Libertine I took phenibut to help me sleep and Libertine did not seem to work.


That would be crazy mate! What are the update on your sexual Ultima :ok_hand:


@WhiteTiger works really well until i began taking GABA capsules to help me sleep. The GABA appears to disable or block the aura.


From my understanding and my own experience, aura and manifestation are pretty fragile. If you are too stressed you can block the manifestation and the aura, if you are sad, etc.

For me, when I do some healing I can’t manifest and it seems my aura is weaker!! I think it is mendatory to know how our ability to create aura or manifest stuff into life is affected by what we take, what we do and how we think. If gaba reduce your aura, then it’s a calculation of when you need what and how much time is it taking for your aura to come back full power. :muscle:


@WhiteTiger i completely agree with you however the GABA made me feel very relaxed i was in a good mood but the aura just wasn’t there. Hence me wanting to know does stuff like this break the aura ?.

Another thing if you have sex repeatedly does this weaken the aura ? as sexual energy is lost according to the taoists theories ?.



First of all I would say gaba would reduce the effect of your aura by creating a debalance in your brain chemistry. Or, if it’s making you unnaturally relaxed, then it could break the natural way of working your brain requires to generate the aura. Could also be because gaba slows down the connexion between your synapses (hence the relaxing effect), but the aura is less strong… The brain create the aura and your thoughts are influencing the outside world so slowing all that process down might be the cause of it (and let’s not forget that generating aura and manifesting stuff in real life is a process that demands a lot of energy!)

Second of all regarding sex. Sex with a woman will boost your testosterone and reduce cortisol. I wouldn’t have sex too often, maybe 1-3x per week to make sure you let time for your sex drive to load up fully. I am pretty sure having sex will weaken your sexual aura for a short period of time, but as you let your body becomes horny again and desires come up, the aura will become stronger. Ever noticed you are with a woman and you are fully turned of and it seems she becomes more and more turned of? This is your aura influencing her.

For me, having sex with a woman a couple of times a week will keep my sex drive strong, but if I don’t have sex for a long period of time I’ll lose libido so I think everybody have to find their equilibrium where you have sex to keep yourself healthy & having a strong sex drive(and fun also Hahaha).


@WhiteTiger a very detailed response to my question thankyou I appreciate you sharing your ideas :slight_smile: