Custom Ultima Build Thread


I see you are a man of culture as well :grin:


I like to experiment lol so it could be interesting.


Rock hard erections / overcome ED (hopefully this module gets added)

Paging @Fire

Paging @Fire and @SaintSovereign again. Please give me the tools for my rock hard cock ultima! Take my money!

I was thinking about also ordering an ultima centered around the Long Range Seduction module. Is this how the module works, so 1-2 loops each day would remotely seduce whoever we consciously wanted it to target? I was thinking:

Long Range Seduction (main module)

Supporting modules to speed up manifestation:

Omni dimensional

What you think? Should Focused Arousal be in there too? I dunno if it would support or divert energy away from the LRS module?


@RVconsultant i saw a mail listing new ultima cores available. I guess the same rules apply as per Saints instructions on stacking ultimas.


I can’t speak for @JCast but I’m guessing it’s because shifting to those two modules puts the power in your own hands.

In my own, I have Yggdrasil and also Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy.

They’re all good, man.


If you are referring to the 3 core maximum, I actual think it’s 1 core maximum for Ultimas, more are done at your own risk.

As for minimum and maximums, I’m thinking 3 to 6 is still the rule, unless @SaintSovereign or @Fire have decided otherwise.


If it’s the same email I got, I think in the email it explains it. I’m also glad you posted this here in case others didn’t get the email.


Here is a clip of that email:

With Ultima, focused is better. Don’t try to cram them with all the modules that couldn’t fit in your regular custom unless those modules have a unified theme. For example, running a wealth / empire building stack / custom and you’re planning on being a public figure (or running for office)? Build a custom with Manipulus, Dragon Tongue, Lion IV and Alpha of Alphas (off the top of my head, I’m sure some of you can beat that). Don’t build a title with a bunch of random modules that you just want to run. Focused is better.

A focused Ultima Custom can initiate PROFOUND change within a few days at one to two loops and day. And as always, they’re completely stackable and works well with whatever other Subliminal Club titles or customs you’re running.

Here’s How It Works:

You MUST have a minimum of three modules, maximum of six modules. This is not a pricing or marketing gimmick. Ultima subs are VERY complex and require a ridiculous amount of computing power. They tend to become very unstable after that amount. The three module lower limit is a necessity due to the way Ultima is scripted. Without giving too much away, think of it like a three piece puzzle.

Next up, if you want to add a core, ADD ONLY ONE. We’d prefer if you didn’t add cores at all, as Ultima was not built for that purpose. The technology was developed to solve the problem of “taking action” and addressing certain issues that you know is holding you back. If a custom Q is a sledge hammer, the Ultima is a handheld one. But, that being said, if you want to add them, you can.

And again, for the best results, created a FOCUSED title.


I’m thinking this means subliminal cores rather than Ultima cores.

If @SaintSovereign or @Fire wish to further elaborate…


Yes, of course. Referring specifically to Major Title Cores. Ultima cores are already formatted for Ultima. Major Title Cores go through a “process” when we build the custom that converts it to an Ultima core. It works well, but not perfectly, since they weren’t “made for Ultima,” so to speak.


Thank you for clarifying. Both for the practical objective of clarifying a point, and for the emotional reason of satisfying my obsessive-compulsive tendencies for detail, which I’m guessing a few others on this forum have as well.:grin:


If you are considering a custom Ultima with Dreams, to keep it more focused and for the 3 limit minimum rule, I would encourage you to consider:

Dreams Core
Dream Traveler
Deep Sleep


Great will be designing a new ultima sub soon


Possible Libertine Ultima:

Libertine Ultima Core


Sensuality & Handsomeness Improver

Earthshaker - Sexuality


@RVconsultant really great to have you onboard as a moderator. Like Darkie you always try to give the most suitable replies. When you dont have an an answer. You ask fire or saint.


Thank you.

Which means I ask them a lot.:grin:



Since Commander generates an authoritative and dominance aura around you would combining that with financial modules like Sultan, FSRS, Debt Annihilator generate a positive aura that attracts financial abundance? Or maybe Sanguine Ultima Core?

How is your custom Ultima plus working out with Executive and BLU in it? Is it Possible to combine the 2 in a regular custom Ultima?


How Is this for an Entrepreneur / Office Executive Ultima? What may i add or remove?

Executive Ultima Core

Beyond Limitless Ultima Core

The Commander Ultima Core

Instant Business Tactician

Codename: Umbra


Submodel Alpha


Transcendental Connection


@mecharc - For Ultima customs, it is recommended by SubClub to only put in ONE core. More cores will end up being experimental from the user’s side


Remove : beyond limitless, the commander, and maybe codename umbra