Custom Ultima Build Thread


Thanks @raphael @NinjaFox

is there in similar scripting to trailblazer in stark? @Fire @SaintSovereign


Trailblazer is from a part of stark or some of the module is… If you read the description of Stark and then trailblazer you can spot it.


ooo!! thanks!!


Yeah, it could do that. This build would be more suited for someone who runs a team, though.

I love this. Gonna have to release it as an experimental for those who own BLU.


Do it!!!


Call it BLUE: Beyond Limitless Ultima with Executive
or BLEU: Beyond Limitless Executive Ultima

Main Disc. Thread - R.I.C.H. (Ridiculous Income, Can't Hate) Ultima
Main Disc. Thread - R.I.C.H. (Ridiculous Income, Can't Hate) Ultima

Would it be better to include some kind of Aura module then instead of Commander Ultima

Please do lol. I would love to try it and give you results for it, i forsure would run that everyday or almost everyday.


Stop teasing us blue owners already!!!


How in the heck do I miss all of these sweet announcements like this?!

Please do it! I needdddddd.
Begging u Saint


With the new lock down in place might be worth me building an ultima to maintain my muscle mass. What do you lot suggest for a stack ?.. I can no longer go to the gym.

@WhiteTiger what do you reckon mate ?


I will be honest here, I don’t think subliminal alone will do it. They are more à helping tool so you will probably still need to exercice!

Serum X for sure!
Epigenetics and DNA modulator to help your body get the right genes for maximum muscle retention
Deep sleep (for hormonal and health)
Health codex (same reason)

Maybe the beast unleashed or the beast awaken, the one that help you sculpt your body and build it! I think it could help, or Apollon & Physical Shifter - Sexiness

These are the best in my opinion to change your body with minimal effort :thinking:. But I have high doubt with that strategy, I think they would best complement a strong workout plan.


I guess i will have to workout a home somehow.


You should get a set of resistance bands and a pullup bar, i have them and you can do louds of different resistance exercises with them alone


Emperor plus my first custom combo had me gain around 12 lbs of muscle mass,
I didn’t start gym until a few months ago. And while I was doing mobility and technical work at home at a fast pace for a nice heart pump, I was doing nothing that would constitute building that level of muscle.


What specifically did you add to your custom to cause the muscle increase ?


Emperor was already increasing my muscle mass

In the custom it was mostly male enhancement that my weight go up :rofl:

JK it was

I would say it Emperor Fitness Stage 4 and Serum X, possible Physicality Shifter-Sexiness and Spartan


planning to build this ultima centered on Libertine

  1. Libertine Ultima Core
  2. Approachability Aura
  3. Aura of Craving
  4. Direct Influencing Aura
  5. Intensity Aura
  6. Auric Overdriver


Looks good it should be a killer :slight_smile:


@blackadder to be honest I’m not sure the physical modules are that great yet. I’ve had quite a few in my terminus custom and it’s not impressive.


Wasn’t there a thing said about the possibility it wouldn’t work due to too many auras?

I like the look of this but I’m unsure about the amount of auras used.